How Does One Stay Motivated To Workout

When people begin their workout routine they always start off with good intentions, working out daily at the gym. Or so that is what people believe some continue that but often times things get in the way of your workout and going to the gym, becomes something of the past unless you are really motivated to go.   The big question is how does one stay motivated to do their workout routine when they are really busy or other things come up?  Or how does one stay motivated to work out in general? Things happen in everyone’s lives that sometimes makes you either miss a workout or just do the workout later than you originally planned.  If you want to stay motivated to work out what should you do?   Give yourself a reward for finishing your workout, do it for a specific event, do it to better yourself?  That sort of thing.

The motivation to work out and to keep it up stems from the way you feel once your workout is finished and/ or the way you look after a few months of doing your workout routine.  If you are looking for motivation to do your workouts try looking at a before photo of yourself, when you weren’t working out and then look at a photo of yourself, taken after you started working out. If you go to a gym most of the time the other people in the gym will be your motivation, especially if you are working out with a friend. Always remember how you feel after your workout though, always remember what you want as the end result of your workout.  Some people stay motivated to work out because of the treat that they promise themselves at the end of it.   Remember why you started working out in the first place.

For some people it might be their family that motivates them, it can be anything someone wants. If it works to get the workout in why not right?  The big question though is what motivates the flex life?  Is it the feeling you get after a workout? Is it the three meals a day that you get because of your workout? Is it how good the three meals a day tastes because of it as well?  How much of a rush or a high do you get after your workout?  For each person, it is different that is why the fit flex life is different because we are not doing all of the same things we are doing what fits into our lives when it fits and how.

That is why people who work out stay motivated to do it all their own way.  We are all different so our motivation to workout is going to be different but we all get it done.  Some people their motivation could be going to the gym and seeing others working out around them it just depends on the person and what they feel motivates them for their own workout and their own results.

For the fit flex life, there is more than one thing that motivates the workouts.  Which is why I will never stop working out and why you shouldn’t either if you are following the fit flex life. Always remember how you feel and take photos of yourself, along with the way just to see your progress.  If you have photos of your progress that is a good motivator in itself as well. I feel great now that I am working out and I don’t want to ever feel bad again that is why I will never stop doing what I am doing.  The biggest thing that motivates the fit flex life is the fact that you can turn anything that you do, into a workout and in turn, it doesn’t even feel like a workout which makes it a lot easier and more fun.  You can work out whenever and wherever you want and who wouldn’t want to do that especially when the workout doesn’t feel or look like one but it actually is, nobody will know that you are working out when you are out doing things.

In order to stay motivated to do workouts in terms of the fit  flex life, is the great feeling of accomplishment when you are doing your workout, you are breaking into a sweat  or you feel your muscles straining in a good way without you even realizing that you are putting the work into getting a workout in.  The good endorphins and happiness you feel after your workout is what keeps people motivated to do it. I am always motivated to do my workouts because they are always different and I can do them anywhere, since that is what the fit flex life is all about,  fitting fitness into your life do something fitness related every time you go out and do something and you will be doing a workout without even having to go to the gym. That is the fun part about it, at least it is to me.

The motivation to workout comes from what you see on the internet, and what your friends who are in fitness post doesn’t it?  Although my motivation to workout is so that I will eat more and be more awake during the day.  It has worked so far, and I know that it will continue to work. The reason why it will continue to work is that I will continue to remind myself why I started working out in the first place, which is what everyone should do.  If they want to stay motivated with their workouts and get them done to the best of their ability.

When people work out, their motivation comes from how they feel, and what they see going on around them in terms of the other people working out with them.  Some people are motivated by what they see on the television when they watch exercise programs or what they see on the internet by what they like to follow or who they follow in terms of fitness coaches.  People stay motivated to workout by what they see and doing what they want to feel good in their own skin, that is how I like to look at it.

The way a person stays motivated to work out when they are working out is by the people they are around and how much they love the workout they are doing, also by the results that they want to get.  Don’t you think that is the way, someone who works out stays motivated?  I think that is the way it works, but I am one of the unconventional fitness buffs. I stay motivated by the way I feel after the workout in order to workout the next day. 

So if you are looking for new workout motivation and different things to do in your workouts you should really check out  the learn how to fit fitness into your life course on Udemy, you will be so glad that you did.


4 thoughts on “How Does One Stay Motivated To Workout

  1. Awesome. I wrote an article on motivation too, so it is good to see more people put there trying to help with motivation 😊

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    1. It is something that isn’t talked about enough

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  2. How true Louise, it’s tough staying with it and it’s great that you are not only getting the word out about how important it is to be fit, but you are acting on it yourself. Kudos to you!


    1. Thanks I hope you enjoy my other posts on the fit flex life

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