The Shop And Sweat

Shopping is cardio no matter what type it is, but can shopping actually make a person sweat?  Most people like to go into a store quick and get out which can cause them to sweat because they are moving so fast. What about walking a mall? Does walking a mall make a person sweat? There is such a thing as mall walkers. Those are the people that just go to the mall to walk, they don’t shop they just go to get there exercise by walking.  There are people in some malls that are referred to as the mall walkers, that isn’t what I am referring to but they do exist.  What I am referring to is purchasing things and carrying them around the mall as you search for more.

When you do that you do break into a sweat no matter what type of mall it is. It can be a mall indoors or a mall outdoors, which is more commonly known as an outlet mall, the ones outside that are. Although there is one mall that I know of that is an outlet mall but it is indoors its Greatlakes crossings outlets in the states.  Most outlet malls, however, are outdoors, which means you won’t be walking through a building to get from one store to another you are walking outside to do that.  Which can make you sweat because you always have to move in different types of weather in order to get to the store that you want.

I have been to two outlet malls that are completely outdoors, and one that is completely indoors which I have mentioned the two that are completely outdoors that I have been too are Windsor crossing outlet mall I have been too a lot is all outdoors, and Niagara on the Lake outlets which I have been too twice are all outdoors as well. I went to Niagara on the lake outlets over the weekend of the 10th of June and had a blast it was a hot weekend so I did sweat as I carried everyone’s bags from store to store as we shopped.  Since I had all the bags in my hands it was like I was lifting weights, because the heavier the bags the more weighted they feel.

This, in turn, makes you sweat, not profusely but you do feel a little bit damp after your shopping trip don’t you?  I know I do especially if I am carrying bags for a long period of time from store to store.  So is shopping a workout? Yes, shopping is a workout a cardio workout and a great one at that. It is a good cardio workout because you don’t feel you are working out when you actually are, which is fitting for fitting fitness into your life don’t you think?  You are doing what you would normally do, with your everyday life and add fitness to it at the same time. Which is pretty cool.

Shopping is fun and isn’t that what workouts are supposed to be?  Workouts are supposed to make you feel great and don’t shopping make a person feel great? That is what shopping does to me when I find what I am looking for that is if I can’t find what I am looking for or if I am not in the mood to shop then shopping is not something that I enjoy. However, doing something like the shop and sweat I do enjoy that because it is a workout while I am searching for specific things that I have been waiting to get for a long time.  Although when I find good things I feel great and uplifted and that is why I consider it to be a workout. As I have mentioned in previous posts workouts can be done anywhere, at any time you just have to find a workout that works for you. If that workout is a cardio workout and you like to shop why not try the shop and sweat and see if that works for you.

It is fun and doesn’t feel like a workout at all. Which is what most people want when they are working out isn’t it? With lives being so busy sometimes doing a workout is the last thing on a person’s mind.  But if you do something like a shopping cardio workout you don’t feel like you are working out but you are having fun with friends or whoever you are shopping with, even though you are doing a workout. That is how come fitting fitness into your life might work, for you if you have to do something like that and can’t get a workout in, don’t worry your shopping can be considered your workout.  The next time, you go shopping treat it as a workout and see how much more you get out of it.   Shop and sweats do work if you are willing to walk fast and carry bags and also if you are willing to think that they work then they are going to work. What fitness buff or guru wouldn’t treat shopping as a workout?  Workouts should be whatever a person wants them to be, so couldn’t shopping be put into the fitness or workout category if they wanted it too?

Shopping and sweating can be anything, you shop for groceries going to the mall, or even Costco, has anyone pushed a full cart around Costco? If that isn’t a workout then I don’t know what is. Any shopping trip can be considered a workout so if you can’t get a workout in or go to the gym but you have to go shopping then treat that as your workout for the day. You don’t always have to go to the gym or watch fitness videos and do them to get a good workout in go shopping that can be a great workout.

Do a workout that fits into your life, so if shopping one day fits into your life as a workout then take it.  You will feel a lot more relaxed and at ease if you do something that fits into your life rather than trying to fit something into your life where there isn’t really room for it.  Shopping is relaxing for some people and that is why they enjoy it, so if you are one of those people why not treat your shopping as your workout and relax while doing it. A little retail therapy with a workout never hurt anyone so if you are looking to change up your workouts why not do that, you might find you enjoy it immensely.

Shopping can be done fast or slow, which is why sweating can be found while shopping. It does, however, depend on the type of shopping you are doing and how fast you need to get it done, but it can be a workout. Have you ever considered shopping to be a workout?  If you need to go shopping but get a workout in too why not try combining the two.

If you are in the mood to switch up your cardio routine do the shop and sweat.  The feeling of having fun while working out should be incentive enough, shouldn’t it?  That is what fitting fitness into your life is all about, fun and the shop and sweat is just that fun, so enjoy it.

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