The MakeShift Home Gym

The fit flex life? What does that actually mean, fitting fitness into your everyday life, and what better way to do that then put a gym together at your own house.  I like to call those types of gyms Makeshift home gyms because you are only using the fitness equipment that you have at home.  How many of you say to yourselves I want to join a gym but I don’t have the time or the money?  Probably a lot of you, since life always seems to get in the way of workouts doesn’t it?   Think about having a home gym and how much easier it would be to get your workout in?  You wouldn’t have the excuses you give yourself after a long day to not get in the car and go to the gym because you don’t need to get into the car and go to the gym, you have a gym at home staring you in the face that you can use. So why not do that.

Now don’t think that I am saying going to the gym is a bad thing if you go to the gym on a regular basis because that is not what I am saying at all. I am saying that sometimes people can’t get to the gym and still want to work out so what better way to do that, then have a home gym that you can go too when you can’t get to an establishment? Or sometimes having a home gym is better for some people then going to a gym would be. That is what the fit flex life is all about, fitness that fits your lifestyle. So if a home gym works for you then great if going to the gym works for you then that’s great too.

I have made what I like to call a makeshift home gym, why I say make shift home gym is because it doesn’t have everything that a gym would have necessarily.  You are working out alone rather than having a fitness instructor or coach in front of you helping you with your workouts, sure you can have videos to help you but you still don’t have a person there telling you if you are doing an exercise correctly. All you have is yourself and the internet if you have internet access to help you with your workouts, you might have a television with workout DVDs that can help as well as I mentioned, but that is it. I don’t have a treadmill or bike, or even the weights that you would find at the gym. What I do have works for me though and that is why it is a make shift home gym.

The home gym that I have fits my  lifestyle better than going to an actual gym because, I don’t drive which means I would have to walk and that takes an hour there and back, which means I wouldn’t be doing any cardio at the gym since my walking there and back would be the cardio. I would only go there to do abs and weights and what is the point of that if I can do it at home?

The fit flex life is to make fitness fit into your lifestyle so what better way to do then to have a home gym. I set up my home gym up about a month ago and have been using it religiously since. If you put together a home gym where do you put it? Ask yourself this, most people would say they would put in a place where they can see and use it because then it will be used often.  The reason why you would put in a place where you can see it is that it would be staring you in the face which will force you to use it. That is what I would think, and that is how I did it.

Always remember though even if you are using a home gym rather than going to a gym establishment take a rest day.  The reason for that is you are probably thinking I have a home gym I can rest whenever I want and that might be true but if you think of your home gym as actually going to the gym where you would have to pay for a membership even though you do not don’t that make you want to work out more?

Having a home gym or a make shift home gym is a better alternative for people who are busy because, you can work it around your schedule better, then working your schedule around when the gym is open. Who wants to come home from work only to turn around and leave again to go to the gym, not many people that is why having a make shift home gym or a home gym in your house is a better alternative?

Home gyms are great because you can work them around your schedule as I have mentioned numerous times, but working your workouts around your busy schedule is key if you want to get them done and see results.  You will never have to miss a workout with a make shift or home gym in your house, you can work out before work, when the kids are still sleeping or after work when the kids are in bed.  How does that sound to you, pretty good right?  Having a home gym is more beneifical for busy people because you can do it at your own pace when it fits into your life vs when it fits into the aloted times of a gym establishment.  There would be no missed workouts with a home gym because the home gym is the gym that never closes.

I use my home gym daily as I have said before. I use weights, a step climber, a stepper, a mat for ab exercises and many other ground exercises. It works for me because I don’t have to leave my house in order to get my workout done.  It is more benifical because not only can you do your workout at any time you can work out at your own pace, and when it works for you.  Verses going to an establishment that could be closed when you have a chance to do your workout which can deter you from wanting to work out which nobody wants.

Nobody wants to get deterred from doing there workout, so if you want to get involved in fitness but think are too busy think again.  You can always make your own home gym with the fitness equipment you have or you can go out and buy non expensive fitness equipment to put into your own home gym use the equipment I mentioned above as an example.  Not having time to go to the gym is not an excuse when it is so easy to put a home gym together.

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