Post Coffee Workout vs Pre-Coffee Workout

Working out requires willpower and dedication, for some liquid courage known as coffee.   But to some, they like having the liquid courage also known as coffee after their workout.  I guess it just depends on the person and how the there night went depends on if they have coffee before or after their workout.  some people have coffee before there workout all the time and that works for them, but others choose to do there workout before. I have done both having coffee before my workout and having coffee after my workout.

How many people have coffee before there workout and how many people have coffee after? If you do a little bit of both like I do, sometimes do you notice a difference?  For example, if you have coffee before your workout do you notice that you are more sluggish during it versus when you do your workout first”?   I guess it would depend on when you want to do your workout whether you have coffee before or after.  Some people do their workouts in the afternoon versus the morning and vice versa, I am the type of person who likes to do my workout in the morning before coffee, and breakfast.

I have done post coffee first and then my workout but I don’t really like doing it that way, but that is the way I do it most days.  I feel like I get more out of my workout if I do a pre-coffee workout first. I like to get my blood pumping before I have coffee because then I am not using coffee to keep me awake all day.  I feel better doing my workout before coffee because I am more awake throughout the day doing it that way. Since I am not using coffee to wake me up I am using my workout to do that.

It depends on the person and how they want to do there workout and when they want to do it.  Each person is different so some people who workout will do post coffee workouts others will do pre-coffee workouts or they might even change it up like I do sometimes. It just depends on the person and what they feel like.  Another reason why I like post coffee workouts is that I feel like coffee after a workout is a treat for doing such a good job, even though coffee is a necessity. Sometimes it is nice to have it after your workout because then you feel like you worked for that necessity and yes coffee is there to keep you going, or at least that is what I think it is there for when it comes to doing your workout.

Coffee gives you that extra boost to keep you going throughout the day, or at least that is what it is supposed to do. I found that if I had it before my workout I was more tired after my workout and I needed a nap during the day, but if I had it after my workout I was able to stay up throughout the day.  Coffee can make you crash faster, because of the sugar but if you have it after your workout you are already awake and raring to go so it just keeps you going and doesn’t make you crash.  Or at least that is what it does for me.

Have you ever tried switching up when you have your coffee during your workout if not why haven’t you?   The next time you do a morning workout why not try doing it before coffee and see how you feel after. It might surprise you.  Although you might like it the other way around it is whatever is better for you. I like it after but that is just me or I think it is. The reason why I like to have my coffee after my workout though is because I treat coffee as a treat and  I use my workout to wake me up rather than a cup of coffee.

Although each person is different some people like to have their coffee first and do their workouts more in the afternoon instead of the morning. It is whatever fits into your life in terms of when you can get your workout in and get on with your day don’t you think?  I usually have one coffee a day and that is for breakfast, which I have after my workout because then I will actually eat rather than forget the most important meal of the day.   I also do my workouts right in the morning, some other people might and they might feel as though having coffee before their workout doesn’t make a difference for it. However, everyone is different so they are going to have different preferences, on when they like to have their coffee whether it be before there workout or after. It depends on the person and what they feel is best for them.

I have done both pre-coffee and post-coffee workouts before too and enjoy the pre-coffee better but when you have coffee first it doesn’t really hurt you I just am doing my workouts a little differently than most people or at least I like to think that I am.   I don’t eat before my workouts because I do my workouts in order to eat more,  but that it is an entirely different post, but I usually have coffee with breakfast so I will do my workout first.  Some people do it the other way around which is there preference.

Are you the type of person who likes coffee after a there workout or before their workout?  Do you drink more than one cup a day? I am one cup a day sometimes two cups a day type of person but no more, if I have more coffee then that I will surely be sick. But I like to treat myself with coffee after I do things like my workout which is another reason why I do my workout before breakfast so that my coffee can be the treat of saying “ hey you got your workout in a good job”. that type of thing. I feel a lot better drinking coffee after my workout than before because it just makes me feel better.

What do you like better though coffee before your workout or after, or do you even notice a difference if you have done your workout with coffee first or without it first?

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