How To Workout When You Don’t Have Ambition Too?

Working out is fine and dandy when you first begin. You are always raring to go and get it done.  But after a while, the ambition to workout wears off doesn’t it?  At that point what do you do?  Everyone knows that at the beginning of January when you get your gym membership for the year there are the avid gym goers that go for a couple months and then they stop because of whatever reason.  What if even when you don’t feel like working out you still do it?  Where does that motivation come from?  Does it come from the fact that your workouts are such a routine now that you feel like if you miss one something is missing in your life? Do you just do your workouts for the motivation of getting something in the end?

Sometimes your life or job might get in the way of your workouts. Which in turn makes you either miss your workout or just do your workout later.  I don’t mean don’t have a rest day during your weekly workouts I mean if you are tired during one of your workout days and it isn’t a rest day don’t just stop your workout.  Do your workout even if you have to have a friend with you as a motivator or say you’re going to give yourself something as a motivator. Whatever works for you, just don’t skip out on a workout because you are tired. If you do that then you more often than not then you will get it in your head that workouts can be missed and it won’t matter. It does matter though if you are thinking of missing a workout because you are just not in the mood or you don’t think you have the time.  Ask yourself this “Why am I working out”? I have written an entire post on that so after reading this post why not hop on over to that post and check it out.  See if it motivates you to continue your workout even with no ambition.

There are days that I don’t want to do my workout and I avoid it as long as possible,  yes you read that right, I avoid my workout as long as possible.  Or I just miss it all together, but I don’t like doing that.  I know that last week, Friday I was going to do a late workout and I didn’t the next day I felt like crap although I did the workout all day, still I don’t  like that feeling of not working out when you are in the mood too.  I have had those non- ambition workout days but then I think to myself, if I get it done I will feel so much better.  Which in truth you do feel better.

If you are an avid gym goer or you work out on a daily basis at home, you do it because you like the way you feel afterwards and the way you look, don’t you? The way you feel after your workout and the way that you look after it as well is great ambition in order to continue doing them, isn’t it?  At least that is what I use. I feel more awake after my workouts and I can get through my day a lot easier than if I don’t do the workout which is why I do them, I also eat more throughout the day which is what I wanted to do in the first place.  If I work out I eat three meals a day and I feel great that is my ambition to do another workout the next day and so on. If you are into fitness where do you find the ambition to do your workouts?

Remember if you don’t have the ambition to work out just think about why you started, how you feel afterwards and what you can reward yourself with when your workout is finished for the day. Those three things should make you want to work out daily and keep it up.  Working out is not only good for the body it is good for the mind, and soul which in turn benefits you in a lot of different ways. Don’t people like to be benefited in different ways, after anything it makes them work harder, so why not benefit yourself after your workout it will make you work out harder and in the long run it will be better for you.

When you have the feeling of not wanting to work out what do you do?  Do you just not do it? Or do you force yourself, to do it?  Since fitness can be fit into your life on a daily basis, do you have a problem getting a workout in?  Sometimes I don’t want to get my workout in but I know how much better I feel after I do get it in. I have more energy after I work out and feel as though I can so much more do, so why wouldn’t you want to work out if you got more energy and got a lot more done?

When you don’t have the ambition to do your workout think about how you are going to feel from not doing it, does that make you want to do your workout?  Or even if you don’t have the ambition to do a full workout why not think about what you do on an everyday basis and maybe make that your workout instead for the day, that is the point of fitting fitness into your life after all anyway.   Everyone works out at least once a day  even though they don’t think that they do, because they are just going about there day but they actually are, and if you don’t have the ambition to do a certain work out why not just do your everyday stuff and consider that a work out it still works even if you don’t think that it does.

Even if you don’t have the ambition to do a certain workout, just get up and move and consider that to be a workout for the day, it might not be what you want but it still works to get a small workout in.

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