Why Do People Like Being Active

Being active is a way for people to be fit, and hang out with friends. But this is not the sole reason why people like being active.  They also like being active because they like the way it makes them feel and they like the way they look.  I am not talking about the sweatiness and gross look they get after a good workout, but after that, how their body looks.   People like being active because of what it offers them after they are finished a workout. What I mean by this is they are more flexible are stronger and have better muscle tone.

People like being active, because being fit makes them feel amazing, alive and like they can do anything.  At least that is how I feel. Fitness makes people feel good and that is why people do it. Because why wouldn’t someone want to feel good?   The people that love being active, sign up for classes at a gym that they enjoy or they can work out at home like me because being around a lot of people in a gym setting where I might be watched is not my cup of tea.  People like being active because they enjoy movement and why not stay healthy and fit while doing it? If you look at someone who enjoys being active you see them doing the activities they enjoy because it is fun for them and they feel good doing it or they get a good exercise high from it. Everyone has heard that expression.

People like fitness, because if they work out at a gym they will get feedback from the instructor or their friends, about how good they are doing. It is sort of like praise and everyone like’s praise. So why not get involved in a fitness group or just with a bunch of your close friends and cheer them on? Tell them that they are doing an awesome job. And the more encouragement and feedback you get while working out the better you feel.

Another way of getting feedback is having a Fitbit, or your cell phone attached you somewhere while you are working out. Each cell phone now comes with new technology that has a health or step counter that tracks your activity. When you look at that after you have done some exercise and see the numbers it makes you happy doesn’t it? It makes you feel as though you are doing something good for your health and that is the point of working out.

If you like nature then why not bring your workout outside into nature? Have you ever tried doing that? I know that I have and when I do it doesn’t feel like a workout at all.  Nature makes you feel alive,  and that feeling makes you want to do it over and over again which you are more likely to do outdoors if you like the scenery and what you are doing. For example, go for a walk or a run, a bike ride or a hike even.   On the water, around your neighborhood or even in a park on a nice scenic trail.  That will make your workout fun and not so boring. I know that some workouts can be boring and that makes you not want to do them, so do something that you want to do, where you want to do it and keep up with it.

People like fitness classes, for the most part, so that they can stay fit. It is not for weight loss if you think about the amount of weight you are losing the class isn’t fun anymore. And fitness is supposed to be something you enjoy so that you continue to do it on a regular basis.  They also like being active, because they can do whatever they want whether it be walking playing soccer or things like that.  For fitness, you don’t always have to be in a gym. You just have to be active and moving.  Always remember this, when it comes to being active, tradition is out the window.

Use music when you are working out if you crank up the tunes while doing your fitness routine because it motivates you to continue doing what you are doing.  Make a workout playlist, on your iPod, or cellular device, of songs that get your blood pumping. Music during your workout is a great motivator. So why not give it a try?

People like having a bit of motivation whenever they are doing something and music is a great way, to get that.  Have you ever noticed while you are working out you turn to the tunes? Well, that is because it motivates you even when you don’t think it does?

Being involved in fitness, even once a week requires a reward wouldn’t you say?  Who doesn’t like a reward?  Rewards are another reason why people like being active because they can reward themselves after working out in a way that they enjoy and the workout clothes don’t hurt either.  Another reason why people like fitness because of the fitted clothes that they get to wear to workout in.

Some people would like being active because it gives them a purpose in life and to continue on the right track for their family and kids.  Being active is great. It helps you relax and clear your head, and it also helps you stay healthy and fit.  Everyone wants to stay fit so that they can live a long and healthy life, being active helps with that.   I like being active because it makes me feel good, more relaxed and open-minded. Being active gives me a purpose in life and everyone wants that.

Why do you like being active? That is the nagging question that people can probably answer without even thinking. Even if they aren’t involved in fitness activities that doesn’t mean they don’t like it. So why not ask yourself this question?


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