Why Do You Workout?

Working out is huge in today’s day and age, with everything you see on television, and the internet, it seems as though everyone is hoping for the working out bandwagon.  I have been working out for a little over a month so far. I am fitting fitness into my life now on a daily basis versus what I was doing before, which was nothing.  Why am I working out though, well why does anyone workout?  There are a variety of answers to this question, to some people they work out because they want to lose weight, bulk up or tone up, and to others, they just want to live a healthier lifestyle.  Or you could be someone like me who is working out on a daily basis in order to remember to eat three meals a day.  That I will discuss later on in the post.

Most people workout because they want to look good with their toned muscles and such, some people workout to impress there boyfriend or girlfriend, mind you I don’t know any of these people. But I know they exist.  Some people workout because it is something everyone is doing and they want to get in on the action, whatever that is. To each is their own I guess.  Working out is not supposed to be a popularity contest though, to get someone at the gym to notice you more or for you to notice someone at the gym more because you go to the gym.

Are you working out for your health or are you working out to see someone at the gym?  The next time you go to the gym why not ask yourself this. If you have a home gym you probably don’t need to ask yourself this since you and your family are the only ones using the gym and you don’t need to run into anyone.

Working out for some people is just something that they do to keep busy, for others it’s for health reasons. It depends on the person, for example, why do I work out?   When I tell people that I am working out, they look at me weird thinking you’re skinny there is no reason for you to workout. I am going to let in on a little secret, my eating habits suck, big time. I don’t mean in the junk food sort of way either. I mean in the I skip meals sort of way which is a big no, no in the fitness world or in life, in general, isn’t it? You need to eat to live, so why am I skipping meals? Is the question.

I am skipping meals because I forget to eat during the day, I have my coffee before breakfast, even before breakfast I get busy doing something and before you know it is 2 pm. Where did the day go?  I have only had coffee I guess I better eat something but it is way past breakfast time so lunch will have to do. Then I would eat dinner around eight or nine at night.  That is not good for your body, or your brain for that matter.  If you don’t eat you don’t fuel your body and can lose muscle mass since there is nothing for your muscles to grab onto.

So I started working out in order to remember to eat three meals a day or more.  However I do, do my workouts before breakfast and coffee usually but that is only so that I will eat a bigger breakfast instead of something small like a piece of fruit. I will eat cereal or a piece of toast after my workout, the toast has peanut butter on it, usually.  It makes me want to eat if I work out if I don’t workout I don’t feel hungry which in turn makes me skip meals.   I am working out because I want to better myself.

My question is why are you working out, are you doing it because it’s all the rage and everyone is doing it? Or do you want to better yourself and feel better about yourself, versus feeling like crap all the time?  Since I have started working out, I feel ten times better I am more alert throughout the day, versus being sluggish,  I am more limber which is good because I have cerebral palsy which affects my legs and brain but we will discuss that in another post.  I am eating more throughout the day which was the entire point of me starting this workout journey in the first place.   I work out also to have something to do with my day, other than sitting in front of my computer writing since I am a blogger hence why I am writing the fit flex blog on fitness. Doing the fitness related to my posts gives me something to do other than write which helps with the thought process.  I found that since I have been moving more my body is more alert and I don’t feel like I’m shutting down or moving slowly. If you don’t move much your mind and body will shut down and you will feel disgusting nobody wants that.

Working out is a lifestyle change, you can’t just workout and not eat in order to do so, or eat crappy foods all the time if you want to see results. Now don’t get me wrong I don’t eat healthy all the time and there will be another post dedicated to that as well, I am eating healthier though and eating more which is good when you are trying to gain muscle. Or to feel better.  I work out for me to keep myself happy, and since I have been working out I am happier because I feel so much better than I did before. If you are happy with yourself, you show that in front of others and are happier around them too that is what I find anyway.  So if you are going to work out, why not ask yourself, why you are doing it first and figure out if you are doing for the right reasons.  Not that seeing a person at the gym is not a good reason to start working out but are you focused on yourself, or seeing that person?  Do you want to better yourself or just put on the act of look at me I am so much better because I am working out?    Believe me, that is not a good mentality when working out because you will get bored really quick.

So workout to make you, feel good verse for someone else because you are what matters.   If you are thinking of working out but keep saying that you don’t have the time, everyone has the time to work out, because almost everything you do in life has a workout involved.  If you think about it that way, your workouts won’t feel like workouts at all they will just feel like your life, or better yet something fun.  Remember workout is for you and you alone you will feel great doing it if you are doing it for the right reasons.  So again if you are working out on the daily or just starting out ask yourself, this “Why am I working out”?  Once you answer that question for yourself you will feel much better about it.

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