Where Does Fitness Come From?

Over the last couple of years, it seems being active has become more and more prominent, whether it be for males or females. Just look at your social media, watch television or read a magazine and you will see it. Everything you see has something to do with fitness if you really think about it and look deep.   A concept and interest that has grown from pre 10,000 B.C. and just evolved from there. In the early years, the Greeks and Romans were the most fitness orientated people of the world until now that is.

Being active has been a part of the world before any of us were even born. And it has evolved into a number of different things.  So who came up with it?  Well, a little bit of research tells us that the Egyptians and the Syrians were the first set of people to encourage activity with their people.

So the idea of encouraging activity has been around since the ancient times and it has just evolved from there. Today being active is huge. Whether it be for weight loss, or just to stay fit, everywhere you turn it is there.  But can you believe that it originated from the Egyptians and Syrians?  Most people would probably think it was an American that came up with the idea right?  Well, it wasn’t. To most people is shocking.

Being active is something that came up when people were fighting. When they were in a battle they were doing activities and that is really where it originated. Exercising was something everyone had to do, especially if they were going to war in the early days before the twenty-first

century. If you were going to war you needed to be limber enough to move so you had to do stretching to keep yourself limber. It was customary for the Syrians and the Greeks just to name a few.

Then came the yoga where you met out on the grass and did slow movements to keep you limber or for some just to wake you up.  For example a type of yoga, Tai Chi was prominent in those days and is still popular today.  These types of exercises were done more predominantly by the Syrians and Egyptians.  Being active in the sense of doing yoga was something that they all had to do as a custom.

Is being active a fad?  That is the question to which the answer is No.    Being active has been around since ancient time.  It didn’t come from television or going to a gym because in those days there weren’t those types of things around.  Since they are around now though is the idea of being active different? Do more people want to be active, because of what they see on television and what is offered in magazines and on the internet?

Being active is everywhere, now isn’t it? Think about it. Everywhere you turn you see something relating to being active whether it be a new gym coming to town, a new fitness DVD set.   A new fitness, coach (you find on the internet), or even just seeing new diets in magazines or online. Online is where everything is now.

So now the question is has been active evolved?  Yes, very much so and more and more people are getting into it because it is now easier to get your hands on it, with its huge internet presence now.  Yet being active has always been around. Now, however, it has evolved into something massive and people are jumping on the bandwagon and feeling great about it since being active makes you feel great. Doesn’t it?

Being Active can be considered anything that keeps you moving.  So the answer to the question has it evolved? Yes, it was because there is so much more than a person can do in terms of being active.  You can ride a bike, rollerblade, go to the gym, go swimming, swing on a swing.  With a number of other things as well, these are just a few of them.   The list is so long because fitness has been around since the beginning of time since you had to hunt and gather in order to live, that is a type of fitness too.   So fitness has been, being put into people’s lives since the beginning of time, even if they didn’t even know it.

Fitness came from the pioneer days, because if they couldn’t walk then they couldn’t hunt and gather. Hunting too was another form of fitness because you had to be flexible and agile in order to kill the animals that you needed for food as it is mentioned above.  So fitness has been around for centuries, and the first action of fitness that people did was fitting into their lives in order for them to live a full life and get things done.

Fitting fitness into lives was the first thing ever invented. Going to gyms to get a workout in came much, much later. Since in order to get around you have to be fit and limber to do so, which meant you had to walk everywhere and pick things up with sticks or you had to carry back your hunt on your hands not in a vehicle since those didn’t exist in the pioneer days.  That was how people got muscles, and how they kept fit.

Fitness has always been around and a part of people’s lives. It has become more and more obsolete these days because we have cars, fast food restaurants, and televisions which people in the olden days didn’t have. So it was a lot more common to see them out walking and getting exercise and staying fit that way since that was for the most part there the only source of transportation.   In today’s day, however, we have the restaurants and the television consoles and cars, not horse and buggy. So we can get around a lot faster then they can which in turn means we aren’t walking as much we are taking vehicles because it is faster.

The greeks and pioneers invented fitness in a sense because they had to walk everywhere in order to get from one place to another and they had to go looking for food and how did they do that? They walked and hunted for it, instead of going to a store.  They couldn’t just go to one place and it was there, they had to go and look for it in the woods and walking was the only way they could find it. So they had fitness in there lives long before we came along, and that is where it came from, but what changed when we came along is the question?

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