New Year New Fitness Regime

Being involved in fitness is great it helps with a number of different things.   I am writing this post a little late, but it still makes sense if I write it now.   Each year many people say that they are going to start working out after the New Year, whether that means going to the gym, or just walking a few times a week.   Everyone’s goal for the New Year is to work out and be thinner especially after eating so much over the holidays.    What about dieting many people, try to work out, at the gym or try a new diet on the first of January?

Everyone has good intentions on the first of January but can they keep up with it for the entire year? That is the question that nobody knows the answer too until they try it and they stick to it.   At the beginning of a new year, everyone has good intentions, of doing what they set out to do. What if they don’t do it all the way through for the month of January does that mean you give up? No that means you just start again and see where it leads you.  Sure you might think that because you didn’t keep up with it in January you won’t be able to throughout the months to come, but why not give yourself a chance.

Everyone is allowed to miss a workout here and there.  Doing that, however, means when you do your next workout you have to work twice as hard to make up for the time that you missed.  Sure the novelty of going to the gym in the New Year is great until February at least and the less and fewer people go.  Why do you I say this you are probably asking because it is true?  Unless you are really into fitness and you have been going to the gym prior to the New Year it will be difficult for you because it is a lifestyle choice and change.   That is why I work out at home, I plan and do my own workouts with music, rather than spending the money on a gym membership knowing that I probably won’t use it.

I am not saying that if you want a gym membership not to get one. If you want one go out and get it, but don’t forget to use it, in order to get your money’s worth.  Since the New Year just started, you can still get into a fitness regime for it. I think that you can get involved in your fitness regime for the New Year throughout the entire month of January and maybe even the first week of February. If this is what you want to do, then do it, and see where it leads you.

If you are new to working out and you don’t think that going the gym right off the bat is something that you want to do, always remember that you can work out at home.  Remember to eat healthy your four main food groups, grains, veggies, fruits and milk products. If you eat the four main food groups and workout wherever you choose to do it, then you should be fine.  It’s a new year why not try something new, to kick it off. Why not try working out for the first time or if you have been working out for a while but stooped over the holidays, get back into it.

A workout regime, no matter when it starts is a great thing for you to do to stay healthy and fit throughout your life.  It doesn’t matter when it starts whether it be before the first of January or after, whenever you start your workouts don’t give up. Even when you forget to do a workout one day, don’t stop doing it, just start again and try to remember to do it each day. If you do that and you get into a routine and the more you do it, the more you will stick to it. Don’t fret if you forget to do your workout once or twice just remember the next day and do a longer workout.

If you want to get into fitness in the New Year then do it.  Don’t let it just be a fad though everyone knows that if you want to see results you have to work for them, and that definitely goes for the people involved in fitness.  If you are involved in fitness or want to be this year do it with the intention of keeping it up, that is what I am doing and I love how I feel.  If you want to start a new stage of life, in the New Year, fitness is for you whether it be doing fitness online, or getting a gym membership. Or ding workout DVDs.  If you want to be fitter for the new year get involved in fitness in some way whether it be a workout that you come up with yourself, a gym, DVDs or the internet. You will see a great change and feel awesome in the end. Or keep up with your fitness regime you started before the New Year and work harder at it, in order to see the results that you want.

Don’t give up on your fitness regime, just because it’s a new year. With it being a new year, new things can happen with your new workout regime so why not try it and see where it takes you, I know from experience that it is a great feeling when you work out that if you feel as great as I do you won’t want to stop.  A New Year calls for a new you so why not try working out to become the new you that you want to be.

A new year means new adventures. Why couldn’t fitness be a new adventure that is fun and life-changing without having to spend too much money?  You can fit fitness into your life by doing little things such as walking or stretching just to get you up and moving before you get into the harder things of fitness like different workout programs or even getting a gym membership why not try walking or something at home first just to see.

Or if you are into fitness already why not change it up in the new year? Start a new workout program or take another workout class, or fit fitness into your life in a new way, like going grocery shopping once a week and that is your workout for the day things like that. Just do something new in terms of fitness for the new year and see where that leads you.  The new year means new things which could mean new fitness too so why not give it a shot?

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