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When people begin to work out or they think about starting a workout plan there Is a reason behind it.  They aren’t just doing it for the sake of exercising they want to get something out it, either they want to lose weight, stay active just for something to do or they want to tone up the muscle that they already have but they can’t see.  Most of the time people who are tiny are the ones who want to do the toning when they begin to work out. If you are skinny and are starting to work out and you tell people about it there the first reaction is why? “ Why do you want to do that you are already skinny you don’t have work to do for your body”? But these people aren’t the person wanting to work out,  what everyone needs to remember is that there is a number of different reasons people have for their fitness plan. Or for themselves to stay fit or become fit.

Sure someone might be skinny and look as though they don’t need to work out but have you ever asked them why they want to work out in the first place. Sure they might look fine to you on the outside but to themselves, they might not feel so fine. Being skinny is not all its cracked up to be, sure you look good on the outside but fitness and the fit flex life is not all about how you look. The fit flex life and fitness, in general, is how you feel when you do it, I have said this in posts before. But I will say it again because it is true, it’s about the way you look and the way you feel before and after your workout. The reason why I say the way you feel before is because I will use myself as an example,  I have always been skinny, no fat on my bones as I like to call it. Over the last three or four years I have noticed yes I am skinny but I don’t feel that great.  I am sleeping all the time, I am not energetic like I used to be, that type of thing.  This was after high school and college. During high school and college I was active walking everywhere, and swinging on my swing set on weekends but other than that I didn’t do much. I was also eating a lot more too, like three meals a day. Which is what we are supposed to do right?

However, I didn’t feel that great doing what I was doing. Sure I had no fat on my bones and I was skinny.  That to me was awesome but I felt like crap and when you feel like crap you don’t want to do much.  So once I realized what I had too, which was eat more and stop forgetting to eat until 2 pm which was what I was doing I felt a lot better. I have been eating more and working out religiously since March of 2016.  Why you might ask because as I said before I was skinny.  I still am skinny but I am back to the weight I was in high school and my muscle tone is much better actually back to the way it was in high school as well. Which is what I wanted,  and I feel awesome about it.

So why am I working out, I am working out to tone up.  Yes, you heard that right I am working out to tone up.  To let the muscles that I have had for years actually be seen.  My body is now lean and toned and it shows you can see the abs that I haven’t seen since I was in grade school! How awesome is that?  What do you do when you are skinny but want to tone up?   Well, you lift weights, do abdominal exercises to bring out your abs, working on core strengthening exercises and do toning exercises.  Which essentially are ab exercises.

I am working out to tone up so that I can flex my muscles when people ask me too and my muscles will actually show instead of being hidden like they were before. I am fitting, flexing and toning into my everyday schedule by either doing ab exercises or if I am on the farm I will either swing on the swing or lift something heavy and use it as weights in order to tone my muscles. You can tone your muscles by flexing anything in your hands, sure it might not be too heavy but every little bit helps. Don’t you think?

Always remember everyone who works out does it for themselves and the reasons they think that they should. Even if people are skinny they still might want to work out not to lose weight because as I said before everyone works out for different reasons some workout to lose weight some workout to tone up and some workout just to stay healthy. I am working out to do two of the things that I mentioned they are to tone up and to stay healthy by eating more throughout the day while I keep up with my exercise routine.  So yes working out to tone up is a workout if you don’t need to lose weight but you aren’t feeling your best but you want to work out to try and feel better. Tell yourself you are working out to tone up.

After about a month you will see results and feel great, that is how it worked for me so why don’t you give it a try. Let’s get fit and toned together while we flex! It will be a lot of fun and who knows we might all learn something that we never knew before wouldn’t that be great?  Toning up your body is all about keeping your shape but instead of having flab you have muscle.  Which in turn will make the scale look as though you are gaining weight but you aren’t.

When you are working out to tone up, you are usually lifting weights and flexing a whole lot.  Which you can do anywhere, with anything.  Just think of a number of things that you lift in a day, at your job or at home. When you lift things you are doing a flexing motion so to speak since as you lift your arms in the flexing motion.  This is also how you carry things that are heavy which we all have to do at one point.  So we flex, and tone in almost everything that we do, don’t you think?

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4 thoughts on “Fit, Flex, Tone

  1. That people work out for different reasons is very true, and they can also have various reasons during different stages of life. And yes, I know all too well that some people find it strange to tone up if one is already slim. I’m quite slim myself, but still working out to tone muscle definition and overall “rippedness”. And of course some friends and extended family members have pointed out the “shallowness” of such an effort. But I tell them I do it for both looks _and_ feeling great, it’s not just one or the other.


    1. Exactly, when I started my fitness journey I was asked why I started I was quiet skinny but not healthy so it was to make me feel better I wasn’t eating enough and I was sleeping too much because I was slim before I started my fitness journey I’m now toned and feel much better which was the goal.


      1. I can agree to that. Feels so much better to be toned.


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