Is Changing Up Your Workout A Good Thing ?

When you think about your workouts, you don’t always do the same thing every day.  Each day you work out you are working out different body parts, for example, one day would be arms, one day would be legs,  the next might be back and chest and the next might be something entirely different.  Changing up your workouts by doing different body part workouts is not the only thing you can do to change it up.  You can do different things in place of your regular workout routine.  You don’t always have to do the same workout routine daily, sometimes you just can’t do it because of other things that come up in your life. That is why changing up to fit your lifestyle is good too.    So I guess the answer to is changing up your workout routine a good thing is a huge yes!

Workout routines are routine sure but that doesn’t mean you can’t change them up a bit to fit your needs or the needs of others.  Yes, I said, you can change up your workout routine to fit your needs and the needs of others, hey things come up and people might ask you to go out on a whim. You’re not going to say no if someone asks you to go out on a whim are you?  I am betting the answer is probably no.  If someone asks you to go out on a whim and you do have the time you are going to say yes.  Well, what if you have to do your workout?  Are you just going to forget about it because you go out with a friend, No that just means you are either A) going to do it later B) do it before or C) change it up and doing it while you are out with your friend just in a different way.

Changing up your workout routine is not just changing up the workouts and times that you do them it’s changing it entirely and doing something you’re not used to as a workout for the day.  But everyone has to remember that everyone’s idea of workouts and what to do for them is different.  Sure you might have a home workout routine where you do ab exercises, jumping jacks and stretches, or lifting weights but there are always other workouts that don’t even feel like workouts.  Most people probably don’t think like that, but why not try it the next time you are asked to go out, make it a workout versus just going out.  You will kill two birds with one stone and change up your workout without even having to tell anyone because nobody will notice.

If you are too busy to workout at home or to go to the gym one day, but you are running around all over town, why not change up your workout?  I bet you never thought of that, but the next time you just can’t fit your workout in because you are too busy, don’t fret about it just do something else that resembles a workout in place of what you would normally do.   When you change up your workout routine because other things get in the way of it,  you are still keeping up with it maybe not in the way that you are used to but changing it up is a good thing because then you don’t get bored of doing the same thing all the time.

Always remember if you have to change up your workout routine whether it is the time of day, you do it or what you do for your workout that day. It doesn’t matter as long as you are doing something resembling fitness.  Changing up your workout routine is also good because then you won’t get bored of it which means you will keep up with it longer than someone who does the same thing all time.  Doing the same thing all the time gets old and boring after a while that is why changing up your workout routine is a good thing. Everyone likes variety in their lives and your workout is no exception.  Your workout needs variety to be kept interesting and to keep you in the mood to do it daily.

The people who don’t variety in their workouts are the ones who start and then stop for a while, with the intention of getting involved again. But then they never do.   The people who change up there workouts are the ones that continue with them more so then the ones that don’t change them up because they are the ones with variety and there is no way that they can get bored.   So if you are in a slump over your workouts and you feel like you aren’t getting anywhere with them why not change up your workout.  Changing up your workout not only gives you a variety of things to do and try, it keeps you on your toes.  We as people need variety to keep us interested in things for an extended period of time, workouts are no different in the variety aspect of keeping your workouts going.

The fit flex life is all about fitting fitness into people’s lives and if that means changing up a workout to make it fit better, then why not, just because it’s not something you are used too doesn’t mean it’s not a workout. So the next time, you don’t think you can fit a workout into your day, think about what you did in your day that might have been able to classify as a workout.  Everything can be classified as a workout depending on what you do, and much you do.  That is why I said changing up your workout is a good thing because then you can do more than a specific workout regime to get your workout in without it feeling like a workout. That is what most people want anyway, isn’t it?

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