Weight Gain Vs Weight Loss Workouts According To The Fit Flex Life

Yes, you heard that right,  weight loss workout vs weight gain workouts.  What do I mean by that, well each person who works out has different goals.  Most people who workout want to workout to lose weight, right?  That is how exercise is always talked about.  Have you ever heard someone say I am working out so that I can eat more and gain weight?  I am betting if you have heard that, it hasn’t been often.   Are there really workouts for weight gain?  Is that such a thing?  Well, it is but it’s not called weight gain its called toning which in turn brings out the muscles that you have already that are hidden by fat.  Check out my toning up post for more about toning.  Now back to weight loss workouts vs weight gain workouts if that is really such a thing.

When it comes to workouts it depends on what you are trying to do are you trying to lose weight, because if you are trying to lose weight you do more portion control versus just eating to eat but for the most part you do the same workouts to tone your body. The more toned your body is the leaner you look so it looks as though you are smaller than you actually are.  To lose weight it’s not all about the workouts it’s about portion control and eating healthy foods.   Now I am not saying that that isn’t the same thing when it comes to weight gain,  but when you are trying to gain weight like I am you don’t have to pay too close attention to the food, consumption as long as It’s healthy for the most part.   You are allowed to have a cheat meal as I like to call it others may call it a flex meal where you eat the junk food that or somewhat healthy food that isn’t too healthy as that meal once a week.

In order to lose weight or even gain weight you need to eat right, and that is why I talked about food in the previous paragraph.  Have you ever heard losing weight begins in the kitchen?   That is true you need to eat healthily and workout, vegetables, meats, healthy fats that sort of thing.  Even drinking some sort of vitamin shake as well could help but I am not going to talk about shakes so much in this post.

When you work out to lose weight you are burning the fat, and the best way to do that is to do cardio.  The fast-paced of the workout burns fat because the more you sweat the more fat you burn. That is why most people when they want to lose weight they go into cardio.  If you want to gain weight however you can do cardio but not so much of it, when you want to gain weight while working out you lift weights and tone up your body. That is how you will stay fit.  If you want to lose weight by doing a workout it is best that you do cardio and interval training.

If you want to gain weight while working out it is best that you compound workout, lift heavy weights, do up a right row, and push ups to keep your core tight.  Do lunges with the weights, do a chest press as well. However, I will do another post about chest and back workouts.   So lifting weights will help you gain weight and muscle which in turn doesn’t make you look like you are gaining weight even though you are.

These are just a few of the weight gain and weight loss things to do in your workout according to the fit flex life.  So always remember if you want to lose weight do cardio and eat properly if you want to gain weight lift weights but still eat properly.   In my opinion, you can splurge a bit more when you are trying to gain weight in the food department but not too much.  But always remember to eat whether you are trying to lose or gain weight in order to keep your muscle.

If you are trying to gain muscle instead of losing weight lift weights as part of your workout regime at some point during the week. Always make sure you are lifting weights. If you are trying to lose weight, do cardio workouts they are fast and burn a lot of calories without feeling like they are hard workouts they are also quite fun and who doesn’t want fun for their workouts?  Remember though workouts are not the only thing that you need to do if you want to gain or lose weight. Portion control when eating for both is key. Also eating the proper foods like healthy fats, instead of things like white sugar is key when you are trying to lose weight or even gain it.  If you want to gain weight in terms of workouts gain muscle, because muscle gains more than weight ever does and you will be losing but you will feel a lot more fit.

Losing weight and gaining weight, doesn’t just happen by doing workouts. It always begins in the kitchen, everyone has heard the term losing weight begins in the kitchen, that is true and the same goes for gaining weight if that is what you are looking to do.  They both begin in the kitchen because they both start with food, one is eating less food and one is eating more food but fitness always revolves around food.

Your workout results always depend on the amount of food you are eating and the way you do that is to decide what you want out of your workouts eat and do your workouts accordingly. When you do that then you will get the results that you are looking for.  If you want to lose weight do cardio and small lifting if you want to gain weight do more lifting and work on tightening your core doing that will help you gain muscle at least that is what I did and I find that that is what helped me.

I love cardio and cardio can be done anywhere, which great for weight gain and weight loss workouts depending on what you are looking for. You can lift weights while shopping, shopping bags or a case of water. Those types of things or walking fast to burn fat.   There are so many workouts for both gaining or losing weight, you just have to find what you are looking for and go after it in terms of your fitness goals.  Which means fit into your life in a way that works for you and you will see results.

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2 thoughts on “Weight Gain Vs Weight Loss Workouts According To The Fit Flex Life

  1. Great insight! I’ve always told people that it’s harder to eat correctly than it is to lift the weight! Thanks for the wonderful post!


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