Different Types Of Workouts For A specific Person

Working out can mean a number of different things.  Many people workout for different reasons.  Which is why they all workout at their own pace and they do different things, sure people can be at the gym together but they may not be focused on the same workout.  Each person might be focused on working out a different body part, or just a different style of workout, this depends on what each person wants from there workouts.  Not everyone wants the same thing from there workouts.    You might be focused on cardio over weight training or vice versa.  It just depends on what you want to focus on at the time and that is the type of workout that you are doing.   One workout you might be doing leg day or arm day, or chest and back, or cardio or abs.  It just depends on what you want to focus on, you might be a cardio person all the way, you might be a weight person it just depends on the person and what they want to do for their workout.  This is why there are so many different workouts because there are so many different people with different goals.

If you are into a specific type of fitness and you know that it is going to work for you.  You are going to look for specific workouts relating to that one fitness thing that you enjoy and you are going to do them.  An example of this might be, fifteen-minute cardio workouts or fifteen-minute ab workouts. Something specific to target a specific spot that you want to work with.  You might be the type of person who likes the ab workouts versus lifting weights to tone your body or vice versa you might like lifting weights instead of doing ab work.  Someone might like doing strength training over cardio.  It just depends on what that person is working for.

There are all different types of workouts for each body part, you just have to find the workout that you want to do on a specific day and do it focus on one specific thing and do that in order to see results in a specific area.  You can have an arm day, a leg day, a chest and back day, and a shoulder day just to name a few, I know I have listed a few of these things before, but it is true if you want to focus on something specific then do it. In the fit flex life we focus on each of these parts and yes there are different workouts for each body part and the more we do these workouts the better our entire body feels.

One thing though, do not do the same workouts every day. If you want to do abs, there are a number of different ab exercises that you can do to target different sections of your abs. It is good to change your ab exercises up along with all your other exercises so that you can get to all the sections that you want to work with and you won’t strain your muscles.

I have done a number of different home based ab workouts, chest workouts, cardio workout and so on. There is a lot to choose from so I won’t get bored and not want to do my workout.  The workouts that I do aren’t that long either twenty minutes to a half hour depending on what I want to do that day, but it changes.   For example, today I did abs and cardio because I wanted to get my blood pumping, and that is what cardio does.

Each person has a different goal and each person likes different things when they work out, some don’t like cardio but they like strength training better or vice versa. I try to do a little bit of both because I find that I enjoy it all.  I like the fact that when I do my workouts I can do different ones to target the same areas instead of always doing the same thing.  Each type of workout that you find, or that you want to do usually has more than one workout that can be done.  So if you think that there is only one workout for the ab workout that you are doing think again, ask around or look online and see what you can find, you will be surprised.

For each workout, there are always options you just have to look for them.   Working out is supposed to be fun and exciting, and when you know that you can change up your workout and do things that you either haven’t done yet or you haven’t done in a while just to give yourself, something new doesn’t that make you happy and make you want to push through your workout without dreading it.  You should never dread a workout or force yourself, to do one.  Although I am not saying that I haven’t dreaded a workout or haven’t forced myself, to do one because I have but once I realize that I have options for my workout I look at the workout differently than if I only had one option to get it done.  Workout with friends, workout by yourself, go to the gym do what works for you, but don’t get bored of what you are doing.

If you enjoy doing a specific workout don’t stop doing it, just change it up so you can get a bit of flavor, for example, I love doing ab workouts but I don’t just do one specific one. I do about three or four different ab workouts in order to target different sections of abs, to get the results I want. So if you are the type of person who loves ab workouts or cardio workouts but are sick of doing the same thing over and over again, why not do some research, follow a fitness coach or just search online for different workouts pertaining to what you want and try those.

You will find that if you change up your workouts every once in a while you won’t dread them and they will be a lot more fulfilling once you get through them. when  I target the areas I want in my workout in different ways I find that I am happier at the end of it because I have changed it up to give myself what I like to call flavor for my workouts and I am targeting different body parts, when I do abs or chest. I am targeting obliques and my abs and the feeling of the burn is the best once the workout is done.

So if you are looking for a change in your workouts look at different things on the internet or if you have a trainer or coach, tell them what you are looking for and see what they come up with. Nobody is the same so find a workout that works for you. You will be glad you did.

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