The Reality Of Being A Size Zero

Does size matter?  That is the question when you hear that question your automatic response is no, but in reality it really does but nobody wants to admit it to themselves.  If you don’t look a certain way, people don’t talk to you or people are just jealous of you because you are so small.  This all depends on the person.  People are always saying you’re so tiny, why don’t you eat more or how do you stay so tiny?  Or just you’re so tiny!

When you tell someone that you want to work out when you are a size zero which they consider to be so tiny, there response is why you don’t need to work out your tiny. I can attest to this, for example, this week when I was talking to some family they asked what I was up to so I told them about my fitness blog and working out for said blog.  Their response was why you are tiny you don’t need to work out.

I am not working out because I want to lose weight. I am doing it because I want to stay fit and healthy.  That was my response yes I am tiny if you were to look at my pant size depending on the style of pant it ranges from size zero to three. All the jeans I wear are size zero, now Lululemon clothing which I have is a completely different story and will be talked about in a different post.

But back to the reality of being a size zero. It is very difficult to find clothes. Yes, you read that right it is very difficult to find clothes.  Why is it difficult to find clothes when you are a size zero?  That isn’t even the real question the real question is, is size zero really a size? Yes, zero is a number so it is a size.  However, it is a very difficult size to find when shopping.  Being a size zero you should be able to find clothes right or at least that is the perception.  Take it from someone who knows you cannot always find clothes that fit.  With being a size zero it is the shape of the clothing that most would have an issue with. Or you can’t find clothes because not every clothing company will make size zero.

Sure being a size zero means you can fit into a size small when looking for clothes but again one company might make their size small bigger then another company would it just depends and vice versa.  When you tell people well I am a size zero, they think it’s great you can wear anything because you are tiny. The reality is finding clothes that fit is the test, or finding your size in a store. Sometimes, you can’t find smalls, extra smalls or even zeros because they have been picked over. Or that specific store doesn’t carry that size in which case you are out of luck.  Which happens a lot.

Sometimes you can’t even find clothes that are grown up enough to the size that you are looking for. Or even though they are a size small or size zero that type of clothing or item is made bigger so it doesn’t fit you properly and that is most of the time what it comes down too, which is annoying at times. You have been through it you know what I mean.  If you find something that you like it might not fit properly because it is made differently because of how small you are that specific piece or pieces might not fit.

So no you can’t always find clothes even if you are a size zero. So when people say oh you can always find clothes it is the same for everyone. Don’t always believe what you hear.  Also when people tell you, you don’t need to work out you are a size zero, which is not the case.  Just because you are a size zero doesn’t mean you don’t need to work out or stay healthy and fit. Sure you can eat whatever you want, but in order to keep that size zero figure, you have to eat healthy, as well and eat things in moderation.  I am not saying you can’t have sweets or anything like that you can, but in moderation and in order to keep your figure you always have to keep moving.  Never stop moving that is the goal of being a size zero, that is how I have done it and I will continue to do it.  You always have to work at the things you want in order for them to continue the way that they are going for you at a specific time in your life.   Being a size zero doesn’t mean you don’t have to work out if you want to stay fit you have to exercise no matter what.

Are you a size zero is it hard for you to find clothes? If so I am going to give you a list of stores that carry the sizes that you are looking for and for me, the sizes fit perfectly. SO they might fit perfectly for you as well.  An example of a store that carries size zero jeans, American eagle, these are the jeans that I wear.  Shorts you can find at American eagle or Blue notes.  Shirts you can find almost anywhere, depending on what style you want and your preference.  If you are looking for dressy clothes, the store dynamite is the place to go. When you are a size zero you have to know where to go and when you are looking for new clothes you always return to the same stores since you know that they fit verses going to a store where you have to try on different pieces just to see what they look like.  When you are a size zero finding clothes is hard enough why would you want to search really hard for something when you already know where it is, at a certain store.

Remember though being a size zero doesn’t mean you don’t have to work out you still have to work out if you want to stay that size,  there is not so much focus on losing weight though as there is to stay healthy and active when you are that size, however.  If you are a size zero and you want to workout it is because you want to build muscle and flexibility along with staying healthy.  You can eat whatever you want when you are a size zero but if you want to feel good you will work out. That is what I do anyway and that is why I love working out so much because it makes me feel good.

You still need to be active and eat somewhat properly to stay a size zero, if you want to stay a size zero you need to stay active.  That is the key, so always stay active if you want to be a size zero, and eat healthily or just eat in general that is a given.  If believe that you being a size zero is what you want then go get it never give up if you want something to go get it.

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5 thoughts on “The Reality Of Being A Size Zero

  1. Great post! And so true.


    1. Thanks for stopping by I hope you enjoy the other posts the fit flex life has to offer


  2. You are to be commended for your fitness initiative!

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      1. You are most welcome.


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