When Is The Best Time OF Day To Workout?

First of all, working out can be done whenever correct?  Or at least when the gym is open or if you have a home gym whenever, you want to do your workout, but is there a better time of day to do it vs another time?  Have you ever thought about that? Are you the type of person, that when it fits into your schedule you do it?     Most people probably haven’t thought about it, because why would you need too, if you are just working out when it fits into your schedule right?   If you think about the best time of day to workout you are thinking about your schedule and what works for you.  That is how most people would think about it.

I have thought about this a lot recently, as I have done my workouts at three different times of day trying to figure out what works for me.  Why do you ask?  Well, I am trying to stay awake for the entire day versus taking a nap in the afternoon. Sure napping is great and when I do nap now, I am only sleeping for an hour versus the three I was before but I really do want to eliminate a nap altogether. So I am switching up the time of day that I do my workouts and see what that does to my system.   Sure having a little cat nap will rejuvenate your system but I am getting the feeling that after a while they don’t help and make you more tired than you were before.

The question is when the best time of day to work out?  Are you the type of person who is better at getting things done in the morning, afternoon or evening?  I have worked out in the early morning, late morning afternoon and evening and today I came to a decision.  I really like working out in the morning at about eight thirty in the morning. I have tried earlier but that didn’t work out too well because I wasn’t awake, enough to function.

Everyone knows that for your workouts you have to be functioning in order to get the most out of them. I have tried eating before my workouts and you would think having breakfast would be better before your workout than having it after, but it depends on the person doesn’t it?  Some people have a better workout after breakfast, or in the afternoon or evening.  It all depends on the person.    So each one of these answers is going to be different for each person.

Everyone’s lives are busy and if they work out they make it fit their schedule,  that’s the meaning of thee fit flex life, right, but I have another question for you, when do you get the most out of your workout.   For example, I just did my first early morning workout today and I feel as though I got more out it today then I have when I do my workouts later on in the morning. It just gets my blood pumping and gives me the boost I need to get through my day, all before coffee.  Coffee keeps me going but it isn’t my wake up the regime, any more or at least I hope not.  I am going to try and keep up the early morning workouts before coffee and see what that does for me in the future.

The best time of day to workout is whatever time of day you are most awake and feel like you can get the most out of it.   As I said before everyone is different some might like early morning, late morning, early afternoon, late afternoon, early evening or late evening workouts, it just depends on the person.  My question to you is when do you like to do your workout and what do you do it?

If you figure out the best time of day to do your workout or even go to the gym, you will feel great when it’s over. For me doing it right in the morning before breakfast and coffee keep my mind clearer and for me, that is the best feeling so that I can get other things done in my day, without feeling sluggish and tired.  Nobody likes feeling sluggish or tired so why not test out the best time of day to do your workout and change it up if necessary it might surprise you and you will feel great later. The fit flex life is fitting fitness into your lifestyle,   at the times that work for you so why not think about it figure it out and see what changes in your life when you do your workouts at different times of the day. After you figure out what time of day works best for your workouts you will feel better about yourself and about doing them in general and that is what everyone wants don’t they?

As I said I did my first early morning workout today before breakfast and coffee and feel awesome, it is almost four pm and I haven’t napped yet which is an accomplishment. Since I usually nap at around 2 pm I am trying not to nap and see what that does to my nightly sleeping habits. I hope good things if I can keep up these early morning workouts. Why don’t you give it a try?

Although the best time for people to workout is when it works for them. Sometimes I do two workouts a day just because I feel like it, and man do I feel amazing after.   If your workout fits into your morning and you like doing it then, then do it then if you like afternoon or evening workouts then do that.  It is whatever fits into your life, and however, you like doing them is when it is best for you. So if you are thinking of starting to work out and don’t know what time of day to do, it then why not test it out try a morning workout see how you feel, try an afternoon workout  and see how you feel and then try an evening workout and see how you feel, and whichever one you feel best after then that is the time of day you should do it.

However, if you are trying to fit fitness into your life it is whenever it works for you which could be any time of day, with you fitting it into your life you can switch it around to fit your schedule so there could be multiple good times for you to workout.

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