How Do You Really Become Fit?

Becoming fit, and being fit are two different things.  For each person it is different though, some people eat really, healthy, some people don’t eat at all, and some people workout either with eating or not eating. However when you don’t eat and are working out that isn’t good either, because you are not burning the fat that you get from food when you do actually eat you are burning muscle instead. Which is never good because building muscle takes time and nobody wants to lose that.  There are a number of different ways, you can become fit, and it is not just by doing one thing.  First of all, keep moving, get up and move at least once every hour. To keep your blood flowing, also if you work out regularly and eat properly then you will stay fit and become fit.   Some people are naturally skinny as I have said in previous posts but that doesn’t mean that they are fit.    Being fit is a frame of mind.

Being fit is being toned and feeling good. It is more about feeling good than being toned though because the better you feel the more you want to get up and do things to keep your blood pumping.  Keep moving, start doing workouts and eating healthy, if it’s painful to stop doing your workouts.  Most of all have fun, get support, and don’t go crazy.  I have always said take a day off a week, and for me, that seems to work, your body needs to rest if you want to keep moving it.  Always remember to ease into your workouts, don’t start a workout fast-paced because if you do that you are not warming up and when you don’t warm up there is bound to be strained muscles which cause injury and will stop your workouts.

Try doing the talk test, if you are too winded to sing but can talk to your workout buddy if you have a workout buddy then you are doing a fine workout.  Which also means do cardio, at least every time you work out in order to get your blood pumping.  Today in my workout I did abs but I was out of breath while doing them because I was doing a lot of ab work.   Whatever you do for your workout, make sure that you are doing it properly, if you can talk to people but are too winded to sing then you are doing a good job, I have noticed that when I am working out I am too winded to sing but I can talk. I just never knew that was a good thing when it came to your workout.

Back to the question how does one stay fit, start working out slowly and eating properly? You don’t have to eat entirely healthy, but it should be at least an 80%/20% scale, 80% being healthy foods and 20% being not so healthy food.  You stay fit by eating right and working out, if you stop doing any of these things then you will notice a change in your body where you are not as fit as you once were. Which is why continuing to eat right and the workout is good. You will stay healthier the more you move and the less you sit around and the better foods you eat the less you will feel sluggish.

You have to make sure after you are finished your workout you don’t just walk away from it, you cool down. In a sense, a cool down is putting your muscles into relaxation mode which is better because then your muscles won’t get strained as easy.  Always remember to mix up your workouts so that you are working out all of your body parts and not just a select few.  Get your friends involved if you and your friends are working out together and staying fit you are each other’s motivators. Having your own motivator makes you want to do your workout to the best of your ability.

Always remember to have fun, laugh, change up your routine have fun up beat music on.  The music and laughter in my book are key for your workouts because, if your workout is fun you will look forward to doing and want to do it, rather than wanting to skip it all the time which is never good.  You become fit by having a good mind set, think that you can do the workout even if you don’t know that you can, just try your best. Everything in your workout can be modified or changed depending on what you want to do at the time. Never forget that.   Also remember you become fit by working at it and never giving up do your workouts push you to your limits and have fun never give up even  when the going gets tough and the pain sets in, if you are sore then  that means that your workout is working just remember to try and not strain your muscles. Always make sure you get enough sleep so that your body is ready for your next day’s work out, if your body is not awake enough for your workout, it will feel forced and then it won’t be as effective.

Everyone wants and effective workout, that is why your workouts are meant to be fun because if the moves aren’t fun then you won’t want to do them and they won’t be effective.  Always remember these four things when wanting to become fit. Eat right, exercise and have fun and get the right amount of sleep.  There are much more reasons but these are the four most important ones in my opinion.

If you really want to become fit,  you have to live the 80/20 rule,  its 80 percent food  20 percent exercise.  Think about it, it’s the food that you eat that makes your workouts work the way they are supposed to, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t supposed to treat yourself, every once in a while. A treat isn’t going to screw up your exercise progress we are human we deserve treats.

You become fit by doing the workouts that work for you and eating the way that works for you. Do what your body tells you. Nobody has the same body as someone else, so maybe someone can eat more sweets then someone else, and still workout and look good but that just means there metabolism is different. So workout the amount you want, and eat healthy eighty percent of the time, you will feel amazing and your workouts will be on a point which is what you want anyway right?

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