Fitness And Day To Day Go Hand and Hand

So I thought this blog post would be fitting.  As the title of the blog is called the fit flex life, and it’s all about fitting fitness into your life, and the title of this post is fitness and day to day go hand and hand.  Fitting right?  Fitting fitness into your day, is sometimes difficult, but that is because most people think of their fitness as a chore, you shouldn’t be thinking about your fitness journey as a chore.  You should be thinking about your fitness journey as something fun and something that you actually want to do.  Fitting your fitness journey into your day is a great way to do it, for example, go for a walk on your lunch or if you are going to the grocery store on a specific day consider that even part of your workout.

Yes, it sounds weird to do it that way, but think about it, in the sense that if you make fitness a part of your day no matter what you are doing, in your day, and your fitness doesn’t feel like work.  That is what most people want, isn’t it?  Sure some days you will do a workout and go shopping or just go out with friends. That doesn’t matter more fitness for you how great is that.  Think about it that way and you won’t feel so bad about maybe not doing a full workout when you promised yourself, that you would.  Anything in your day can be considered fitness, you just have to believe that it can.

So go out when you want even if you haven’t done your workout.  If you think of going out as part of your workout then your fitness and your day to day hustle and bustle works doesn’t it?  That doesn’t mean you don’t have to do a workout which just means you can add to your workout and not do something during your workout because you have already done it when you were out. It makes your life a lot easier and a  lot more fun, that is how workouts should be they shouldn’t be a chore. If they are a chore people wouldn’t like to do them.

You don’t always have to go to the gym to get your workouts in, your daily life and your fitness goals can go hand and hand, but it takes dedication and determination in order to continue to have the mindset of I can still accomplish my fitness goals even if I am not at the gym or doing my home workout plan.  Going dancing can be a workout I will write another post about a dance workout later but think about things like that. Everything can be fitness related,  so yes fitness and day to day go hand and hand just think of how your day and your fitness routine work for you.  If you are like me, you can do fitness anywhere, you don’t need to lift weights all the time in order to be fit you just have to do active things and keep it up.  Anything that is active can be considered fitness, and that is a way that you can fit fitness into your life daily, also the more you fit fitness into your life the better you will feel. Your thought process will even be better if you fit your fitness into your daily life, and fitness and what you do daily, work you just have to believe it.

So if you are thinking that you can’t do your fitness routine or even get involved in fitness because you are too busy. Think again you are probably already doing fitness daily in the things that you do in a day but you don’t realize it. So yes fitness and day to day can go hand and hand, and most of the time you won’t even realize it. Try thinking of your fitness journey in that sense and see how much more active you are and how much more you love fitness, even cleaning your house can be considered fitness.  You can do your fitness journey anywhere at any time,  you just have to think of your day to day as doing fitness and making it fun and it won’t feel like a workout at all.

This is how I think of my fitness journey and that is why I love it so much and how I get my workout in every day, not that I enjoy my workouts every day because I don’t. But when I start thinking of skipping a workout I think of how I can do things in my day to incorporate a workout without having the feeling of working out and that is how I get my workout in, Yes working out and day to day can go hand and hand, you just have to have the mindset that your workouts can be anything and you don’t have to think of them as workouts at all, just your daily life it’s much easier that way sometimes.   If you just go about your daily life and not think about it as fitness, you won’t feel as though you can’t work out. The reason why is because you will already be working out without even realizing it.

Everyone is always doing some sort of fitness in their everyday life even if they don’t notice it.   In order for us to get to where we need to go, we walk right, which can be considered fitness. If you think about it. Although most don’t they think that if they aren’t going to a gym or have some sort of fitness regime they aren’t  being active in fitness but that isn’t true.

Fitness and Day to day go hand and hand because in order for us to get from point A to point B in a day we are doing fitness of some sort.  Which is why fitness and day to day go hand and hand.  So the next time you think you aren’t doing anything fitness related in your life on a daily basis think again. Every time you walk you are doing fitness, every time you are cleaning the house, those types of things. All require some fitness, to get accomplished.

Every single day, we have to walk or lift things which is what fitness is but it is a completely different way of looking at it. Which is pretty cool to think about because we are all doing some sort of fitness in our lives, which is what we should be doing.  Even if we aren’t thinking about it.  Which makes fitness and day to day living go hand and hand like bread and butter, or peanut butter and jelly.

If you are not into fitness, but you want to start just look at what you are already doing in your life. You don’t always have to have a gym membership or go to the gym to be into fitness.  Sure it might keep you more accountable, knowing that you have to leave your house to get your workout in, but sometimes people can’t do that and we leave our houses often enough to do things daily that can be considered fitness.  That is the whole point of the fit flex life.

Everything in life has some sort of fitness aspect to it, we just have to look for it.  Once we find it, we will be astounded because even though we didn’t even notice that fitness was involved in everything and we have been doing it all along, we will want to just keep doing it. Since it is something that is so easy for us since we do it on a daily basis anyway and don’t really have to think about it.   Have you ever thought about it, like that?

Most people will probably answer, no I never thought that I was doing fitness daily. I thought that if I wasn’t following a workout plan or going to the gym I wasn’t doing fitness at all. In reality, everyone does some type of fitness every day, lifting laundry hampers full of clothes, unfolded or folded is like lifting weights. Vacuuming the floor is a workout, putting dishes away is a workout the bending motion of unloaded the dishwasher and the reaching motion of putting the dishes away.  That can be considered fitness and we do it on a daily basis.

If we always think of everything that we do as something fitness related then, getting a workout in daily is easy. Think about it, that way and you will be more likely to do something in terms of a workout than not doing anything work out related at all.  Every little bit of a workout helps you in the long run just remember that.  That is why fitting fitness into your everyday life is not as hard as it may seem once you take a good look at what you do on a daily basis that is.

Take a look at what you do on a daily basis, and you tell me if it is fitness related or not?  Most of you probably don’t even look at everything you do on a daily basis as fitness related but it is. Which in turn makes fitness and day to day go hand and hand because we are always moving even a little bit no matter what our jobs entail.  Fitness is in our everyday lives and we use it every day, which is why most of us don’t notice it and to me, that is a good thing.  Since trying to think of a time when you can go to the gym is sometimes impossible just do what you do on a regular day and treat that as a workout, you will be good to go.

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