What Does Fitness Do To The Mind?

When someone decides to work out, they don’t just wake up and decide that working out is what they are going to do.  They think about it, and weigh the benefits of it for not only there health but there frame of mind when they are finished there workout. If you have been working out for a long time you know that doing your workout helps you overall mental function, you can concentrate better and your thoughts are more organized if you work out versus if you don’t.  Having a fitness routine even if it is only twenty minutes a day clears your mind and when you go back to what you were doing before your workout you are looking at it with fresh eyes because the endorphins from your workout made you relax.

Have you ever tried doing something before your workout and you just couldn’t concentrate?  If it is a big project that is. If you are involved in fitness and have been for a long time, you know what it’s like to start something like a big project and be raring to go on it one minute but within seconds you don’t know what you are doing, so you take a break, do your workout and come back to it.   When you come back after your workout you feel refreshed and there are a ton of new ideas in your head that can help with the project you are working on.  It doesn’t even have to be a full workout with weights or anything either, sometimes taking a walk can help with your minds process of ideas.  Being involved in fitness opens your mind to new possibilities that you might not even know you were thinking of in the first place.

When you start your workout you don’t think anything of it, it’s just something that you do to stay active right?  Or is it something you do in order to better yourself mind body and soul? Do you even know? Have you ever started a workout just to start a workout without a purpose for it?  Most people don’t start something unless there is a purpose behind it.

If you are involved in fitness for example going to the gym or doing home workouts, when do you do them?  Do you do your workout before your day begins or at the end of the day, or do you switch it up?    It just depends on your day, when you get your workout in if you do workout right? Have you ever tried to do your workout before you went to do work or started your work day? If you have how did you feel about it did you feel as though you were more productive or have you not tried it yet? If so why not.

If you are having trouble concentrating at work or on household tasks, why not just take a walk and get away from what you can’t focus on. Clear your mind and then go back to what you were doing before.   Take a walk, do some stretches to loosen up your neck and shoulders, if you sit in a chair all day, that could be what is causing you not to be able to focus. If your job allows for you to take your work home, why not try that after you go to the gym.  Being involved in fitness, opens your mind as well as clears it, to help you think and process things better.

My fitness blog is my second blog my first one is on hubpages and it is called limitless.  I found it very difficult to focus on my first blog most days because, I just wasn’t in the mood. The reason for that was I wasn’t active, I felt sluggish I wasn’t into it, most of the time I was tired and felt as though writing or editing posts for my first blog felt forced.  Then I took a  few courses to start this fitness blog, in order for me to do a fitness blog I figured that I needed to get into fitness, and have been ever since January. I found that, doing my workouts before I wrote or edited depending on the blog that I wanted to work with that day, helped my thought process writing came so much easier as did edited. I thought “why didn’t I start doing this fitness blog sooner”?    If you want to start something or just continue doing what you are doing, but are confused about how to do it, why not just take a walk and clear your head. If you are a gym goer why not go to the gym and do your workout, after work of course but try and bring the work that you can’t figure out home, go to the gym and then come home and give that work another shot. Being involved in fitness, in my opinion from what I have seen anyway, opens your mind to new possibilities or just gives you a fresh outlook into what you were doing before, it’s like looking at your life or work  with a different pair of eyes after doing a workout. It gives your mind a break and it gives your mind time to refresh and get back on track.

If you can’t focus and your mind feels as though it’s all over the place try getting into fitness.  Even doing little things like walking, biking or coming up with your own fitness routine. You could go to a gym as well. Gove these things a shot and see what it does to your mind, it has helped me and I recommend if you can’t  focus on a specific task do something active or fitness related and then go back to it.  Being involved in fitness opens the mind to new possibilities and new ideas and who doesn’t like that, so why not give fitness a try if you are in a slump about work or even your everyday life. it doesn’t have to be long either fifteen or twenty minutes of fitness a day can do wonders for your mind so don’t just brush it off and say that you don’t have time, everyone has fifteen to twenty minutes a day to dedicate to fitness in order to refresh and help their mind and you will feel so much better.  Who doesn’t want to feel good?  Everyone wants to feel good so why not try a little bit of fitness if your mind is going in all different directions and you can’t focus it will do wonders for your focus.

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