Workouts For Different Body Types

Working out seems easy at first when you look at the pictures and try to do what you see in the videos right?   But not everyone is the same, which means not all workouts are the same.  You might have a body type that benefits more from yoga type workouts and cardio, then someone else. It just depends on the way your body burns fat and what you are trying to do in terms of your workout for your body.  So when people are doing the same workout as someone else and not seeing results this is one of the reasons why they are not seeing the results that they want.  Everyone has to remember, that their bodies are built differently which in turn means that their workouts should be built differently to work with them.  I am not saying don’t do someone else’s workout, I am just saying if something doesn’t get you the results you want while you are doing someone else’s workout why not try a different workout or a different move. There can be different workouts targeting the same things done by the same person, which you could try.

Everyone wants different things from there workouts, because everyone is different, and so is there body type. Which means everyone is working on something different according to their body type when it comes to their workouts.  For example, some people want to be toned and have flat abs so they might focus on those types of workouts, or some might want to lose weight so they will focus on that.  Others might want to be bodybuilders so they will focus on getting muscle.  There are many different workouts for each of these things, there are ab and toning workouts, then there are lifting workouts. If you want to lose weight, aerobics are great as well. So if you are trying to work out to lose weight try doing these exercises.  Even slow-moving exercises like yoga. Some people like doing yoga because it is relaxing as well, as it strengthens your muscles.

Bone structure and height has a lot to do with how a person exercises and how they can either lose or gain weight depending on what type of exercising they are doing and why.  If you want to become lean do strength training and ab work along, but if you want to lose weight do cardio and aerobics more.  If you have no idea what to do because you don’t know what your body type is, ask your doctor or go a personal trainer who deals with people and fitness and knows a lot about body types.  Once you figure out what body type you are you can figure out what workouts will work for you to better your health.  For example, I am skinny and short, but I still workout because I want to tone up and stay that way. I also do a lot of strength training because I have no muscles or at least no muscles that people can see.

I do a lot of toning exercises, cardio just for fun because I love the fast pace that cardio gives and I love doing ab exercises because I love the burn of them.  So find workouts and exercises that you love and do them, but make sure you have a variety of each exercise so that you don’t get bored of it and quit when you are making progress. I do a lot of video workouts and that gives me variety, but if I want to change things up and work out different body parts when I don’t have a video handy I do a lot of stretching of my hamstrings, my arms and back and my hips just to keep myself more flexible.  Doing stretches also can work out different body parts and that is what people want if they are working towards something, fitness related. If you want to either loss or gain weight in your workout stretching helps with the flexibility of that so you don’t get hurt while doing your workout.  But always remember that each person’s body is different so they will do different workouts and exercises to benefit them.  Don’t think that your workout will work for someone else because sometimes it will but other times it might not. I have done a number of different workouts and some I enjoy and others I hate but I make them work for me or I change them up focusing on what I want my body to look like. Which is what everyone should do.

Everyone knows what workouts work for their body types if they have been doing workouts for a while, and they are usually the ones that are fitting fitness into their lives on a daily basis. So if you are having trouble trying to find out what workouts work for your body type, figure out what you want out of your workouts first, work your workouts around your schedule and see what happens.

Everyone’s body type is different which means there results for their workout and what they want out of there workout is different so don’t compare yourself, completely with others compare yourself, to yourself, and what you looked like before your workouts began. If you do that, then you will most definitely see your progress and with seeing your progress you will be happier about your workouts and doing what is good for you and your body.  You are your own person so workout for your body type don’t do it watching someone else and copying what they are doing. Do it for you and what you want out of it.

Everyone works out for different reasons, and that is why this blog is so great for everyone because you can do whatever it is that you want in terms of a workout.  You don’t need to follow what someone else is doing because they might have other ideas about what they want out of there workouts then you do.  If you are skinny and want to workout you will work out to tone up so you will be working to gain muscle instead of losing weight or the fat that you have already. It just depends on the person and what they want to get out of the there workout.

Each body type is different so all our problem areas are going to be different so we will be working out for us and doing the workouts we feel will benefit us rather than something that will benefit someone else.  However, in order to figure that out, you will have to try out a bunch of different workouts to see which ones work best for you.  Which is another way of someone fitting fitness into there life, because some people might have an hour workout that works for them and someone else might have a twenty minute workout that works for them it all depends on what the person is going for in terms of what they want for there body and what time they have.

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