Working Out When Your Bloated

Everyone gets bloated from time to time no matter if you’re a  Woman or Man. Whether it be from wheat, or salt or other things but did you know there are workouts that you can do in order to make yourself, feel less of the bloat?  Sure you might feel disgusting but that doesn’t mean you stop doing your workouts.  Even if you feel like stopping because you aren’t feeling too good, you should never stop. The reason for this is because the more you work at what you want to your workout the better you will feel after the bloat goes away.  Now I am not saying that doing your workout will take the bloat away right away because it won’t but it does help the process of getting rid of it move faster. What I mean is if you are bloated and you are still doing your workouts, whether it be cardio or abs, or something else entirely you are working up a sweat, at whatever it is you are doing right?   And what happens when you sweat, you are releasing the toxins from your body and getting rid of them, which also means you are getting rid of the salt bloat or whatever bloat you have, while sweating because you are burning the calories off that are in your system.

Have you ever been bloated?  Most people have so they know how it feels, you feel gross and heavy even though you might not be. This is caused by the extra water and salt that is in your system.  Also known as the foods that you eat, if you are eating salty,  and sugary foods most of the time, you are going to be bloated more often because it doesn’t know where to go so it stays in one area until it passes.  The definition of the word bloat is making or become swollen with fluid or gas.  And salt turns into water, once it is in your system so it gives you the swollen look as if you are retaining water, which is what you are doing because as I said before salt turns into the fluid that makes you bloat.   So the more fluids you have in your system of the sugary variety, the more bloated you will be and you will wonder why you can’t get rid of it. Well look at what you are eating, and drinking if you are eating salty or sugary foods all the time then yes you are going to be bloated.

There are times when people are just bloated and there is no explanation as to why, but there are also ways to get rid of it. Nobody likes that yucky feeling of being bloated so here are some ways that you can get rid d it during your workouts, and everyday life.  Walking, or running, focus on your core by doing abs of some kind.  Do cardio of some kind as well to burn off the access water, and salt. Remember the more you sweat the less bloat you will have.

Also if the bloat causes you pain or discomfort because it can sometimes depend on how swollen you are, don’t stop moving.  If you stop moving when you are bloated the salt and water, will set in and stick around for longer which will make you uncomfortable, and you will feel gross. So always stay active so keep the bloat down and to make you feel better.   Keep up with your workouts when you are bloated, I have said that before but it is true don’t stop doing them because you feel disgusting if you keep up with your workout routine even though you feel gross the bloat won’t be so bad. I say this from experience because I have been bloated twice in the last two months, and as I watch the bloat come about I notice the differences between it and the similarities.  The more I eat salt and sugar and the more I just sit around beforehand brings out a larger bloat but if I move around and don’t eat so much salt and sugar, the less the smaller the bloat is.  It is still there, but it is easier to get rid of when you are being active, and continuing your workouts.

If you work out and are bloated or you get bloated don’t stop because the bloat won’t last.  You will feel a lot better if you continue your workouts, while you are bloated because you are not letting the salt or water or whatever made you bloated sit there. You are forcing your bloat out while doing your workouts, remember cardio and fast-paced workouts are best for bloats and abs, are good too.  Make sure when you are bloated and working out that you are sweating during your workouts, because you are getting rid of the toxins in your body which take the bloat away faster, and nobody likes when the bloat sticks around. Never stop with your workouts when you are bloated it is better for you to continue them because the next time you are bloated for whatever reason it will be less and less over time if you continue your workouts. At least that is what I found.  Working out is a great bloat burner so never stop just because of the bloat, remember why you started working out and continue to do so.  You will feel so much better if you do.

Sure you can feel like garbage but if you don’t keep moving you will feel worse. That is why even when you are bloated you should be continuing with your workouts no matter how gross you feel. The more you move the better you feel, that is why it is said when you are bloated to just keep moving. Which is great for workouts, there are so many different workouts out there, that people can do when they are bloated, you can do yoga, cardio, slow-moving stretches, just to keep your body moving. That is what working out when your bloated is all about just keeping you moving.

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