How To Stay Fit And Healthy

When a person is fit how do they stay that way and is there a difference between unhealthy fit and healthy fit?  Yes, there is since I have been both I am living proof of it and I am going to tell my story. I will first tell you about when I was fit and unhealthy. When I was fit and unhealthy I would only eat when I felt hungry or when my stomach growled but I wouldn’t eat right away I would wait until it was uncomfortable then I would eat. That is what I like, to call eating when you want not eating to to fuel and live. Also, I was eating maybe a fist full of food or two per meal, which is fine but not when you are eating only twice a day.  In the fitness industry, we are told to eat at least five to six times a day right? Yes small meals and then one big meal, I, however, wasn’t doing that. I was eating when I felt like it which isn’t good.

If you just eat when you feel like it and workout when you feel like it is you really getting things done to get results?  No, you are just eating to eat and working out probably since everyone else is you feel you need too, too. That is not the way to stay fit and healthy. The way to stay fit and healthy is to eat consecutive meals throughout the day and to keep your body moving. Make sure to also get your proteins and veggies in, that keeps you healthy and strong.  Working out lifting weights, doing cardio and working your abs helps you stay fit but you have to remember to eat too. If you don’t eat you won’t gain muscle and that is what everyone who works out wants muscle.

When you are trying to stay fit and healthy do you do your workouts first or do you eat first?  For some they eat or have a shake first and then they work out, for others like me, I workout then eat. I guess it depends on the type of person you are and the workout that you are doing. What I mean by that is are you the type of person who likes to workout early in the morning or later in the day? Is there a different way of eating for each time a person likes to workout during the day.  Not really just remember to eat healthy fats and proteins right before or right after a workout. You have to eat protein with healthy fats in order to stay healthy. When I first started my fitness journey I just ate to eat, because I was just trying to get food in my system. Now, however, I try to add more healthy options to my eating along with my workouts.

Drinking the right amount of fluids really plays a role in it too. If you don’t drink enough you won’t be healthy either. You will be dehydrated and feel disgusting. If you want to live a full life where you accomplish a lot and live life to the fullest you should eat right, drink enough water and exercise.  Now exercising doesn’t mean getting a gym membership it just means get outside and get active or get active inside your house. Staying active is how a person can stay fit and healthy always remember that.

Staying fit and healthy in life there is always the eighty-twenty rule. 20 percent fitness 80 percent nutrition. This is a great rule because if you aren’t eating proper nutrition you won’t get the proper fitness results that you are looking for. So in order to stay fit and healthy, you have to do it the proper way with fitness and nutrition, not just one or the other. These two things go hand and hand and that is why they are needed to live. If you want to live a healthy life you should do the 80-20 rule when it comes to fitness and nutrition. So make your fitness and nutrition work for you and you will be able to stick to it easier.

The key to fitness and nutrition is not just having it in place, and forget about it it is sticking to it eat three to six times a day, veggies, meat, and starch drink water. Workout twenty minutes to an hour or so a day and you will feel amazing. At least that is what I do and it works for me I feel amazing.  This is how both fitness and nutrition work together so you can live a long life. don’t forgo one for the other because you won’t last you will crash and be very tired and that is never good. If you are in fitness you know how to eat properly too is all that means. Eating properly and working out regularly is how one will stay fit and healthy so if that’s what you want then do that.

When you are fit and eating right you feel so much better. even if you are not fit but you are eating right,  don’t you feel so much better?  Usually yes if you are eating nutritiously you feel so much better then when you aren’t. This is because you are getting the proper nutrients your body needs to survive. You will also live longer if you eat healthily, being fit helps with that too but it isn’t the only factor. So if you want to do one in your life its best to do both because you feel great in the end. So eat healthily and exercise to live your best life possible as long as possible.

Being fit and healthy in life also helps your ability to think and function better. what I mean by this is you have more brain power for things when you eat healthily and when you exercise while doing that you have more energy. Which gives you more brain power which in the end helps you live a lifer life.Who wouldn’t want to be fit and healthy and live a better life? everyone wants to live a better life being fit and healthy. That is what makes life fun. It makes you feel better and gives you a better outlook on life so why not do it. It’s so much more fun to live a healthy and fit life.

Being fit and healthy offers a person so many opportunities because they feel good about themselves and they want to show the world that. When a person is fit and healthy they act and look different. Sometimes they are all into fitness and nutrition with a smile on there face. Sometimes they are happier because of what they are doing. Being fit and healthy gives you a sense of how life is amazing and you are all smiles because of that.  This is why you should eat properly while being involved in fitness because you will feel better in the end. People are a lot happier when they feel good.

Staying fit and healthy will prolong your life. in so many different ways you are happier so you make more friends which means you go out more so you are more stimulated. You feel better so you want to do more with the people in your life. You are more in tune with the things going on around you because your brain is not fogged with sugar chemicals. So you see things more clearly as well as think of them that way. which makes your life easier and more fun to live because you are more awake. Being more awake during the day is a sign you are fit and healthy in your life and everyone wants to be more awake during the day in there life.

Being fit and healthy gives great endorphins to your brain. You feel like you can accomplish so much because you are exercising and eating right for your body. That is how being fit and healthy helps a person live the best life they can. So if you want to live your best life why not try that or even one or the other and see what happens. Being fit and healthy is an amazing feeling you won’t regret it once you start on that journey.

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