The Unconventional Ways Of Doing Fitness

When you hear the words fitting fitness into your life the first thing that comes to mind is what? Using things you wouldn’t normally use as part of your workout routine. Cans as weights, A Chair as a spotter to use for sit-ups and butt bridges or toe lifts.  Using chairs as something to support your feet. You don’t always need equipment when it comes to working out. These are the unconventional ways of working out.  Even if you don’t like conventional workouts like everyone else that doesn’t mean you aren’t doing a proper workout. Make workouts work for you, use cans as weights, chairs for sit-ups or grocery shop as cardio.  It will give you the same effect if you work hard enough, with it. Fitness is not all about the equipment or the places you work out at, it also has a lot to do with the way a person lives there life. How they make their workouts work.

Fitness has been around since the dark ages, which means there hasn’t always been equipment that is used. Although we don’t think of that now, in the olden days before fitness really existed with equipment how did people stay fit? They chopped wood, hunted their food and gathered herbs which were a lot of arm and leg motions which kept them strong and fit.  So indirectly they lifted weights and did a bunch of cardio with the all the walking and lifting of tree limbs that they had to do in order to survive.  These were the unconventional ways of fitness years ago, but are they used today? Yes just in a different way.  Which in the end describes the unconventional ways of fitness.  Think of how long fitness has been around and how much it’s changed. We use equipment in gyms or what you buy fitness wise to use instead of using the things that we have at home, which means we would save money instead of spending it.

If people want to get into a workout routine, and they are new to it what is it that they do first? Do they look at what they see on television, and try to do that, or look at things online and do that although that isn’t really unconventional. In years prior using the internet to find workout routines was unheard of DVDs were just coming out in the fitness sector but even before that, there were videotapes. The internet came along way after that.  That isn’t how fitness started though it is how it has evolved. It started with what people had on hand to use in order to get a good sweat on.  Those are some of the ways that fitness is unconventional but still used today.

The unconventional ways of fitness are what essentially makes fitness fit into people’s lives. What that means is the people that fit fitness into there lives look at the different things they can use to do it.  When you are outside lifting heavy things up off the ground and using them as weights. So the unconventional ways of fitting fitness into your life means you use what you have around the house instead of spending money on fitness equipment. Sure it might be unconventional but it is cheaper. Working out isn’t the same for everyone though because we all have different things in our houses that we can use for different workouts.  There are always going to be unconventional ways of working out because working out is always changing as the years go by.

If you have something to jump on at home or off of at home you can use that as part of a cardio routine to get your blood pumping, it can be a good replacement for running if you need a change. It gives you the rush of running but it is a lot less evasive on your joints.  That is a great way to workout and its fun too. You don’t always have to be at the gym to workout there are many other ways to do it conventional or not who doesn’t like that?  If you don’t have time for the gym that doesn’t mean you should miss a workout even if you don’t have the proper equipment at home. Remember workouts don’t always have to be planned out, you can just do what you feel that day and if you don’t have the right equipment use what you do have to give to yourself a bit of a sweat session. That is another way of fitting fitness into your life and having it be unconventional. The unconventional ways of fitness are usually the most fun and fulfilling don’t you think?

Chairs are a great alternative when you want to do alternative fitness. When you are trying to figure out different ways of doing fitness the first thing that comes to mind are the workouts you can do with household items. Make your workouts a part of your life and you will get so much more out of them. which is what makes life so much better to live in terms of being healthy and active. Unconventional workouts are the most fun because they can change all the time and who doesn’t like that, everyone likes changing up their workouts.

Fitness and getting in your workout is not always conventional. Since everything is always changing, in terms of times of day that people work out and their schedules.  Take the stairs or lift things you wouldn’t normally lift if you need to get a workout in and don’t know how you are going to do it.  You can work up a sweat doing that without having to do anything strenuous. Use full filing boxes at work taking the steps as weights or just take the steps instead of the elevator. As long as you get in a workout of some kind does it matter if its unconventional?

Fitness is everywhere, and the unconventional ways of doing it were one of the first ways that fitness was noticed. In today’s day what we did in the olden days in terms of fitness, we think that it is unconventional when really what we do now in terms of fitness is the thing that should be called unconventional fitness because it is not how fitness came to be. Today, in order to get a good workout in you either, have to buy thousands and thousands of dollars worth of equipment or you have to get a gym membership and spend that money leaving the house to get your workout in every day. However, that is not the only way to get a good workout those are the unconventional ways until it changed. Now we are using home workouts and the things that we have around the house and that is noticed as unconventional but it still works.

Fitness has always been unconventional if you think about it. The reason why is because there is always new things that come about in terms of fitness. In the olden days using the outdoors and what it offered in terms of things to use for a workout was not unconventional but now it is people don’t  pick up tree branches and use them as a piece of fitness equipment anymore like they did years ago. In today’s day, it is though because now when people think of fitness and working out they think of going to the gym. Gyms to some of the conventional ways of working out but I like the unconventional ways of doing it. Use what you can from home make up your own workouts, do online workouts. Its unconventional yes but if it works for you then why not do what works.

Fitness is always around whether conventional or not. If you want conventional fitness go to a gym if you don’t or don’t care then do at home workouts and fit fitness into your life. For some fitting fitness into there lives is a lot easier by doing what they find online or just getting outside,  or doing household things when they have time instead of trying to find time to go to the gym. If you want to give yourself a new way of doing fitness and you have been going to the gym try the unconventional ways of it.  You might get more then you think out of it.

Unconventional ways of doing fitness is just someone’s way of saying they are going to make fitness there own and a part of there life. Fitness is great anyway that it is done. Always remember that so don’t think that an unconventional way of doing fitness is wrong and the other is right. They are both right it just depends on what a person likes best for themselves. Fitness is fitness no matter how you look at it. If you want to get into fitness and fit it into your life you will find a way whether conventional or not.

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