Stretching And Fitness How Similar Are They?

When someone says the words fitness and stretching what comes to mind? Cardio, Abs and what else, in terms of stretching?  Toe touching, stretching your hip flexors when your feet are in a diamond shape? Or when your feet are in a P shape with one leg out and you are leaning forward and you put your head on your leg, to stretch. This stretches your legs and hip flexors all at once. Which makes your entire lower body burn in a good way because you are working it. Stretching is great to do before and after a workout, a cardio workout for sure because you are loosening up your muscles.  It also helps your muscles relax at the end of a workout.  The question is though how similar is stretching and fitness?  Do people who are involved in fitness think of stretching as part of it. Fitting fitness into your life is not all about cardio and abs it’s about being able to move your muscles without straining them.

Stretching and fitness are pretty similar. They can give you the same endorphins, as well as helps you get the results you want in terms of fitness. So they work for hand and hand in terms of getting you the results you want.  When you stretch along with cardio, weights, and abs you become more flexible which helps you live a longer more fulfilling life.  The more flexible you are the more you want to do the workouts either that you see on DVDs or the workouts you make up yourself or workouts that you find online. Always remember though to stretch before and after your workout to both warm up and cool down your muscles.

When you do your workouts do you feel as though stretching is a part of it? Or do you just stretch before and after because you know it is good for you, or do you even do that? What about just workout with some stretching mixed in. It mixes the workout up and gives your body a change which is sometimes what it needs. So are stretching and fitness similar? If you said yes you are right because doing both helps you in so many ways when it comes to fitting fitness into your life. have ever tried putting stretching into your workout how did you feel afterward? Most people would probably say that they felt good when they put stretching into there workout because it helps with flexibility and we all need that in our lives right?

When we fit fitness into our lives does that mean we fit stretching into it too? Think about it, is there stretching, involved when a person fits fitness into there life if they aren’t thinking about it? It depends on what the person is doing. An example of this is doing lunges can be done while sweeping, or vacuuming. Which means we are stretching our legs and calf muscles while doing that. Our arms are also stretching doing that too which is good for those muscles as well.  That is also how fitness and stretching are similar. So if you want to get some stretching in along with your fitness why not try my suggestions above.

Why do we add stretching into our fitness routines? Is it so we can move, better after our workouts? Is it so we don’t get hurt during our workouts? These are two of the reasons and we should always remember to stretch before and after our workouts so these two things can be avoided at all costs. Stretching and fitness are very good for you so why not do both?

If you want to do your workouts and feel good why not add some stretching to whatever you are doing. When you add stretching to your workout how do you feel? Probably good because of all your muscles are loose and you feel the rush of workout endorphins when you stretch and relax your muscles once the workout is over a little bit at least. Stretching is great to help you relax after any type of workout you can make stretching fun too.  Always remember stretching is key before and after a workout, I have said this before but it is true and we all need to remember it.

When you stretch before your workout you get your body warmed up for, whatever workout is that you are going to do that day.  When you warm up for your workout you get more out of it.  Or at least that is what I find.  Who wouldn’t want to get more out of there workout? probably nobody so tries stretching before and after and see how you feel. Doing both things helps you in so many areas of your life.  If you think about how it can help you-you will put it into your life and feel great about it.

Stretching is something the best thing for a person’s body. We all think it’s going to the gym but stretching daily tops that because it is the beginning of what helps us on our fitness journey.  They both keep us young and mobile so that is why we add both of these things to our workout and run with them figuratively and literally.  If you run before you do that you stretch to warm up and cool down that is what we should always do when it comes to any workout.  Which is hard to remember but we always should.

When we start on a fitness journey do we think to stretch? Sometimes sure but most of the time its an after thought and we do cardio instead.  The way we can make it not an after thought is put it into our lives on a daily basis like we do when we fit fitness into our lives.  It is essentially the same thing so it will work for both. Which makes fitness and stretching a good combination when it comes to everyday life and fitting fitness into it.  It is very easy to fit fitness and stretching into our lives we just have to give it a try.

With fitting fitness into your life stretching and fitness are quiet similar because you can do both when it comes to putting a fitness rountine together or just doing one you find online or somewhere else. It is better for your health actually if you do it that way.  That is also why when someone says the word fitness most of us think cardio, abs, and stretching. Doing all of these things in your daily fitness routine makes you feel amazing.

Stretching and fitness are similar if you want to get a great workout in. You can’t do one without the other, so put both of them into your life and you will be golden. That is why they are so similar because they are meant to be used interchangeably so try that the next time you work out. You will feel great I gaurntee it.

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