Dance Party Workout

Anything can be used in a fitness routine even dancing. Have you ever danced and considered that your workout?  Dancing is a form of cardio but it is a fun form of cardio. Sometimes it can be a form of acrobatics or aerobics which are both forms of fitness.  Dancing what type of fitness is it?  Since there are so many different types of dance can you have a dance party and call it fitting fitness into your life. Well, it is cardio after all and it is fun.  You can do dance anywhere any time if you are willing.  If you go out dancing at any time don’t just think of it as going out think of it as a workout. So if you miss a workout one day but you know you are going out dancing that day, don’t worry about the workout you missed because you will be fitting it in later when you are out.

Any type of dance is and can be considered a workout. Any type of movement can be considered fitness which means dance can be too.  You can use dance in anything that you do. An example of this could be as a warm-up for your workout, a workout itself, as a cool down for a workout or just to get you up and moving. When you have a dance party what type of dancing do you use? Something to get your blood pumping and your body moving where at times you are out of breath? I like hip, hop and pop when I am at a party or when I am doing a dance party workout.

What exactly is a dance party workout? Is it some sort of dance routine you find online and do or is it something you make up yourself. Is it going out somewhere with people and having fun where there is dancing involved?  Or is it taking a dance class?  When fitting fitness into a persons life anything can be considered fitness which means any form of dance can too, like a dance party that you come up with yourself and have with yourself or others too.  A dance party is putting on some upbeat music and just moving your body in a swaying motion to the beat. That is dancing, isn’t it?  Swaying to the beat of music burns calories and can be done anywhere, so why not consider it part of your fitness routine sometimes?

A dance party workout is the type of workout a person has a lot of fun with.  When you dance how do you feel, happy, energetic, out of breath at times? Dance gives a person a sense of freedom and speed which in the end does what to a person’s body? It gives it endorphins.  Doing a dance party workout is pretty much all fun and moving around without thinking about it.  Dancing is all about letting loose and having fun.  When a person dances do they consider that a workout?  most people would say no and that it is just something to do. What they don’t know is that sometimes the just because things that you do to get your heart rate up can be considered workouts and they are the best kinds.

Dance parties can happen anywhere with the right music. You just have to keep moving and swaying. You could do it without music but where is the fun in that?  If you do a dance party workout or even if you just dance what do you think that does to your body?  Does it burn calories? When a person burns calories by doing something what happens?  They lose weight and get toned, and they sweat, don’t they? To all of these questions, the answer is yes, most people think the best way to lose weight, and to get toned or even to sweat is to do fast cardio like running or other cardio movements. What about dancing and adding weights into it and see how much more fun it could be especially with spins and leaps. Even if you go out dancing move your hips do some spins and make dancing like a party anywhere you are dancing.

When you just add a bit of dancing into your day any way you can how do you feel?  You feel happy and like you aren’t working out at all.  Which is what parties are meant for no matter where they are, you can have one by yourself while doing your workout and that still works.  Although at an actual party with other people you shouldn’t be working out or thinking about it but since dancing is so easy to do and since it is such a great sweat session why wouldn’t you just do it to do it and consider it a workout without telling anyone. So why not throw your own dance party workout and just dance around your house or in the privacy of your office if you have an office by yourself call it a party and see how good you feel after.  Try it in a group even and still call it a dance party workout and see how much fun you have.

Dancing is all fitness moves just in a differnet way then most are used too.  You are jumping around you are contorting your body in different ways which constitutes fitness moves don’t you think?  I think so and it is a great way to think when you are dancing just to change your workout up. So if you just want to change up your workout why not just throw on some music and call it a dance party any kind of dance.  Even if you warm up by dancing put that into your workout and keep yourself flexible that way.  which means the longer you move in a day the longer your workout is. If you are happy while you are dancing where ever you are dancing you are having a party aren’t you because when people are happy they always like a party so dance.  Always consider your dancing a dance party and a workout and you will feel amazing.

Even if you have kids or places to be get the kids involved and before you leave the house just dance it out.  You get your kids involved in your workout and you still get it in.  When you have what I like to call a dance party you are moving around having fun not thinking about working out when you actually are getting a  great workout in.  sometimes not thinking of your workout is a great way to just get it in and feel good about it after.  Working out doesn’t need to require too much thinking and neither does dancing so they go together great in my book. Have a dance party the next workout you do and see how that works for you. If you need a break and you need a fun workout to do to get your mind off life try a dance party workout.  It will clear your head and give you a better frame of mind.  Which is what fitness is meant to do.

When you dance you feel like you can do anything.  You are working out without doing something specific but still getting a good cardio blast in.  Nobody notices that when they are dancing though which is a plus when it comes to dancing for a workout or having a dance party for a workout.  A dance party workout can give you a new fun take on fitness and your workout. So if you need a change do that, with yourself or friends and see how much of a great workout it is. Use any form of dancing a workout and see how it changes your life and the way you look at workouts.

A dance party can be anything dance related, that people laugh, smile and have fun with.  Dancing comes in many forms and styles there really isn’t just one.  If you are moving your body in a swaying motion or spinning around you are dancing and putting fitness into your life.  So just shake your body a bit and that will shake up your workouts.  You will feel great because it is something different and why not try it?  You might be surprised what having a dance party with yourself or others will actually do for you and your body.

A dance party workout is just that dancing. You make it a party by the music you play to accompany it or the people you have around while you are dancing.  Having fun with it can make it a party and the fast movements help with making it a workout.  You can add anything you want into it when you fit into your life. I added weights and had a blast with the extra weight and burn it gave me.  You can use anything you want or nothing at all it is totally up to you just make your moving enough to work up a sweat burn calories. Dance into your day, your week anything and see how it makes your fitness amazing.  It makes mine fun what about you?

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2 thoughts on “Dance Party Workout

  1. I love this. I love dance and you have added weight…awesome!


  2. It makes it more interesting thanks for the comment Brenda


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