High Intensity Workouts Vs Low Intensity Workouts In Terms Of The Fit Flex Life

When we think of workouts, do we think of the different types of them? Or do we just do what we know? What are high-intensity workouts? High-intensity workouts are HIIT workouts which are high-intensity exercises with intense bursts of energy, followed by low-intensity moves or complete or active rest. What are low-intensity workouts?  Strength training elliptical, (treadmill) walking just to name a few.  When we first start workouts we usually just start with what we know and work from there.  When we think of high-intensity workouts in terms of the fit flex life we are thinking of running all over the place aren’t we?  At least that was my thought before I researched what it actually was.  The same goes for low-intensity workouts.

When we think of workouts and fitting fitness into our lives we don’t think of high intensity or low intensity in terms of workouts. We just think of what works for our lives and how busy they are. If we think of what we do in our lives in terms of workout they are mostly HIIT workouts, aren’t they?  If you really think about it they are.  Most people’s lives are so busy that they are always on the move the last thing they want to think about is getting a workout in whether its low intensity or high intensity.  Think about these two types of workouts which one is more fun to do? I think both but most people would probably say the one that gets me the results that I want in the fastest way possible which could probably be both depending on the person. Some people like cardio others hate it. So some people like high intensity where others might like low intensity. It just depends on who you ask high-intensity workouts burn calories faster than low-intensity workouts because you are moving at a faster pace. I also think it depends on the low-intensity workout you do as well. Some can burn a lot of fat too, and build muscle.

There are many different options when it comes to low-intensity workouts and calorie burn. Weights, a stair climber just to name a few.  These two things can be done in terms of fitting fitness into your life without having to use a stair master or actual weights. Just take stairs if they are available and carry heavy things.  That is a low-intensity workout and it doesn’t even look like one. How cool is that? If you have the equipment or know where you can use equipment to do a low-intensity workout then, by all means, use it I do, but when and if you can’t for some reason try my suggestions. They might burn the same amount of calories or give you a different type of burn but a workout is a workout isn’t it? They can burn the same amount of calories just a high-intensity one would be faster than a low-intensity one but if you really want the burn who is counting and who to say you can’t do a bit of both.

When someone does a high intensity workout do they think of mixing it up with a low intensity workout? I mix the two workouts up all the time but I might be the only one. Each of these types of workouts gives a person a good muscle burn so why not do both or mix them up.  You can do workouts like this from home which is a huge bonus. Both high intensity workouts and low intensity workouts are great to mix up a persons workout routine. Both of these workouts have movements that I have used numerous times in my own workouts without realizing that they were high or low intensity. What if you sweat a lot what type of workout is that?  That is a high intensity workout. For the most part though all workouts that people do can be a little bit of both high and low intensity especially when it comes to fitting fitness into your life.

In terms of fitting fitness into a persons life, high intensity workouts are usually the way to go. If you want to do something fun and upbeat try a high intensity workout. Low intensity workouts are strength training workouts which means the slower you move and the heavier you lift the stronger you get. That also goes for the length of time you lift. Also using a stair master or something along those lines is low intensity because it is taking less pressure off your joints. These are some of the workouts that make you work up a sweat. The question is are these the workouts that people choose? It depends on what workout people are looking to do are they looking for something completely cardio or hitt related, or do they want strength? Most want a mixture of both to keep there blood flowing and heart pumping.

High intensity workouts and low intensity workouts are pretty much what the fit flex life is made of. When a person fits fitness into there life they do it because they are so busy and that is the only time they have to fit a workout in. which also means a person fitting fitness into there life will do household things or a low intensity workout done inside the house just to get something in. Both of these types of workouts can fit into a persons life no matter what their life entails. The best thing about both of these workouts in terms of the fit flex life is they don’t really feel like workouts when you fit them into your life and live life along with working out.

When a person does a workout no matter what it is do they think of the intensity of it? Some people think of workouts in terms of “ if I sweat a lot then that’s good. Sometimes a fast workout is all you have time for you don’t think of the intensity of it you just do it. Other times you think about it and that is when you do lower intensity workouts. The reason why is you are thinking more about what you are doing, in terms of intense workouts. When you do a high intensity workout you don’t really think about it you just keep moving and call it a day. Sure you can use equipment but you don’t need too. Just walk or carry heavy things, or if you want to use equipment grab weights and use a stepper or stairmaste of some kind. That gives you a low intensity workout but still burns calories.

When we fit fitness into our lives workout intensities can change within minutes or hours in terms of a persons life and schedule. That is why usually if you see someone do a workout or you do a workout yourself you have a mixture of high and low intensity moves.  This is so that you can workout your entire body instead of just one or two areas. Sometimes doing high and low intensity workouts don’t feel like workouts at all it just feels like you are living your life.  Which is awesome in terms of fitting fitness into your life isn’t it? Make life your workout and see how much intensity you can get out of it or the type of intensity you notice that it has.

Most of the time when a person works out the intensity of a persons workout depends on the persons mood. It is what the person working out feels like doing that day for their workout. Sometimes people might have a workout schedule but if there body doesn’t want to do something it will tell them and if they force themselves they won’t get the results that they want. So do what you feel in terms of workouts no matter what a schedule says if you want to do a high intensity workout do it. If you want to do a low intensity workout then do it. You feel so much better doing what you want in terms of intensity of workouts then doing something you don’t want to do. There are so many different things you can do with each type of workout so make it work for you. That is what fitting fitness into a persons life is for, no matter the intensity of a workout.

Doing different intensity of workouts makes a person feel different and look different. This is because each intensity of workout means you are doing different things. High intensity is cardio and low intensity is weights which means you will look different once you finish each type of workouts since you are focusing on different things along with different intensities. Both of these workouts can be done together that is what makes working out so interesting. It is also what makes working out and fitting fitness into a person’s life so much fun.  These two types of workouts are most peoples go too workouts because there are so many different things you can do with them or in them. That is also why they are the first things people think of fitting fitness into your life. It is what makes these workouts awesome.

High intensity workouts vs low intensity workouts is all in who is doing them and what they want out of them. Both of these types of workouts can fit into a persons life seamlessly. Which makes for easy decisions when it comes to what workout you do on a certain day.  When you fit fitness into your life daily you do a mixture of both which is a nice mix up isn’t it? I say it is because I do it all the time and I love it. Doing high intensity workouts and low intensity workouts is a good thing when it comes to fitting fitness into your life because you can never be bored.  If you ever think your workout is boring try doing that and see how it feels after.  Fitting fitness into ones life is supposed to be fun so try high intensity and low intensity workouts to make it that way. Make them a part of your life and see you notice anything new or different.

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