According To The Fit Flex Life Fitness Can Be Done Anywhere Anytime

Fitting fitness into a person’s life means what for a person’s fitness routine?  Or the way a person looks at fitness in general?  Does it mean there is just one way of doing a fitness routine or one way to get fitness results?  Well, you know that if you fit fitness into your life it can be done anywhere at almost any time. At least that is what this blog is trying to convey. Anything that a person does in life if they are moving is considered fitness. So they can do workouts anywhere any time. At least that is the analogy. It can be done I have done it. When a person fits a fitness routine into there life it changes there life. It changes their life because they are more in tune with what can be considered fitness, cleaning their house, doing the heavy lifting of laundry baskets. Just things around the house, or if you have workout materials around the house like weights you can use those as well.  You can use anything around your house for a workout which makes doing a workout easier, doesn’t it? Yes. The way a person looks at fitness is how can I get my workout in and still live life out of the gym 24/7.  Fit it into your life doing household things along with workouts you either find online or come up with yourself. You can still go to the gym too if you want but don’t always think that is the be all end all when it comes to fitness.

Working out can sometimes be scary if you are new at it, or don’t know what to do exactly.  If you think of how you can get a workout in anywhere anytime figuring out what to do for a workout can be a bit easier to handle. What I mean by this is, anything that you work up a sweat with is a workout so you can be at home or out and consider whatever you are doing a workout if you are sweating even a little bit.  That means workouts can be done anytime anywhere.  You have to be willing to do your workout anywhere anytime though. If you have to walk anywhere or lift anything that can be considered a workout as we all know we have to move daily to function so why not think of it as fitness anywhere anytime in your life? that means you can do anything to get your heart rate up.   Which means it can be done anywhere. Since it isn’t always about going to the gym.  It is about fitting fitness into the life that you have now. Sure you might have to make some changes but they don’t have to be too drastic.

They don’t have to be too drastic because with you fitting it into your life you aren’t really doing one specific thing. Workouts can be done anywhere any time. How this works is you are always thinking in terms of what your next workout can be while you are doing daily tasks. Which also means you are thinking in a workout mindset. Which is the mindset where you are doing things and thinking “ I am burning calories doing this.” Anything lifting, walking, stretching is a form of calorie burn, running in place or doing some fast workout moves is especially helpful. So anything to get a person’s heart rate up can be done anywhere anytime if they want.  That means they can be fitting fitness into there life then too. A lot of the time people don’t think of the things in there life that they do as being any type of fitness related. They should though which is why workouts can be done anywhere anytime. Think about that the next time you get up and move.

When you look at your life do you notice the fitness you are already doing?  That is what people in fitness or people just getting into fitness should do. I bet you never thought you could get a good workout in, in your bedroom or on your bed. If you want to get an ab workout in and you don’t have your matt, and you don’t want to use the floor try using your bed.  That also means you can get your workout in right after you wake up in the morning or right before you go to bed at night. How cool is that? Anything that doesn’t move that you can lie down on can be used for ab work beds included.  That means there is no excuse as to why or how a person can’t work out if they are willing to use alternative things like a bed for ab work.

Working out can be done any time of day anywhere if you use alternative things when you can’t get your hands on what you really need for your workout.  if you need to get a workout in, it can happen. Some people might think using a bed or something else that they aren’t used to for there workout won’t give them the same effect or is strange but whatever gets your sweat on can be considered a workout no matter where you do it or when. So if you only get a workout done in your bedroom one day don’t think of it as not getting a good workout in, think of it as a change of scenery sometimes that is all you need to get your workout in, and you don’t even know it. Even if you are in your house working out give it a try or if you are at the gym go to a different section and see what happens. Try working out somewhere new and see how you feel after. You might feel surprisingly different then you do after your normal workout routine if you try that.

A workout is a workout no matter when it is done isn’t that right? Which means you can do it wherever you choose.  The person doing the workout just has to be willing to do it anywhere and get it done. If you cant get to the gym you can still get a workout in doing anything and everything to get your heart rate up. It doesn’t have to be up to the point of you sweating but staying active is key in fitting fitness into a person’s life that also means a workout or fitness can be done anywhere anytime.  You just have to keep moving. Movement is key to getting fitness into a persons life. Do laundry lift hampers, vacuum or wash the floors.  That is fitness and that can be done at home, grocery shop and lift heavy things into your cart and push it around that is fitness and another of getting a workout in anywhere any time of day.

If you know that you can’t get to the gym or get an online workout or workout video you have in, why not try something else.  Anything can be considered fitness sure it might seem odd to some but if it works for you do it.  If you do it enough in front of others they might want to give it a try and in the end, think the same thing you do. That workouts can be done anywhere anytime if they are willing to try it and think that way.  This means workouts don’t always need to be planned or thought out you just need to live life and think of adding fitness into the way you are living.  That is how the fit flex life workouts can be done anywhere anytime.

Workouts are very helpful to keep a person limber, and active. The question is is there just one or two place they can be done?  There is definitely more than two places that workouts can be done just think of all the moving you do in a day. Can that or can that not be considered a workout?  We all lift things and walk every day, even if we don’t think that is a workout it is. Which means all the walking and lifting you do in a day is always a workout no matter what it is so if you do that stuff all day then you are working out all day or even part of the day if you do that stuff for part of the day.  People don’t think of there walking all day as being fitness when they really should. It makes working out a lot easier. If you think of all the movement you do in a day think of that as fitness when you can’t get to the gym and you’re still getting a workout in.  That is how fitness can be done anywhere anytime.

When you think of doing your workout do you think there is a specific time it needs to be done by or are there different times of day you get it in during your day?  When you fit fitness into your life doing life things the time you do your fitness is always changing which means the workout you do can always change and can be done anywhere anytime there is no set time or place since life is always changing, so is your fitness and what you do in terms of it. That is what fitting fitness into your life is supposed to be, so don’t think your workouts have to be done in just one or two places or in a certain way.  They can be done anywhere and everywhere if you want them too.

If we all had the mentality that workouts could be done anywhere anytime, do you think more people would do them? It depends on how much they believe that it works that is how I look at it. If you don’t believe that workouts can be done anywhere anytime you won’t think that way, but if you do then you will think that way and workouts will be really easy for you.  The only way you can believe that is if you try it and see where you are in the end.  You might be surprised at where you can do a workout and the type of one you can do. Also the time of day you can get it done. Always remember to think positively when it comes to getting in your workout and you will succeed no matter what.

With fitness being able to be done anywhere anytime and it being so easy if you think about it why wouldn’t you want to put it into your life. That is the way I look at it I put it into my life so that I don’t just sit around and so that I eat and I get active. I look at all the things I have to do in a day and I realize that every time I have to do some walking around I am doing fitness. When I am out doing things I am doing the same thing. So yes fitness can be done anywhere anytime and it is whether we think of it or not. If we think about it while doing it though we are more aware of it. When we are more aware of it we try to do it more isn’t that how everything works. So try and think about “ I am fitting fitness into my life doing everyday tasks.” See how you feel thinking that way, I feel great when I think that way and so would you according to the fit flex life anyway.

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