What is Fitness?

Fitness is movement of all kinds stretching, cardio, strength training. These are just a few of the things people do when they think of getting into a fitness routine or even doing fitness. Its all about getting fit and staying that way. What does that mean? Working up a sweat and getting your body moving.  You stay healthy longer that way. If you continually move during the day by walking or lifting things that is fitness. Going to the gym and doing a workout there is fitness too. Which means there are many different types of it.  It is a feel-good thing in a sense when you are moving and working up a sweat.  So can anything be fitness if you are working up a sweat? Yes, it can the official definition of fitness is the quality of being physically fit and healthy. The quality of being suitable to fulfill a particular role or task. According to the centers for disease control and prevention. Physical fitness is defined, as the ability to carry out daily tasks with vigor and alertness without undue fatigue and with ample energy to enjoy leisure time pursuits and respond to emergencies. Is the definition what we think of when we think of what fitness is?  Not normally we think of being active, lifting weights and working on our abs or cardio.

Fitness is everywhere we look if we move our bodies that is. Does that mean going to the gym, six days a week though even though that is what we think it is most of the time?  That is not all it is though it is an activity which everyone does in there lives a little bit of the time at least. People or most of them don’t notice this or think of it that way. We think of following a workout plan that is strict and a nutrition plan that is strict. That is what fitness is. Is that what it really is though?  Think about the fitness you have in your life it is everywhere since everything we do requires movement. Cleaning the house, laundry, doing the workouts with the things we have, in our house weights, bands. That is fitness or what we focus on when we are at the gym. We can do the same at home if we have the equipment. When we are physically fit and healthy do we think of how it happened or how we keep it that way? It is not all about the physical when we realize that our outlook changes.

When it comes to fitness, a lot of things can make it work for people in different ways. Since everyone is different there fitness level is different and what they think of fitness is different. It is not all about looking a certain way or having a certain of abs or muscles it’s all about how you feel. That is fitness and how people should think of it when they put together or do a certain workout routine along with what they eat and drink. Since it’s not all about workouts it’s about workouts and nutrition together.  The way you put fitness into your life is deciding what you want.  How do you want to feel for example when you feel good, you have a lot more energy then you had before.  If you are involved in fitness you feel great you are always moving and giving your body endorphins to keep going.

The more a person is involved in fitness even if it’s their own version of it, what happens? Is that considered fitness or is just going to the gym and doing workouts there all there is?  Fitness and doing workouts is what most people think fitness is.  There is a lot more too it. The things that are involved in fitness are movements with arms, legs, back and so much more.  Fitness is staying in motion that is what a person thinks fitness is. What that means is whatever they want to focus on in terms of fitness and what their goals are. It is all about what a person wants out of there life in terms of their health.

It is what you do to make your life the way that you want it. That is what fitness is and why people get involved in it. It is all about routines and what you are looking for specifically. Making your muscles scream, or burn is what fitness is because you are working them. It is working your muscles and body parts to make them stronger. What is the best way to do that? The best way to do that is to get involved in a fitness routine. It is also about releasing the tension in your muscles and becoming more limber. It is a focus on specific things in terms of feeling good. The more a person moves the more physically fit they are, so move walk or look online for workouts if you don’t already have something in mind. Do that you will be involved in fitness that way, you can also do things around your house and that still counts and you can’t even really feel it that way.

Everyone is involved in fitness in there life daily. We all have to walk or take steps or move our arms so that is cardio even if we don’t think it is. It is working all parts of your body at one point or the other during the week, which means workout can be done anywhere with everything in your house.  They can be done at the office when your out and about that type of thing.  That is fitness in a different way but it is still fitness. Just keep moving and work up a sweat if you are sweating then you are getting your fitness done and you feel great about it.  When you put physical fitness into your life do you change as a person or do you stay the same? You change even a little bit. The way you change is you have more energy you are a lot happier and your attitude towards eating good and working out is “ If I do this I am going to fee amazing later.” Which is a great attitude to have?

The “if I do this I am going to feel amazing later” attitude is what doing a fitness routine is meant to make you believe and if you believe that ad work hard then it will work. So you do it and what happens? You feel good and if you feel good once you want to continue so you do that and you feel good all the time from doing your workout routines.  When you do that you are working for your different muscle groups so they don’t seize and you are working your entire body.  That is fitness and what it will always be there are so many different fitness moves which mean’s there are so many different fitness routines that it will change with each person which makes it unique to them if that is what they want. In terms of what they want to focus on.

Fitness is not all activity or what you eat either, it’s moving in general. It is all movement to get your blood flowing. So get up from wherever you are and go for a walk or do something moving around with your arms and legs. Do something that makes you sweat a little or a lot. It can be anything you want it to be. It has a lot to do with the physical things you do like stretching, abs, weights that sort of thing.  Eating healthy is there too if you just eat healthily and don’t do those things you are getting there but you won’t get the look that you want so combine the two and you are golden and that is fitness.

If you want to get involved in fitness figure out what works best for you, is it abs, weights, cardio, or is it yoga. What do you think it is what do you enjoy doing when you workout?  Do you enjoy doing things with or without equipment?  It depends on what you are doing in terms of fitness you can burn a lot of calories by just doing things around your house that you wouldn’t think of as being fitness but actually is. Or by using the workout pieces that you have in your house, a stepper, weights, bands, you can also clean or lift heavy things since we all have to do that at some point in our houses.  It is using what you have to make you look and feel your best in terms of working out and what really is.  There isn’t just one specific thing there are multiple things that are considered fitness when a person thinks about it.

When you do a workout you live a better life, no matter what that workout is. So what is fitness? It is something to help you live a better life. It is not doing one workout all the time over and over again it’s switching it up to focus on different parts of the body. It is for your body and your mind.  It Is for doing all of these things because doing a fitness routine is what makes you feel good it is what gives you the energy to get through or continue through your day. Which helps you accomplish so much more. That is fitness and how amazing is that? Pretty amazing, if you are involved in it don’t you think? I think so and that is why I will continue.

Focus on your movements and working your muscles. So in anything that you do sitting or standing focus on that. That is fitness and if you incorporate that into your everyday life you will feel so much better. Just keep moving when you stand or clean up things and if you can’t get to the gym try an at-home workout. Make what you do in your day fitness and call it fitness even if its what is normal for someone else’s fitness journey it might not be for someone else.  Fitness is anything a person wants it to be especially if they are working up a sweat.

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