Is Fitness More Prominent Now Then It Was In The Past What Does The Future Hold For Fitness?

We all know that fitness has been around since the dark ages, As the years change though fitness changes doesn’t it? Yes, it does think back to about five or ten years ago were we talking about fitness, were we involved in it? We were involved in it sure, but we weren’t really talking about it openly it was just something we did. Why is that though we were nervous about what people might think? No, it was just something we did for ourselves so why tell anyone it has been around since the dark ages, so it’s only natural that we have all done it in our lives.  Were we involved in it years ago yes, but we have only just begun talking about it now regarding what we see on the internet and t.v? Has anyone noticed that?  Sure in years prior to now anyone but cavemen were around, all they did was walk, hunt and gather. Years passed, and things changed, cars, office jobs televisions.

With cars, televisions and office jobs In today’s day and age, there is a lot less fitness happening. Which means there is a lot more sitting happening in employment and daily life. We aren’t as mobile as we once were, what does that mean for fitness or does that mean anything? It was more prominent in the past until at least the last ten years, or so now, however, it is becoming more prominent again. How has that happened? Is it because of all the things we see on social media regarding fitness is it because the gym is so widespread or online fitness or coaching or workouts in general? I think that it is more prominent now because of all the fast food chains we have we go to these fast food chains and feel gross after because it’s not real food.  When we eat real food and fit fitness into our lives, we feel so much better, or when we go to the gym since there are so many out there, or we do online workouts since everywhere, we look there is some sort of fitness coach to follow.

Is the fitness you find online the fitness people look for now? With people’s lives being as busy as they are, now do people think of doing fitness routines? They usually do, and they look for the quickest and easiest way to get their workout in.  More and more people are getting into fitness, and that is making it more and more popular.  The future of fitness into today’s day is making it fit into your life not just sitting around get up and move. Do online workouts, find DVDs, go to the gym. Workouts are everywhere.

With workout DVDs and workouts being able to be found almost anywhere now what does that mean for fitness in the future? That means that is becoming more and more home-based. Sure there are people in gyms, but still, the numbers are low. Which means what they either don’t do workouts at all, or they have home-based workouts that they do? With gyms being everywhere and so accessible you would think people would. When life gets in the way, however, fitness gets pushed to the other side most times but it shouldn’t.  If you fit fitness into your life that is the future of fitness. The future of fitness is fitness having an online presence, being an online fitness coach, finding workouts online and doing them or fitting them into your life like vacuuming, and calling that a workout.

The question is, is fitness more prominent now then it was in the past? Look around at all the gyms one town has or the online fitness coaches you see. I think it is more prominent now because of all these things then it was in the past. Years ago I wasn’t involved in fitness other than stretching because of cerebral palsy and skipping to keep me active. However, there are so many new foods, fads, and allergies out there that fitness is something that people turn too. They see it all over the television and online, and if you see it enough you will sign up for something, try it for a bit but does it stick? For some yes and for others not so much because either they aren’t really into keeping it up for themselves or they talk themselves out of it.  I think that it is more prominent now and it will stay that way because there is so much out there regarding it that it is easy to anywhere if you have an internet connection or something to help you move. It will stay that way for a long time because a lot of people are getting into fitness, so that is why.

In the future when it comes to fitness more and more people will be working out from home. Sure they will go to the gym occasionally, but their workouts will be a lot more home-based. Since there are so many home based workouts now why wouldn’t there be some in the future? In years prior there wasn’t, but everywhere a person turns now people are starting at home workouts. It just works better for there lives, and that is why they are available. People are getting the exact same results from at home workouts if not better then if they would be going to the gym. That also means more and more people are working out at home because they are finding at home workouts that work for them. Instead of trying to fit in going to the gym.

Fitness is more prominent now then it was in the past because of all the workout that can be found online. That is the future of fitness, and why it is more known about now.  It has always been around, but it is still evolving, there are always new things coming out in the fitness sector to make doing workouts easier from home, so you don’t have to leave your house. It might make people feel as though they are more of a homebody fitness person but look at it from a busy perspective if you fit it into your life from home and get it accomplished more will get done in your life. That is the way I look at it, and that is the way everyone should look at it.

The future of fitness is all about working out at home or fitting fitness into a person’s life and getting it done anywhere you can. Sure going to the gym may work sometimes but it is getting harder and harder to do that. People’s lives just seem to get busier and busier as years go on, some can get to the gym and others have good intentions it just doesn’t fit into there schedule. If you really want to make your life and fitness regime you have set for yourself work for yourself, you have to make it fit into your life where you have the time to do it no matter what happens in your life. This is what the future holds for fitness, and why it is more prominent now, then it was in the past. There are so many different things that fitness offers regarding classes or online support which is what most people are opting for because it fits into there schedule. Do your own workouts like me and make them a part of life too.

Fitness from home is everywhere now because it is so easy to attain. It is more prominent now because of that which why when a person talks about there fitness routines they are usually talking about an at home workout or two different routines. The next time you are trying to figure out a gym schedule, and you can’t figure it out try some at home workouts when you can’t get to the gym. See how much that works for you. Are you the type of person who goes to the gym to workout or do you do it from home. What do you think is fitness more prominent now what does the future hold for it? Try to get more people involved in fitting fitness into there lives so that they can live life and workout all at once.

More and more people are working out at home in today’s society as it is more convenient for them.  Which means fitness is more popular in the home setting then it was before, but so is going to the gym. It all depends on the person, but fitness itself is more popular now than it ever was before.  The future of fitness is a mixture of at home and workouts and going to the gym. If it were me, I would choose an at home workout any day. I started out at home when I was little then going to after school activities like skipping which kept me active and was fun. If fitness is fun why not do it. That is what the future hold for fitness fun and that is why more and more people are doing it.

If people have workout things at home, they will usually start an at-home workout. If you make an at home workout fun for yourself or even going to the gym fun for yourself, you will get more out of so think of any workout as something fun. Something to give you an adrenaline rush of some kind, that is why fitness is more prominent now then it was in the past because people are looking at it as an adrenaline rush or something fun to do.  Which is why it will continue on this way and get better and better in the future.

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