The Heel Workout

Every girl likes to wear high heels at least once in their lifetime. Did you know however that there is a workout you can do to work up to wearing them the proper way? There are a few of them actually, but I am only really going to focus on one for this blog post. I did an entire video about it, and it will be posted with this post so look out for it. When a woman wears high heels what is there first thought? Is it there going to hurt when I wear them for long periods of time? Or do they say “ I love them and can wear them forever”? What do people think of high heels it depends on the person and how conditioned they are for wearing high heels. Some people just put a pair of heels on and don’t bother with anything else,  that’s right I said anything else, there is a lot more that goes into wearing heels then one might think.

In order for a pair of heels to be somewhat comfortable, there are things you can do.  The things you can do to make heels a little bit easier to wear on your body is to stretch your toes, work your ankles even standing on releve to strengthen your calf muscles. That is what helps stretch and strengthen your toes so that wearing heels is a bit more comfortable.  The more strength you have in your calf muscles, the easier it is to stand as well as walk in heels.

The question is can wearing heels or getting ready to wear heels can be or is a workout depending on the way you look at it. When a person wears high heels, they always have their toes pointed. Although to make your walking look more natural always walk heel first then toe. To help you walk in heels, you should focus on engaging your core as you walk. If you keep your core engaged while you walk in heels, you are more stable, and you are keeping as much pressure off your back and shins as possible.  Be careful switching from heels to flats too fast as it could hurt your tendons in the future. There are ways to work out your heels, feet and back before wearing heels, however. Pull at your toes roll your ankles stretch your back, stand on releve just to name a few. You could even do yoga if you wanted too. Doing these things before and after you wear heels loosens the muscles so that they aren’t so tight since your calves tighten up when you are wearing heels.  You don’t want them too tight that they are unable to move that is why stretching is best before you wear heels and that is what I call the heel workout.

Wearing heels is very hard on your joints but switching from heels to flats quickly is even worse. That means to try and stick with one type of shoe throughout the day if you are going out multiple times. The more you do the heel, toe and calf workout before after wearing heels the better your feet will feel.  When we think of a heel workout we think of wearing heels to workout but what is it really? It is the stretching and preparation of our feet, calves and back so that we can wear them as comfortably as possible. So there is a workout for your toes, ankles, heels and claves to wear heels comfortably. If you don’t know how to wear heels or just need some help walking in them do the exercises I listed first, then practice, practice, practice.

The more you practice the heel workout and walking in your heels the better it will be. Have you ever thought that just wearing heels themselves was a workout?  You’re always stretching something while wearing them whether it be your toes, calves, or ankles. You even strengthen your abs when you try to stay upright in your heels which is a workout. No wonder people are always tried after they wear heels because the entire time they are working out. So the next time you wear heels think of it as a workout and see how much more of a workout you feel. If you are fitting fitness into your life, you are usually working and trying to get a bit of a bit of exercise in whether it be at home or in an office. If you are working in an office and you wear heels to work you are always doing the heel workout. If you don’t wear heels to work or you work from home, you do the heel workout when you wear heels out to some big fancy functions. Always focus on your core, calves and walking heel-toe when you are wearing heels, and you will definitely feel the workout.

You can even just walk in your heels and call that a workout or not even wear them at all and just do the exercises. If you just wanted to strength your toes feet and back you could do the workout without wearing the heels afterwards. Most people if they are going to work out their toes, feet, back and calves they are doing it for a reason, and that reason is so that they can wear heels. Wearing heels is quite painful so if you stretch before you put them on they don’t hurt as much. That is what I have read anyway. I did try and do it once for the video, and it did seem to work. I am going to have to do it more often though to know for sure that it is. Everyone should work out their heels whether they are wearing heels or not.

Wearing high heels and being able to walk in them without looking like you are going to topple overtakes practice which means the more you wear them and the more you practice walking in them, the better you will get at wearing them.  Think of working out while doing it and the better you will be able to walk in them in the future.  Practicing with anything makes it either better or perfect depending on how long you do it for. So put on a pair of heels that you want to do the workout in and practice walking heel toe, heel toe.  The more you practice, the more of a workout you get in them too. Since it stretches your calves sure your muscles feel strained after wearing heels if that’s the only way you get a workout in some days so be it. It ’s still a workout so use it and see what happens.

Think of how wearing high heels can strengthen your calves sure it can put a strain on your body, but if you are only wearing them for a short period of time, it can be a good workout or a different workout if that is what you are looking for. If you want a different workout and you don’t know what to do, try the heel workout.  You will be surprised at how different you feel after doing a workout like that. Our feet and claves need workouts too we need to remember that when we are working out other parts of our bodies. Doing the heel workout and then walking around in heels is a nice change from your regular workout routine don’t you think?

Doing a heel workout might not be someone’s workout of choice but if you need practice why not. I am not the best heel wearer or walker I should say so yes I might start doing the heel workout more frequently so that I can walk in heels better in the future. To walk in heels, it takes a lot of focus on posture and the way your feet are In your shoes at least that is what I notice when I do it.  The more you practice, the better you get though, and that goes for everything. So if you want to get better at wearing heels practice, practice, practice doing the heel workout along with walking on your heels and you will get better in no time. Do the heel stretches and see how that turns out it is part of fitness if you think about it. It will work the more you do it.

The heel workout is really focusing on keeping your core tight and walking heel-toe unless you are walking downstairs.  It is a workout because you are walking with your calves and your toes pointed more so than anything else.  When do you just do that? Not very much, so it takes a lot more focus. The more focus it takes, the more of a workout it is. This is because you are pushing your abs in to keep you upright so that your core stays tight along with pushing your ankles to only stay in one position and pushing your calf muscles to get longer the more you walk one way regarding wearing heels over other shoes.  That is why wearing heels and walking around in them is part of fitting fitness into your life if you have to wear them all day.

The heel workout can be done anywhere anytime if you are wearing them and thinking about it. When you wear heels, do the stretching before you put them on, and you will feel so much better when you walk in them for the periods of time during the day that you will be.  Then when you put them on focus on heel toe while working your calves and engaging your core. Always think of these three things and remember them it will help you walk in heels better and still give you a great workout.  You may not feel a burn right away but the longer you do the heel workout, the more you will feel it. That is why wearing heels and walking in them can be considered a workout regarding fitness and fitting it into your life.

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