How Is Walking Considered Fitness?

Fitness is anything that requires movement, at least which is what it means for the fit flex life blog.   Walking is considered that it’s not fast cardio or fast-paced anything, but it is still fitness. It still keeps you moving, the more you move, the better you feel.  Isn’t that how the saying goes.   Everyone walks every day for one thing or another, but that is because they have too.  Why not tell yourself to go for a walk outside after work or on your lunch.   That would be considered exercise more so than just walking because you have too.  What I mean by this is yesterday, I had to go into town for something, and since I don’t drive, I had to walk.  Sure I could have called a cab, but I decided to walk since it was such a beautiful day out.  It is also a great workout and you get to go places in the process.   Sure it is not fast-paced and sometimes you might not sweat, but believe me when you walk for two hours, one hour there and one hour back you will be sweating in the end.

You can do a fast paced walk just to get your sweat on, that would be in my opinion considered cardio. Which is also fun.  Any type of fitness is great for your health.  When people think of walking, do they think of it in a fitness aspect?     Walking for most people is so natural that they wouldn’t think of it in a fitness aspect, I sure don’t, because if I didn’t walk, I wouldn’t be able to get to where I need to go.  For example, once a month I have one appointment which is about twenty minutes or so away from my house, and I walk to said appointment, I don’t think of that as a workout I think of it as I have to get somewhere and this is the only way.  I have always been skinny, not toned but slender, I will talk about another post about toning up later.  The reason I am skinny is that I have to walk everywhere if I want to go for coffee uptown I walk, and if  I want to go to an appointment once a month, I walk.

Why wouldn’t I take a cab?  People might ask, well for one thing if I can walk to the places I need to get too, why would I want to cab it, when I am able bodied to get there on my own.  Another thing cabs are astronomically expensive especially to just go up the road in my case. Sure they might be faster, but if I can walk and it’s nice enough to do so, I will do it.  That is why I stay so skinny, that and swinging but I already wrote a post about the swing workout.

Walking is, an excellent way to exercise it is also good for the mind.  The fresh air that you get from walking helps clear your mind when you are in a funk. Walking can also give you new perspectives on things that you are having trouble with.  These things can be home related or work related, and you might just need to get away for a while. Why not skip getting into the car and going somewhere and take a walk instead.  You won’t have to answer to anyone, or listen to annoying things on the radio you can do it by yourself, leave your kids with a sitter or you could take them with you, make it fun.  That is your choice.   Walking, for the most part, doesn’t feel like a workout, and that is what most people want, don’t they? Something to help them with their fitness goals but not something that feels like it’s too much for them?  Well, that is what walking is, or at least that is what it is in my opinion.

Walking is something that you don’t really need to think about, and for the most part, you don’t sweat during it.  Sure sweating means you’re working hard, but you don’t always need to sweat during your workouts for results.  You just have to keep going, and in the long run, the results will show up.  Nothing comes instantly. Walking is one of those things that with time you will see the results of what it does to your body.  The more you walk the fitter you are going to be, but do more then just walking if you want to be fit, you have to do exercise too, but walking helps in the fitness department.

Walking is considered fitness, in my opinion, because it keeps your blood flowing which in the long run will benefit your health.   You can walk fast or slow depending on your preference and what you want to get out of your walk.  Most of the time,  when I walk, I do it for leisure so that I can relax and clear my mind, but sometimes I do it quickly depending on where I have to be.  Walking is a great stress reliever, because when you walk you don’t have to think about anything but the scenery around you.  I walk to clear my mind and relieve stress, and it seems to work.   It also keeps you in shape, so that is considered fitness, to some extent right?    Most people get involved in fitness because they want to stay in shape.  Walking can help people stay in shape as well as doing a fitness routine, so why not try walking. It is excellent for your health, body, and mind so why not give it a shot and see how you feel after.

I know that there are things out there called walking polls that some people use, however, I have never used them, I just like to walk.  The polls look cool, but I don’t think I would personally use them since when I am walking somewhere, I  am usually going somewhere, I don’t just walk around the block and then come home I walk somewhere farther do what I need to do and come back.  If I were to walk around the neighborhood, I don’t think I would do it because that doesn’t seem like enough fitness too me but to someone else, it might be.

If you are looking to do something easy not too hard on your joints and as a stress reliever, for the sake of fitness why not try walking you will feel great afterward, and your stress won’t be as prominent on your mind when you are finished.

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