The P90X Workout versus The Jillian Micheals workout vs The Zumba workout for the Fit Flex Life

What are workout DVDs and how can they work for the fit flex life? Workout DVDs are workouts done and taped by personal trainers of some kind. They tape there workouts for DVDs so that they can be sent to stores that sell DVDs so that people can purchase them for at home use. In the form of workout DVDs instead of having to go the gym all the time.  That is if people want to get into fitness and workout from home.  Sure there is the internet now but what did we all do before? We looked for VHS videos and then DVDs in the workout sector.  What about the Wii Nintendo contraption when it came out? Was there workout Wii games made or just things for fun?  No there was Wii games made like the Zumba workout for Wii and another Jillian Micheals workout for the Wii.  So workout Wii games and DVD’s have been around for centuries or more at least. I have done all the workout DVDs I own at least once. I remember doing a yoga VHS years ago and that seemed to be one of the at-home workouts people would start with. How does DVDs or VHS in workout form, work for the fit flex life? They make workouts easier to do from home so you don’t have to go to the gym.

When you do workout videos like the Jillian Micheals workout, Zumba or P90X you have a personal trainer on screen helping you along the way. Doing workout DVDs or VHS’s is a great way to fit fitness into your life because you can do them any time from home or anywhere depending on if your computer has  DVD compatibilities.  Maybe people don’t think of the Wii as being something you can use to do workouts, but there are a lot of workout DVD games that are for Wii when you shop at any place that sells DVDs. I found all of my workout DVDs for the Wii at Costco. Maybe they don’t think of them as a workout, and you have them but have never used them why not try. You might be surprised at how much doing Wii workout DVDs, or other workout DVDs is actually a workout and how they can actually work for the fit flex life.  The reason why they can work for the fit flex life is that you can make them fit into your life’s schedule and still live as well as get a good workout in also have fun while doing it.

The P90X workout is an extreme home workout. The Jillian Micheals and the Zumba workouts are a little more toned down but still extreme since they all make you sweat. All of these workouts can be found on the internet or in D.V.D.  sets for either the Wii or the actual D.V.D. Player. If you can follow a D.V.D. and keep it up if you plan and schedule it, then it will work. If you do the d.v.d. Workouts as religiously as you do any other workout you will get results but only if you do it. The same goes for anything else. If you have a DVD workout like P90X Extreme home edition or Jillian Micheals workout have you ever done them what about workouts for the Wii like Zumba? If you have what do you think of them? Do you like the fact that they can be done at home? I have all of these workouts at home I like DVD workouts because the trainer is right there telling you and showing you what to do, but you can still do it from home whenever you have time, instead of trying to make it to the gym. If you want to go to the gym fine but sometimes people don’t have time but they still want to get a workout in, and they have these things at home which makes them the best at those points. If you have a Wii console or DVD player with fitness DVDs you have wanted to try why not try it.

When you do a workout DVD and fit fitness into your life how do you feel during and after it? Do you feel as though you go in a good sweat session in and a good workout or not? Does it depend on the video you do or how much you push yourself? Or both? I think it depends on both if you do a specific workout and how hard you push yourself. That is what makes the workout you do on DVDs give you the results you are looking for. Also if you do exactly what the workout DVDs tell you to do you will get the results, so don’t steer away from what they are telling you and you will get to where you want to be with your workout. If you fit fitness into your life and do a  workout DVD, you will feel the workout if you do it right. I know I feel it when I follow along with workout DVDs, even if I do other workouts too. Sometimes it is better to do a workout DVD when you are short on time because it is not as long as it would be when you make up your own workout.

Having workout DVDs and using them regarding the fit flex life you don’t really have to think of a workout to do. Most DVD sets have everything from weights, to cardio to abs to yoga for every part of the body. It is easier sometimes to do a workout DVD instead of trying something else. Workout DVDs show you with a trainer what to do, and sometimes that is easier for people depending on what you are doing, who you are and how you like to workout. I use both to just change it up.

Sometimes it is better to use workout DVDs and workout from home. Why? You might ask it might fit into your life better because planning to do a DVD workout is easier than getting to the gym, that is what workout DVDs and the Wii workouts are regarding fitting fitness into your life. At home, workout DVD sets work if you use them and make them work for your life. Workout DVDs of any kind are a great thing to have on hand just so that you have some different options regarding workouts to choose from. I enjoy the P90x workout a lot because there are so many different options when it comes to workouts. I enjoy the Jillian Micheals workouts because of all the different things that they offer and the different types of workouts. I posted a video of me doing these workouts and having a blast with them.  These things can be found at big box stores, in one DVD set or a massive box set. If you don’t want to just use them online. And you can afford the box set of DVDs. I love them all and have used them recently.

Workouts on DVD can sometimes be deterring but even though you can’t be as perfect as the people are on screen doesn’t mean you aren’t doing a good job and getting a great workout in. See how you can fit workout videos into your life if you don’t like doing workouts indoors in the summer maybe use the workout videos as your winter workouts. If you have workout DVDs on the Wii or actual DVDs and you workout from home see how much different your workout routine can be just by doing them. Doing workout DVDs of any kind can give you a fresh outlook on your daily workouts if you let them.  That is why I started doing the workout DVDs that I have had at home for years and just started doing it this year. It is quite fun so if you have workout DVDs give them a try. Doing what you see on screen regarding a workout still makes you work up a sweat, so it does take work it’s not something that doesn’t take work. Try it and see how much sweating you do and the more sweating that comes from even workout DVDs or just workouts you find online makes people think twice about them. It also makes you want to try them more doesn’t it? Yes, it’s impressive if you try and workout DVD or a Wii workout.

The question is how does doing workout DVDs work for the fit flex life? They are there in your house to grab anytime you have the itch for a workout.  Do you use them if you have them or do they just sit there? Most of the time we buy them, and they sit there for a few months because most of us don’t have time but why not make the time and have a personal trainer on the screen to boot? So if you have workout DVDs make them a part of your workout routine. The Zumba workout is all about dance and so much fun. Who wouldn’t want to play Wii games and get a workout in a while having fun at the same time?  That is what the P90x workout DVDs the Zumba workout DVDs and the Jillian Micheal’s DVD workouts are for. I did the arms and back workout from P90X and Abs from Jillian Micheals. Both for the first time but I loved  Zumba too. So why not try them and see if you enjoy them as much as I do.

If workouts are fun make them a part of the fit flex life DVD workouts can be done anywhere anytime where there is a DVD player that is.  Most laptops have a DVD player in them so if you cant get a workout in on the t.v. And it’s a  d.v.d try your computer for a change. Whether it’s an online workout, a Wii workout a DVD workout or a gym workout you are still getting a workout in and work up a sweat. Just push past the burn and see how all workouts can work for you. Try workout DVDs or Wii workouts and see for yourself. They work for me, so try it out and see for yourself if it works for you. The Zumba, P90X workout and Jillian Micheals workout work for the fit flex life because you control when you do them. Since having at home access.

So if you want to fit fitness, into your life with fitness DVDs and the Wii, it is possible. It is just like doing a workout with a  trainer, but instead of seeing them for real you are doing them virtually. If you do what the trainers on the screen say you will get in a great workout. It also fits better into your life since you can do it from home. So use the DVD sets and the Wii workouts if you have them and see how much they work for fitting fitness into your life.

Each of these workouts even though they are on DVD or the Wii are high intensity. You will feel the burn and get a great workout. Just because they are on DVD doesn’t mean the trainers are going to go easy on you, if you do everything that they are doing they won’t go easy on you. The Zumba workout is more fun, and the others feel more like work, but they still give you burn you are looking for. Which means they will provide you with the results you want if you use them and fit them into your life they are a comfortable fit if you work with them. Try them and see what you think.

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