Why Are Weekend Workouts Not Really Talked About?

Weekend workouts aren’t really talked about because most of the time people who work out take the their rest days on the weekend.  They do this so that they can have time with family, and what better rest day then the weekend? Some people like taking the weekend off of there workouts because they have a lot going on, on the weekend.  So when you talk to people who work out they don’t usually tell you about there weekend workouts.  This could be for two reasons they are taking  there rest days on the weekend, and don’t want to talk about it or their weekend workouts aren’t as entertaining as there weekly workout so why talk about it?  It could be something different entirely but that is my opinion.

If you have outdoor chores to do on the weekend you can consider that a workout. For example bricklaying or even picking up the bricks that can be regarded as a workout. Sweeping the ground of fallen flower petals can also be a part of that as well.  Most people clean up around there outside on weekends, because that is when they have the time to do so since they are home on the weekends. The reason why weekend workouts aren’t really talked about is because yard work isn’t considered a workout for the most part. Even though if you work up a sweat that is viewed as a workout yard work included.

Weekend workouts are usually the workouts that people don’t think of, people just have things to do outside on the weekends when its nice weather so that is what they do.  People who work out on weekends don’t really talk about it much because, hearing the responses from people about it is not fun they respond with things like “ why you shouldn’t work out on weekends”, is something people who workout don’t like to hear. It goes something like this “ weekends are for relaxing you shouldn’t be working out.”  Although in terms of the fit flex life weekend workouts are the best kind because that is when most people spend a lot of time outside, hiking, gardening that sort of thing.  Although some people don’t think of those types of things as workouts even though they are.

So the next weekend you have, which is actually now why don’t you try and get a workout in? Clean up your yard do cardio that type of thing. Have fun with it too and that will make your workout not so dull. Sometimes you don’t even feel as though you are doing a  workout on the weekends if you just keep moving. These are the best kinds of workouts. They aren’t really talked about because they aren’t really noticeable if you are just doing yard work, or if you are just moving because its beautiful out. It’s just something people do on weekends and that is why it’s not talked about.

Weekend workouts aren’t really talked about because, they are pretty much full fit flex lifestyle ones. Anyway you get active outside on a weekend can be considered a workout. Even if you are just going for a walk with your family or kids or even friends that can be viewed as a workout. So just move around a lot on the weekend and that can be considered to be a workout. Which is also why weekend workouts aren’t talked about because everyone does it so why talk about it?  People wouldn’t talk about it because, everyone does something like that on weekends. So if you think people don’t do outdoor workouts on weekends think again, because we all do in one way or another.

Workouts done on the weekend, are good because those are the ones that can always go with you. They are also the ones that don’t feel much like work since you are moving all the time anyway. Anything you do on a weekend can be a workout because you are usually always doing something active. Whether it be yard work, walking with friends, swimming or running you are always in motion on the weekend so that is why those workouts aren’t really talked about. They are good because you are always  in motion though. So remember that the next time you do one.

Some weekend workouts are more travel workouts than anything because since so many of us don’t like staying home on weekends our workouts have to be mobile. Which means they have to be able to go with you wherever you go on a weekend. Weekend workouts are useful because, if you are active on a weekend you aren’t thinking of a workout but still getting it in. so just live your life on weekends like you always do and see what type of workout you do.  Weekend workouts are ever changing which is good.

Weekend workouts aren’t really talked about because they aren’t really thought about either, for some  they only work out five days a week so they don’t need to think about weekend workouts. For others six but it depends on the person’s life and schedule. Some people might schedule a specific weekend workout others may just putts around the yard. Or they may only travel around the town or city on foot.  Which seems like nothing which is why it isn’t talked about but it really is something. So if you are working out on weekends, and you are with friends or people later and you want to talk about it go ahead. It isn’t like weekend workouts are taboo everyone does them at some point in their lives.  They just don’t talk about it much because some might turn their nose up at it or ask too many questions.  Which then people who workout on weekends don’t want to answer.

Weekend workouts aren’t often talked about because, people think that the weekend is for fun and letting loose.  That isn’t the case though sure the weekend is fun but it is also for staying on track and not losing sight your goals.  You don’t have to do your regular workout you can do a number of different ones like taking it outside and using what you have to do outside as part of your workout.  Outdoor workouts aren’t really talked about because they look like ordinary everyday things that people do. Although they can be considered workouts if you use bricks as weights or you sweep outside and a level for levelling things out outside or for push-ups.

Outdoor workouts are useful because they don’t look like workouts at all. They also aren’t talked about for that reason. People don’t notice because usually the things that you do in your yard are things that don’t make you sweat much. If you don’t work up a sweat you aren’t really working out or are you? That depends on the workout you are doing, some workouts you don’t work up a sweat but your muscles still burn and others you work up a sweat and it burns. That  is why they aren’t talked about though because it is tough to explain. Remember all workouts don’t  always need to be talked about they just need to be done at least one day primarily on weekends so you can feel your best all the time.

Weekend workouts aren’t all, the rage because people don’t really like doing them, unless they are at the gym. If you work out from home however you can do any workout you want whether it be outside on the weekend or inside. Weekend workouts can be useful because they can be so different from one workout to the next.  People doing these workouts get a change and that is what makes them good.  They aren’t talked about because people don’t really understand them even though they do them. Try doing them in the form of the fit flex life and you will see what I mean. Don’t do something specific just move on weekends and see how much of a workout you get. It may even be fun and who doesn’t want that on a weekend? So do a weekend workout, talk about it to others and see for yourself how great they can be.

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