How does summer help us stay healthy more than any other time of year?

Health is always on people’s minds, the question is, are times of year and seasons always on people’s minds as well?  For example is health more thought about in the summer? In the summer months, people are outside a lot more, but are they being more active?  For the most part yes because why would you go outside in the summer to just stand there. If you are going to be outside you are going to be moving around and why wouldn’t you use the nice weather to do that?  You would if you wanted to get the most out of your summer, which is how summer helps us stay healthy more than any other time of year.  The sun and warmth come and the first, thing that people do is go outside, to do yard work or get active.  Summer doesn’t last long so we have to take what we can get, right? Yes, we do which is why summer helps us stay healthy in terms of the fit flex life more than any other time of year so if you can get outside in the summer then do so.

With so many things to do outside, in the summer how could you not try and stay healthy if you take your workout outside? You can swim, you can play at the park, or on your swing set, if you have one, that is a great workout. You can do outdoor projects with bricks or of the cleaning up variety.  You can always be active some way in the summer outside and in terms of the fit flex life, it won’t even feel like you are working out even if you are. Summer helps us stay healthy more than any other time of year because, when you are outside you always want to keep busy. So your busy is always moving which means you are How does summer help us stay healthy more than any other time of year? working out in some way. This also means that summer is helping you stay healthy because it is making you want to be active.

The summer months help us stay fit and healthy because, since the summer months are so short you want to get your use out of them.  This means doing active things outside which is beneficial for everyone.  We all spend so much time indoors that it is good to get outside and get our bodies moving.  When the sun is shining and warm in the summer what does that make people want to do?  That makes people want to get active outside doing whatever active thing they think of, an outdoor workout, swimming, running, walking things like that.  We do this more in the summer because the days are longer and there is just so much more that we can do.  You can hike too if you have trails around your house, anything that gets you moving outside can be considered a workout.  This is how the summer months help you stay healthy because there are so many different activities that are fitness related that you can consider as part of your workout one day if you take it outside.

People can be more active in terms of the fit flex life, more in the summer than any other time of year because, there are more outdoor activities to do in terms of fitness in the summer than the winter, so we are outside a lot more in the summer doing summer activities. We stay healthier in the summer because we are getting more fresh air than ever before and natural vitamin D which is good too.  There are more natural remedies out in the summer because you can be outside more. This is why we see more people getting active outside during the summer months. It helps us stay healthy because we don’t just sit around, we get up and we get moving because it’s nice enough outside to do so.  This is why we are a lot healthier in the summer.

Being healthy in the summer isn’t all about the outdoor workouts, gardens are planted and when they are ready to be sometimes picked people just eat them on the spot. The same goes for fruit, with these things being readily available in the summer if people have gardens they eat much healthier because the fruits and vegetables are right there for them to grab so that is what they do when they are outside and they get hungry.  This is why people are a lot healthier in the summer because they are eating more

fruits and vegetables which coincides with working out very nicely.  This is how summer helps us stay healthy more than any other time of year.

Do you think that we are healthier in the summer more than any other time of year? If you do why do you think that is? Is it because we spend more time outside in the fresh air. Which means you stay active doing things outside brick lay, clean up the yard, sweep the ground from the things that fall off the trees if you have trees in your backyard things like that.  It’s all a workout not one you see every day, but a  workout just the same.  The summer helps us stay healthy more than any other time of year, because of the different outdoor activities that we can do. The summer months means outdoor movement of all kinds.  We stay active in the summer because we can take our workouts with us a lot more so that is what we do.  That is the fit flex life and being healthy in the summer, so stay active eat fruits and veggies from gardens or field and you will be good to go.

Summer helps us stay healthy, more than any other time of year because of the excellent food that’s readily available from the fields.  We all opt- for the fruits and veggies from gardens or roadside stands in the summer because they are fresher they hardly have any pesticides, not like the ones that we get from the store which have all the chemicals on them. So combine that with different outdoor workouts and see what you get. I bet you will feel much healthier if you just give it a try.  It might even be easier to cook or get a workout in. just try it and see what you think. I think that it helps us stay healthier because of all the fresh foods and more movement that we do.  The vitamin D makes us feel much healthier too. So if you have been trying to stay healthy in the summer try my suggestions, and see what happens in your fitness journey. It might change the way you look at your fitness and you may enjoy it more, so try it you will never know until you try.

Health is something that we think about all the time, not just in the summer. Is it easier to stay on a health kick in the summer?  In terms of the fit flex life, it is.  Try staying healthy in the summer and you will see what I mean.  There is always summer parties and at these parties, drinks to be had, which is all fine and dandy just don’t sit around and indulge get up and do a workout and reward yourself with the summer indulgences.  If you fit fitness into your life you are being healthy almost 90% of the time.  The reason why is because you are working out nearly every time you step outside.  Which is great you are staying healthy all of the time or trying too.  Summer is an easy time to stay healthy remember that and give it a go. See how you feel at the end of the summer if you try an stay as healthy as possible.

Summer helps people stay healthy because of everything that it offers, the people who live with a fit flex life mindset even the people who don’t if they want to give it a try.  The fit flex life mindset in the summer is use the nice weather as part of your life no matter what, use the sun to your advantage workout and live your life at the same time.  That is another way summer helps you stay healthy so sure, you can eat sweets and things just remember to keep moving during the summer.  The more you move in the summer the healthier you will be. Anything that helps you stay healthy during the summer months you will do won’t you? Like fitting fitness into your life. It is so easy and great in terms of healthy eating, especially in the summer months. So make sure you try your best to stay healthy during the summer.

Summer helps you stay healthy, more than any other time of year because of how easy it is to workout anywhere.  With it being so warm out most of the time people take their workouts outside.  They like all the different things that the outdoors offers them so that they can stay active.  You can work on your outside to make it look nice or you can do full workouts just outdoors.  Whatever you feel will work for you.  That is how the fit flex life works in terms of summer and how it helps you stay healthy. So do things outside stay active, eat healthily and there you have it you can stay healthy any time of year if you try. The summer, however, can be a lot more difficult but if you have the dedication so try it and see what happens. If your not dedicated nothing will happen so stay dedicated in your fitness and you will keep up with it in the summer as well as stay healthy too.

Summer helps you stay healthy more than any other time of year because even though its busy there is always time for fitness.  There is always time for fitness outside in the summer because you can fit fitness into your life by doing anything active outside and calling that part of your fitness journey. Eat right and exercise do that outside and you will get the best of both worlds. Give it a try and let me know what you think you may be surprised, at how healthy you can be in the summer if you work for it. That is what the fit flex life is for so try it out for yourself.

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