Why Are Fit Flex Life Workouts So Hard For People To Grasp?

Now the question that I am about to ask I know I have asked it before, but what are fit flex life workouts? They are workouts that fit into a persons life, it seems easy enough but is it really? Most people think of fitness as having to go to the gym so when they hear the words fit flex life workouts confusion sets in and they start to ask questions. The confusion that I am talking about setting in doesn’t set in, in a bad way though it starts setting in a good way and they ask questions about the fit flex life because they want to know more. The fit flex life is difficult to grasp because, the workouts that go along with it aren’t what you would do in a gym setting or sometimes even at home. Why are fit flex life workouts different though and hard for people to grasp? It is because people don’t understand what they are or what they entail? Or is it because there should only be one way of doing fitness and that’s it? Fitness can be anything if it makes us sweat as long as we are moving remember that.

Most people think that fitness can only be done in one spot, or one place. They don’t think that we can fit fitness into our lives and call it a workout. People believe that yard work is just that yard work and cleaning the house is just that cleaning the house, and nothing else, it can go on and on. It isn’t something most people do in there workouts so they don’t think of it as a workout even though you work up a sweat. Those things are workouts, no matter what you are doing if you work up a sweat you are working out at least that is what it is in for the fit flex life. It is not noticed that way though which is part of the reason why they are so hard for people to grasp. If you try to explain it to people though then they seem to understand it better. It is difficult to grasp a fit flex life workout because it isn’t a planned workout it is the type of workout you just come up with off the cuff.

The workouts that people do in the gym or online are usually planned out, and are in some sort of routine. Fit flex life workouts aren’t really like that, they are just done by doing everyday things in your life. So is that a workout? To some they don’t think that it is and to others, they do. It is cool to think that fitting fitness into your life is really just part of living. It is easy to think that way isn’t it? Or is it hard to think about it that way? is it because it is hard to get a handle on it? I think that it is hard for people to grasp a fit flex life workout because they are so used too, doing workouts one way and the fit flex life is always changing with the way a person’s life changes that doesn’t really make sense to them. Which is why it is hard for some people to grasp. Some people think that working out can only happen in the gym, or by doing specific workout videos, is that the case? Not all the time, so think of that the next time you workout.

When people think of a workout they think of going to the gym, doing a workout video, or finding a workout online. They don’t just think of doing yard work or housework if they can’t get to the gym or get the workout they want to get in, in. Those aren’t workouts to them when in reality they actually are which is why they are so hard to grasp. Although housework and yard work should always be thought of as a workout especially if you are a busy person and are always on the go. So if you are really busy and can’t get a workout in do you just skip it? With the fit flex life you don’t need to do that, any more you just have to do everything you would typically do in your life and consider that a workout. To some it might not look or feel like a workout but they are think about all the times you are doing something and you work up a sweat. That is a workout.

A fit flex life workout is hard for people to grasp because, you aren’t working up a sweat as much by doing cardio and weights, you are however working up a sweat doing other things the other things you are doing don’t seem like workouts but they are when you are sweating. Why would other things that make you sweat not be considered a workout of some kind? Is it because they don’t look like workouts? For most people that is the reason but for others, they feel that workouts are only meant for the gym or if you are using actual weights, equipment or a workout DVD. When really workouts are intended for everywhere. Which is why they are so hard for people to grasp but they shouldn’t be.

When you think of fitting fitness into your life you don’t think of the standard everyday stuff, that you do. You think of fitting time into your day to get to the gym then you kick yourself when you don’t make it to the gym. Is that a way to believe in your fitness and keep it up? No I look at it as hey I can’t get to gym what can I do at home to make that a workout. That works for me some people can work out at home, or at the gym and it works for them. Others have to be a bit more regimented that is why they go to the gym. So when people ask about fitting fitness into your life, and working out anywhere others may have a hard time with it. This is because they can’t get there workout in that way. which is why it is hard for some people to grasp a fit flex life workout.

A fit flex life workout is just a workout that works for people, with busy schedules. They don’t do something planned or specific to the day they are on they just do what fits into the time frame that they have for there workout. Sometimes it could be a grocery run, or cleaning up the backyard for fifteen minutes. Some people would say that this is standard housekeeping stuff, others would say its that and a workout all at the same time. They are hard to grasp because they look like normal everyday things and not workout things but they can be if people want them to be. They just have to know what they want out of there workout for their body in the future.

Fitting fitness into a persons life isn’t working out to some but if you really think about the moving you do in your day how much are you working out? A lot of our days we are working out 95 percent of the time even if we don’t think that we are. Is vacuuming and cleaning the house really a workout? It’s cleaning up the house or yard and it is something that has to be done so no it’s not a workout but to you it is because, by the time you are done you are sweating. For pushing or lifting which is cardio and weights.

It might not look like it but it is. So remember that the next time you are cleaning up. They don’t look like workouts which is hard to understand but they still are.
To grasp a fit flex life workout is hard because, you can’t really explain it to people, working up a sweat from home doing everyday things that’s called life not a workout. At least to some it is to others who fit it into their lives, on a daily basis life is their workout.

Anything that they do in life they consider to be there workout so they grasp the fit flex life as being something and make it work for them. Sometimes others don’t get it and either just don’t do the workout they want or don’t go to the gym or when they go to the gym they kick themselves for missing a workout, don’t kick yourself for missing an workout take that day as a rest day if you miss a workout and workout on your rest day.

It might be hard for people to grasp, a fit flex life workout because they aren’t using the same equipment remember though if you aren’t using the same equipment but you are working out just as hard you are probably getting a great workout in. You are probably getting the same results, if you are doing the same workout too. If you aren’t doing the same workout you are probably not going to get the same results, it might not feel the same when you are done but your results will be the same. Remember that fit fitness into your life and see for yourself.

A fit flex workout is fitness and life combined its hard to grasp because, some carve out time and forget about other things. If you fit fitness into your life and make it work for you its easier to grasp because, you get more out of it that way. Your workout is way more fun too. So think of the fit flex life as something easy to grasp and it will be. Fit fitness into your life and you will see.

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