Where Did The Fit Flex Life Come From?

The fit flex life is what? Fitting fitness into your life the question is where did it come from? Has it always been around? Is it something that I just came up with? The answer to these questions is it is something I just came up with. I wanted to get into fitness myself but didn’t want to be tied down by a gym or video and online workouts all the time. It came from looking at all the workouts I enjoy and figuring out a way to fit them into my life, also so that I would eat more. I was notorious for not eating check out my post reality of being a size zero for more on that. If you are outside and don’t have weights for your workout use bricks, for them. Use a bench for push-ups and step-ups use levels for strength training. That type of thing. It comes from doing all of the fitness we know and putting it together in a workout that we enjoy. It is pretty much your take on fitness at all times. So give it a try if you don’t know what to do and see what you come up with.

The fit flex life has been around for a long time but we never knew it until now, the question is did it come around just recently and where from or has it been around for a long time like I said? well it started in the caveman era, with the hunting and gathering because if they needed anything in life they had to go out and get it using their arms and legs there was no transportation in those days. The fit flex life is all about using what you have at home so that you don’t have to leave your house, unless you want too of course. So the fit flex life has been around since the dark ages and have evolved from there with only a person’s arms and legs to do their bidding which in turn is where the fit flex life came from. Have you ever tried fitting fitness into your life and wondered where it came from? Most people would probably say the stone ages when cavemen had to hunt and gather to survive. Do you agree?

So the fit flex life started a long time ago and was passed down to us, who use it now even if we don’t know it. It started with the hunting and gathering of things to live off of, that is where it came from so that is why for the most part when people lift weights they go for bricks instead of actual weights, if they are outside that is, if they are inside it’s a different story. Fitting fitness into your life, is all about movement people have been moving since the beginning of time, does that mean they have been working out that way too? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. The fit flex life came from everyday movement, and people are just realizing it now. They are understanding that any type of movement they do in there life now is considered fitness, so where did it come from? It came from the realization that any movement in life is a workout.

The fit flex life, came from life getting so busy that getting to the gym became out of the question. It came from people not having time to go to the gym, so fitting it into there actual day while they did other things in it was the next best thing. It came from doing things around your house and considering them workouts. So clean up, using a vacuum, broom or mop and you are doing cardio which doesn’t even feel like cardio after you are done at least. Lift things and put them away, that sort of thing. That is where the fit flex life comes from, which is why it will always be from there. So think about what happens in your life when you fit fitness into it, that is where the fit flex life comes from. So when you are trying to figure out what workout to do or where think of maybe doing a fit flex life workout. It came from me realizing I couldn’t get to the gym but I could work out from home and use other things in life as part of my workout.

When we think of fitness and where the fit flex life comes from do we think of the workouts or just living life and how that is fitness? Look at your life and tell me what you think, gardening, cleaning up the yard, cleaning up the house or just doing at home workouts when it works for you is that where the fit flex life came from, yes it is because that is what it is and it came from the same place. So when you are thinking of fitting fitness into your life think of where it came from. It came from people realizing that life was busy but a workout was still possible, if they are always walking or moving in their life. Which we all do in our lives.

Fitness came from far and wide it has become something, everyone is into. It is movement of all kinds to get our heart rates up. So it primarily came from moving to get around. It started with hunting and gathering so that people in the olden days could live and just has evolved from outdoor workouts to gym workouts to at home workouts that go both inside and out if the person wants them too. That is where the fit flex life came from and where it still is. With life being so busy this is how fitness works now, so always remember that.

The fit flex life came from doing at home fitness routines, and using your life as your fitness journey. It came to be so that people didn’t have to spend hours and hours at the gym, away from their families. They now can take their families with them, once they start on their fit flex life journey. That is where the fit flex life came from and also why it is so popular now. So if you haven’t put fitness into your life yet and you want too, try doing a fit flex life workout and see where you end up. You will be surprised at how amazing the fit flex life indeed is for people and their everyday lives.

The fit flex life came from a fitness mindset, that didn’t want to spend hours and hours at a gym. It came from a person saying “ I am not lazy when it comes to my fitness even if I don’t go to the gym I just know there is a better way for me to get it done by doing it from home.” It came from working out at home and realizing that anything can be fitness related. If you really want fitness in your life you have to work for it. So the fit flex life comes from doing and knowing what you like to keep you active and moving. Weights, gardening that type of thing. That is where it comes from even if people don’t know it. Which is also why its been around for so long.

It comes from knowing that you can take it anywhere, it can be found anywhere so that is why it can go anywhere. It came from the olden days of just moving because that was people’s only way of transportation. It comes from knowing what helps you stay fit or what you can do to get fit for yourself. So just keep moving in your life and consider that your fitness. That is where fitness comes from which means that is where the fit flex life comes from. Think about fitting fitness into your life where do you think that came from? Your own thoughts and how it works in your life? yes that is why fitting fitness into your life works and where it came from.

It came from knowing what type of fitness is out there, and knowing which you like the best. It came from knowing that fitness is everywhere, it came from long ago and started off with different kinds of weights, running and walking. It is always changing because the world is ever-changing which is why it is evolving so much. You can hunt and gather, and walk and run in so many different ways which is why workouts are so different. Take the fit flex life and think about where it comes from.

The fit flex life comes from knowing what you want to do fitness wise, and doing it either way you want. You can do it from home, outside in the backyard, or by doing something in your community. It comes from knowing that fitness can be done like that and so that it can be run with anywhere a person wants to take it. So know where your fitness comes from and run with it.

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