Fit, Flex Keep Moving

How does fitness keep you moving or does it keep you moving? Fitness keeps you moving yes but what does the fit flex life fitness do? It does the same thing, as going to the gym it may not look the same but it is the same. So fit fitness into your life any time of year and keep moving. Some people don’t do that though, they will stop moving in the winter because it gets cold. The winter however is the best time to actually keep moving. You may think but its cold why would you want to keep moving, why wouldn’t you want to stop? If you keep moving in the winter or even throughout the year and your blood keeps flowing you feel better. It will also keep you warmer during the winter months if you keep up with your fitness. Isn’t fitness for winter?

Winter is not the time to get into fitness or so people think. It is actually the best time to get into fitness, why is that, well that is because you are keeping active during the colder months and not just sitting around. The question is can you keep moving in the winter inside and out? yes you can if it’s not too cold, or windy. Most of the time it’s still warm in the fall, until maybe near the end of October. You can do many fall like things and that is a workout, apple picking, or getting pumpkins. You might be thinking how is apple picking and picking pumpkins a workout? The squatting and lifting is squatting and weights, for pumpkin picking and apple picking its pretty much the same. The only difference with apple picking is there is more of a reaching motion the squatting and lifting of each is the same though.

There are so many different ways to get a great workout in during the fall months. You don’t always have to be in one place you can go out and about, and there you go it’s a workout, that nobody notices. Which is sometimes better. Those are the great workouts you are doing your own type of workout at your own pace. When you do it that way. When you keep moving in your life how do you feel? Now I don’t mean with visiting I mean with moving around in your life and living. This could mean any type of movement you do in your life. When you keep moving in your life even if you don’t think you are working out are you working out? if you are getting your heart rate up in any way you are getting some sort of workout in. Do people get their heart rates up in the fall if they don’t go to the gym? Yes they do it might not be the same, as some who goes to the gym does but what does that matter if you are getting an excellent workout in. If it works for you do it.

Moving in the fit flex life, is something that is just done. We don’t consider our everyday movement a workout, unless we do some sort of home gym workout that consists of some sort of cardio, weights or abs. It doesn’t matter what you are doing in life as long as you keep moving, if you keep moving you are burning calories. Think of that the next time you are moving a lot in your day. When you fit fitness into your life you are moving all of the time, or so it seems. When you keep moving in your life does that mean you are busy all of the time, running errands and driving? Yes but to the fit flex life it means something different. When you keep moving with the fit flex life you aren’t thinking of a workout, because you don’t feel like you are doing one. The more you move in your day, the easier it feels especially when it comes to working out right? Yes so if you want to fit fitness into your life and not feel your workout keep moving all day long and you won’t feel it.

When you fit fitness into your life all you are doing is, getting your heart rate up in a new way. It doesn’t look like a typical workout by no means, but in the end it sure feels like one. Everything requires movement in life so most of us would think we can’t work out all the time. Is that the case though when you fit fitness into your life or you are doing it every time you walk, run, lift or break into a sweat is a workout. So when you keep moving all day long that is what you are doing. You may not feel it in the beginning, but you will feel it eventually. If you don’t know what I am talking about try fitting fitness into your life keep moving and you will see.

What does movement in your day do to your life and body? Think about that for a minute, does it help you think better? Does it keep your blood flowing so that you are excited to move all day long? It keeps you limber because nobody wants their bodies to stiffen up. That is what the fit flex life is for. The more you move in your day the healthier you are. The more you move in your life the better you feel have you ever noticed that? Most people probably haven’t because we don’t think of fitness every time we move do we? No , sometimes we think of our fitness as something on top of our everyday movement. It is the same thing if you think about it, movement and the fit flex life are one and the same. It helps you be more alert in your day that is why we all do it.

When you are always moving in your day your workout is continuous. Cleaning up inside and out walking to the garbage. That is some sort of workout. Everyone has some kind of movement in their day no matter where they live, or work so that means we all do a bit of fitness in our everyday life we may not all notice it but we do. That is what movement is, so the next time move in your day think of that as part of your fitness routine. Or if you want to move a bit more than normal add some fitness into your day and see how that changes things.

When we move our bodies we don’t even really think about it in terms of fitness we just move. Moving our bodies is something that we have to do, fitness is something that most of us want to do whether its to stay active or lose weight. In order to get it done we have to want to do it. Most of the time movement unless you are getting your heart rate up isn’t considered fitness. If you sweat even a little bit it then it is. When you move around your house getting things done, you are doing your fitness too. Most of us don’t think of it that way but its true. So think of it the next time you do things around your house, as well as getting your workout in.

Moving our bodies is what keeps us healthy every day. If you want to stay healthy you have to keep moving no matter the weather. Fitting fitness into your life is all about keeping your body moving. It is easy movement. When we fit fitness into our lives, we are doing much more movement any time of year because we don’t want to get stiff. So the more you move in the fit flex life the more of a workout you get. You don’t even feel the workout which is the best because, you aren’t tied down doing something specific in terms of a workout you are just living. Not that you can’t do something specific if you want too you just aren’t obligated to if you do fitness like this.

If you keep moving in your life as well as fitting fitness into it, what happens? You feel terrific, more awake, you have more energy. Which in turn means you get more done. That also means you keep moving. So remind yourself of that and see how much fitness you fit into your life when you do it as well as how much you get done. You may notice that fall and your movement in it will transfer to winter so stay active then too. Try it and see what happens you never know until you try.

When you keep moving in your life do you do the same thing all the time? No you change things up because not all the same things have to be done every day. the same goes for your fitness is that why you keep moving when you fit fitness into your life or is there another reason entirely?

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