Fall Flex

One, Two, Three let’s play in the leaves. Winter is right around the corner, but the weather is still nice some days to be outside in. All the leaves have fallen off the trees, or pretty close. So let’s use the fall weather to flex outside, and get a great workout in. rake leaves, clean up your yard, that is a great way to get a good workout in. Fall is even a great time to begin a fitness journey of you are thinking of it why not start now? you ask, Fall is a great time to start a fitness journey because, you still get your workout done outside if you want, you aren’t just stuck inside. So take your workout outside take a walk and check out all the cool things that fall has to offer. Use the fall weather as part of your exercise. You will be surprised at the way you feel if you do.

Why would you feel different after a fall flex workout? Is there a reason why you would? You are more awake after being outside in the fresh air or brisk air. Whatever you call it. So when you are outside in the fall what do you do? Stand outside bundled up doing nothing or do you take advantage of the beautiful weather and flex in it? Fall is the time of year where things get really busy, but what does that mean for your fitness? Does your fitness slow down in the fall because of how busy everything is? School starts up for the kids, or a busy season starts up at work? should that stop your fall flex though? No it really should amp it up, in a way that makes you want to do it more. Fall is busy yes but it is also so pretty why not get a workout done outside, rake the leaves and jump in them or clean up your yard for winter consider that your workout. You probably never thought of that, but it does work.

Fall flex is not about falling in the leaves. Although some people may think that it is, that does sound cool doesn’t it? That isn’t what it is though fall flex is all about taking your fitness out into the Fall weather, and spending as much time outside as you can before the snow comes. Fall doesn’t mean stay inside so go outside and enjoy your fitness in a different way. Yard work or just take your workout outside and see how it changes. It may open up new possibilities for ways to workout. Fall flex is meant for newness, so make your workouts new in some way that fits into your way of life. Make your fitness work with your fall schedule.

Fall flex still means a lot of time spent outside, like in the summer. The workouts are very similar, with just a few minor changes in them. So if you want to take your workout outside, or do something fall like for it, why not do it? That is what the fit flex life is all about so why not call it fall flex and make your fitness and fall work together. It might be an exciting change why not try it out? you may be surprised at what it does for you and your fitness.

The question is why does the fall flex exist? It exists to keep you active even when the weather starts changing. Don’t stop your fitness routine when fall comes that is really when you should ramp it up. If that is even a saying. Use what is left of the warm weather, for your workout before you stuck inside for three or more months. Take the fall and your workouts and keep fitting them into your life, inside, outside and call it fall flex. Make the fall work with your fitness, you may get more than you bargain for. You never know until you try.

Fall and fitness are two things that go together very well. It is something that we all know about and keep up with in terms of a person’s fitness journey. Fall is for comfort and relaxation or so people think. Why not start your new year fitness routine, early if you do that you are more likely to keep it up. So fall into fitness and see how it works for the rest of your life, it may make you see your fitness differently. You never know, but why not give it a try and see for yourself.

When you flex in the fall, how do you do it? Do you stay indoors where its warm, go to the gym or take it outside? Flexing in the fall or summer, what do you think is more fun? Flexing in the fall or summer most people would say because you can take it more places when you take it with you. That is what the fit flex life is for. So flex in the fall and make your fall and fitness something that you really look forward to doing. Anything can still be done outside in the fall, when it comes to your fitness, so take advantage of it. Fall Flex give it a try.

Fall flex is all about doing your fitness routine with fall in mind, sometimes people may think that fall fitness needs to be done inside, from the start, it doesn’t however you can go anywhere in the fall and take your fitness with you. Racking, sweeping, cleaning up before winter these all don’t sound like they are fitness related but they are. When you fall into fitness a lot of new things can happen with your fitness journey. So if you want a unique taste of your fitness try falling into it. Make the fall weather a part of your workout and there you go a unique taste of fall fitness.

When fall and fitness combine so many things can happen. You can change it up and make it more interesting, why not do it right? so take your fitness and fall and see how much more you can get out of it. You will be surprised how great you feel once you make them one, and concur two birds with one stone. That is what the fall flex is all about.
Fall and fitness are fantastic for one another because, they complement each other so well. So make your fitness and fall something to do together and it will be something entirely new. Fall and fitness means a new form of fitness which a lot of people enjoy.

Fall and fitness is a great way to keep in the spirit of the fit flex life, and also to maintain your fitness going for the holidays. So try it.  You may learn a bunch of new fall exercises for next fall to put into your workouts how awesome is that?

Fall Flex is meant to continue on  throughout the winter so you stay active throughout. If you do it you will feel better so give it a try.

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  1. “Fall is busy yes but it is also so pretty why not get a workout done outside, rake the leaves and jump in them or clean up your yard for winter consider that your workout.”


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