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A fitness routine what is it for? Is it just for one place or is it better if its mobile? How much more of a fitness routine will you get done if you are on the move at some point in your day in accordance to your fitness, what type of fitness moves or does it move? think about your fitness does it travel with you? If it travels with you are you just doing a fitness routine or are you fitting it into your life. When you are on the go with your fitness does it go with you? It depends on how into your fitness you are. What I mean by that is if you keep up with it when you are out with friends or travelling then you are fitting it into your life and it travels with you. Do you always have to be going somewhere like a vacation for your fitness to travel? That is a question we all ponder especially when we fit fitness into our lives.

Can we take our fitness on vacation, is that a form of travel when it comes to fitness? Yes it is you don’t however have to travel long distances, you can go inside or out or even from the grass to the pavement. Consider that travelling when you are doing fitness. vacation fitness is travelling fitness but it doesn’t always have to be, the only form of travelling fitness. When you fit fitness into your life all you are doing is, having fitness that travels. It’s the easiest way to do it, when you fit fitness into your life so that it goes with you. If your shopping consider that a workout, if your outside cleaning up or playing with animals or kids that is a workout too. That is how fitness can travel. Have you ever travelled with your fitness? Most of us would answer yes but not when we fit it into our lives we bring a laptop or phone with our workouts on it either saved to our phones, computers or just stream them from our phones or computers.

When you are in complete control of your fitness, you can make it travel any way that you want. The way you do that is pick your own workout plan don’t follow, a certain workout plan follow one you have come up with yourself. This is the easiest way you can get fitness to travel. The question is when you go somewhere for a vacation or a business trip do you keep up with your fitness? Most of us would answer yes we try, our best to keep up with our fitness when we are away. Some people when they go on vacation don’t keep up with there fitness, if this has happened to you how do you feel? Sluggish, and bloated more tired than usual? This is usually what happens when you don’t take your fitness with you when you travel. With the fit flex life fitness travels anywhere you go, because you are fitting it into your life.

A fit flex life workout is meant to travel, this is so you aren’t tied down by your fitness routine. Your fitness routine goes where you go. Not that you can’t still go to the gym, if you want to but you can also take your workout anywhere you need to go. That is why its called the fit flex life. It’s the type of workout that fits into your life which also constitutes moving with you. So if you travel your workout will travel with you, wherever you go when you are fitting it into your life. A fit flex life workout is the best to travel with that is why it’s called fit flex. So what is have fitness will travel? A fit flex life workout of any kind.

The next time you are travelling somewhere and don’t know how to bring a workout with you, or what workout to bring why not do a fit flex life one. They don’t seem like they are the greatest type of workout I know but, any workout is better than nothing especially if you are always on the go. The fit flex life workouts are meant for people who are always on the go. If you are one of those types of people, why not take whatever you are doing in your day and make a workout out of it. Your fitness can travel with you if you make it so. It is not meant to be stationary, it is all about movement after all. Have fitness will travel.

You are probably all saying well I know fitness travels, but why is the fit flex life the best for it? The fit flex life is the best for travelling fitness because most of the fit flex life workouts have minimal equipment. So it is easy, for the fit flex life to be a type of travelling fitness. When fitness travels with you how much more accomplished do you feel? You feel very accomplished because you are working out constantly. If your muscles are screaming or you are sweating a bit then you are on the right track, that is how you know that your fitness is travelling. So do that throughout the day, and there you have it travelling fitness, in terms of the fit flex life.

When you travel with your fitness what happens does it change? Or does it stay the same? Well that all depends on what the person working out wants. If they want to change their fitness when they travel, they can if they want it to stay the same then it can. It all depends on what you are looking to do at that certain time. That is why if you want an easy travel experience with your fitness you should try a fit flex life workout. It is easy and you don’t really have to think about it.

If you’re not completely set in stone with a certain, workout routine it travels very easily. Fitting fitness into your life is travelling fitness because, every time you move you are travelling in a way aren’t you? Yes you are so that means your fitness is travelling. Grocery shopping, cleaning, yard work those are all types of fitness, that travel. People wouldn’t think of that but it is true. If people are always on the go, so is their fitness which means it is always travelling. You may be wondering how it travels, with the equipment used in gyms that is. Well the equipment you use in the gym doesn’t always travel with you, instead you use what is around you, for example, levels, brooms, rakes, bricks or even concrete benches even the grass can be used. So these types of workouts can be done anywhere, that these things are available. A park for instance that is a great place to get a workout in travelling or not. Try it out and see for yourself.

If you don’t know how to travel with your fitness, try fitting it into your life. that means go to the gym or workout from home, or anywhere whatever you choose. A fit flex life workout is great for travelling anywhere anytime you want. The fit flex life doesn’t require, equipment if you don’t want it but you can still use it if you want. Most of the time when you are travelling you don’t bring all your workout equipment with you. You bring a few small pieces or you use what is there outside or in. That is how fitness will travel if you let it.

Fitness is meant to be something that travels because, in order to get our workout our workouts have to work for us. So if you have a workout that can travel with you does it work better for you? Usually it does because, you don’t have to think about how you are going to get it done or where you are going. You are just going to get it done it goes with you, so that it can be done anywhere. That is why the fit flex life is something that anyone and everyone can do. Its all about have fitness will travel, So travel with your fitness and you will see it.

When you take your fitness with you what happens? Do you do it more or do you forget about it? If it travels with you because you fit it into your life you do it more. Fitness is meant to be a routine so make it work with your travels so you don’t forget about it and stop doing it. Try a fit flex life workout when you travel and see if that works, for you it might and in the end you will feel good about it. You have to try it for yourself to be sure though.

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6 thoughts on “Have Fitness Will Travel

  1. I love your blog and your commitment to fitness and health. You have made it a part of your lifestyle. I am a power lifter, but have body weight routines I can do on vacation. Even on vacation a person should be able to work in time towards their health and fitness. Keep up with your awesome work here. I look forward to following you.

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    1. You should check out my post on the reality of being a size zero I started my fitness journey because I wasn’t eating enough so I do my workouts right when I get up in the morning and then eat after I won’t eat if I try to eat before and I feel crummy if I eat before my workout


      1. Thanks, I will. You have done great for yourself, stand tall and proud of your accomplishment.😊

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  2. Your blog is really helpful especially for tiny tactics hidden here and there in your sentences, that only an expert can tell

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