The Shop And Walk Christmas Addition

How many people still Christmas shop in stores. Sure there are people walking around the mall with bags in their hands so one would assume and there is even weekly walking groups. This all happens when you are at the mall. When people are shopping for Christmas what is their main goal? Is it workout or is it to get there Christmas shopping done as fast as possible? You probably thinking well if you want to get your Christmas shopping done as fast as possible why not shop online, instead of in the stores which are so busy? Some or most people do both. Does that mean something in terms of their workout? Yes it does because usually when people shop they are doing a cardio and weight workout. When you Christmas shop though you usually throw in a few dance moves too when the aisles get really busy.

When you are doing your Christmas shopping are you cold while you are doing it or are you sweating almost the whole time? How long does it take you to Christmas shop, a few weeks, a few months a day or two? how do you Christmas shop in-store or online or both? Most of the time when you go to the mall at Christmas time you are on a mission. What that means in terms of workouts is as your walking through the mall buying Christmas presents, gather your bags don’t stop at your car, instead carry them around the mall with you. Also walk through it as though you are on a mission. Most of the time you don’t walk through the mall at Christmas you run through it so you don’t get trampled by all the others walking through it. Although it looks as though you are walking with all your shopping bags lugging you down.

The Christmas shop and walk is you looking for the perfect gift or gifts for the people on your list that you need to buy for. That could take hours, months or weeks. Although you usually go Christmas shopping with a list you still may aimlessly walk through the stores trying to find the perfect gift for people on your list that you don’t know who to buy for. That is what Christmas shopping is for isn’t it? It is and it is also a perfect time to get a workout done and the best part is nobody can tell you are doing a workout. It also doesn’t even feel like a workout. Not until you are home from your Christmas shopping executions. I could hardly walk when I got home from Christmas shopping last week so if you want to get a great Christmas workout in before Christmas try shopping or even shop on boxing day. title it the Christmas walk and watch as everyone around you joins in.

The amount of bags people carry around with them when they shop for Christmas feel like what? Weights of some kind or something else. Usually the bags you carry around while you Christmas shop are heavy, because there is a lot of them. The more you walk the mall along with carrying your bags the more of a sweat you work up and the more of a workout you get. The Christmas shop and walk is all about getting two things done at once, Christmas shopping and a workout. When you Christmas shop you want to get done as quickly as possible don’t you? Yes and in the process you do cardio, weights and people don’t even notice you are working out. the Christmas shop and walk is fun and people who are involved always have fun with it.

Christmas is meant to be fun, so the shopping should be too. Which means what for the Christmas walk? That means changing your pace as you walk through the mall, walk slowly as you window shop trying to hunt out the best gifts for the people on your list, or walk briskly as you try to get from one end to the other. People who are in the stores Christmas shopping are all on their own missions, so does that mean they are walking slowly or are they speed walking of some kind? It depends on what the person is on a mission for in terms of shopping. During Christmas we usually all have the same mission, get out as quick as possible since it is so busy during the Christmas season.

When you shop at Christmas think about all the movement you are doing, walking, carrying, lifting those types of things. If we are shopping in the mall that is how we do it. Going to the car to put our purchases down when we are in the mall takes too long. So you just keep shopping and walking and shopping and walking until you are done your shopping. Walking through the mall during the Christmas season means a lot of window shopping, or in this case the shop and walk. Shopping is cardio and weights all at once, especially during the Christmas season. The question during the Christmas season is walking through the mall the best bet?

Think about all the Christmas shopping you do in stores and how much walking that takes. It takes a lot so when you Christmas shop it is essentially you doing three things at once, cardio weights and getting your shopping done. That is what the Christmas shop and walk is all about. During the Christmas season working out is all around us, even with how busy we are with shopping and prepping for Christmas. We can make our workouts part of the Christmas season, and kill two birds with one stone. Which is what we usually do around the Christmas season.

Although we walk through the stores and malls at Christmas are we moving slow? Not normally because we have a shopping list of what the people on our Christmas buying list want. So you have a list of what to buy so it should be easy right? sometimes yes, sometimes no, depending on what is on the list. Do you spend hours shopping during the Christmas season trying to find the perfect gift. That is what the shop and walk during the Christmas season is.

Shopping is a workout. Anything that is a workout during Christmas works doesn’t it? It does because with everything being so busy, getting a workout in is sometimes the last thing on your mind. If you can add your workout into your Christmas shopping what happens? You don’t think of your workout you think of getting your Christmas shopping done. If you do both together though that is a good thing isn’t it? It is because you don’t feel your workout but you are getting it done. Which is great for the Christmas season.

Go to the mall or to other stores to get your shopping done, the more you walk around and pick gifts up the more you sweat. Which is great because there will be a lot of holiday parties so if you can get any workout in you will do it any way you can. Walking is the easiest thing to do during the Christmas season because you are looking for the best gifts you can find. You can’t do that if you run through the mall so walking is the best way in terms of shopping and fitness. So when you Christmas shop you are fitting fitness into your life and getting your Christmas shopping done in the process.

The more shopping you do the more walking you do, if you don’t do all your Christmas shopping online. So switch it up and make your Christmas shopping part of your fitness. Give it a try to see how much of a workout and how much Christmas shopping you get done. You may be surprised and you never know until you try so try it.

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