A Christmas Sweat

What is the Christmas sweat? The Christmas sweat is moving throughout your days sure the Christmas season may prompt you to stop, with all the sweets and foods that you have during the Christmas season, although with all the parties, and food you are eating you may want to do a double workout or a long workout before or after the holiday meals. Do you think these types of workouts can be called a Christmas sweat? I think that they can, I think that they are a great way to keep moving throughout the Christmas holidays. Always remember that even when life gets busy like it does around the Christmas holidays, and it’s stressful the best way to get through the stress is to sweat it out. Christmas is a very stressful time but how do people, deal with it? Do we talk about it or do we just stay silent or last but not least do we workout? What do you think the best way is to deal with Christmas stress? I say workout and then get back to what has to be done after but what do you say?

The best time to do a Christmas workout is before the meal. It is also good to keep up your workout throughout the Christmas holidays. What type of workout do you do? You ask, during the Christmas holidays any workout that you feel will work for you will work, just keep moving, walk, lift things anything that keeps you mobile. Most people might want to sit around during the Christmas holidays but they should keep moving even if it is a short workout. So do something short each day throughout the Christmas season you will notice a difference, you will feel good and it is better than doing nothing at all. Have you ever done a workout and felt bad about it? Not very many people ever feel bad about there workouts especially at Christmas because if you workout at Christmas you can eat more of the holiday treats or at least I like to think so. What do you think of that?

When you workout during the Christmas holidays, or the Christmas season what is that you do for it? Something fast or a workout that takes an hour or so? Well it’s the busy season of Christmas and all we do is keep running from one thing to the other. If we just keep running through the Christmas season, are we enjoying it though? No we aren’t but if we stop our workouts will we enjoy it or if we do our workouts and combine them with Christmas will it change our thoughts on the entire season? It will and we will sweat along with I how great is that? Could we even make our Christmas a workout or are we too busy with family and friends to do that? I will make sure my workout in even on Christmas Eve and Christmas day. I will also eat all the food I want but to do that a Christmas sweat is a must. Could you fit into your life around your busy Christmas schedule? You could if that is what you want. What is the Christmas sweat? The Christmas sweat is doing weights, abs and cardio in front of the Christmas tree.

You are probably thinking why workout during Christmas isn’t Christmas supposed to be fun and a time to relax? It is but why would you stop working out during Christmas isn’t a time to stay active. It is but how many people actually do it? Most of the time during the Christmas holidays is when people stop and take that a vacation of sorts. Why workout when there is so many tempting treats, why not eat those tempting treats and get back on track after? That is what most people ask, themselves and a lot of them do just that. Some people however keep up with there fitness, through the Christmas season no matter how busy it gets. If they do this they don’t need to start from scratch in the spring. That is why a lot of people stay fit through the winter.

Some people just stop there fitness over the Christmas holidays, and begin again after the new year. Why not continue even two or three times throughout the Christmas holidays in between Christmas and the new year. If you do that you will still get a Christmas sweat on. Just keep moving throughout the Christmas holidays fit fitness into your life but instead of calling it that call it a Christmas sweat. There is a lot of movement that people do during the Christmas season. They might not notice it but they do move a lot during the Christmas season. They may not move as much sure but if they work up a bit of a sweat that is good isn’t it? It is especially when what they are doing doesn’t feel or look like a workout. That just means just keep moving throughout the Christmas holidays, and that is the Christmas sweat. You can have specific days, that you want during the Christmas holidays if that is what you want and if you don’t just keep moving and there you have it a Christmas sweat.

During the Christmas holidays, it can sometimes be difficult to keep up a workout routine. If you are really dedicated however you will keep one up no matter what. Before and after any big meal just move your body so that you don’t feel sluggish or gross. We all know how stuffed we feel after eating a lot of food at a big meal. So in order to not feel that way we should move after a big meal especially a Christmas one. That is where the Christmas sweat comes in. So yes take a few days off during the Christmas season sure but don’t forget about your workouts entirely. If anything make it work with your Christmas festivities. You can still get your Christmas sweat on and have a great Christmas holiday.

Have you ever, done a Christmas workout? How did you feel if you have? You probably feel great because you are getting up and moving instead of just sitting around, during Christmas everyone moves sure but do they sweat? When you move for the most part during the Christmas holidays? Yes you do because you are moving a lot during the Christmas holidays you don’t want to be stiff after a huge meal like the ones we have all had during the Christmas holiday season. So either get up and go for a walk or get in a tiny workout or abs , weights or cardio just to get your blood flowing, again after you have been sitting for a long time. For example a long Christmas meal. That is how you get a Christmas sweat on. So if you ever wanted to do it try going for a walk before or after the meal or fitting fitness into your life so keep moving before and after the meal.

When you do a Christmas sweat what is the first thing you do for it? Do you lift weights, do cardio or just go for a walk. There is a lot of parties and prep that goes into a party that is held for Christmas can be treated as cardio. If it’s still nice enough to go outside, during the Christmas holidays why not take a break and from the hustle and bustle of it all and get a workout in outside. If you can do that you may feel better throughout the Christmas season you never know until you try. A Christmas sweat can be done wherever if the weather allows. So do whatever works for you in terms of a Christmas sweat.

When the Christmas season is upon us does that mean that our workouts are Christmas based or are they just ones that we do the week of Christmas and new years that are Christmas based? Yes they are but the entire season of Christmas from the beginning of December to the end of the Christmas season can be Christmas season workouts. They also can be fit flex life based the entire time. That is what the Christmas sweat is. So what type of workout do you do during the Christmas holidays? Cardio, mostly, weights and abs to change it up. Anything can be part of a Christmas sweat if a person wants it to be. Just move during the Christmas holidays and there you have it a Christmas sweat.

The Christmas sweat is all about not forgetting that your workouts are good for you. It gives you a lot of control if you keep up with it through the Christmas season, what I mean by that is always move during the Christmas season. Eat, drink, be merry, but always stay active. It will make you feel so much better.

The Christmas sweat is always going to be around each year during the Christmas season. So make the Christmas sweat a part of your own Christmas season and see what that does for you. What do you think the Christmas sweat will do for you?

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