Does all winter fitness have to be done inside what happens when its brought outside

Fitness has been around for how long? Since the stone ages as we all know, which means it is done inside and out if the winter weather is mild that is. Some people don’t mind the cold and will take their workouts outside in any type of weather. So if winter fitness can be done inside and out that means anything is possible, for it. Fitness during any time of year can be done inside or out if you so desire. There are so many different ways to do winter fitness inside and out, the best thing about it is most of the time you don’t even realize you are doing it. Winter doesn’t mean stay inside for your workout it just means change it.

You are probably thinking but winter is cold, so why would I want to bring my workout outside? Well you would bring it outside to get fresh air or a change of pace or even scenery. It is winter after all the more you can get away from the four walls of your house or any building for that matter the better. There are many things you can do outdoors in the winter when it comes to fitness cardio, abs, on the ground or standing depending on how cold it actually is. Anything in terms of your fitness journey can be done anywhere you just have to do it. Yes it might be cold but doesn’t that make you work harder when you are outside doing a workout? If it doesn’t it should, if you have never tried it why not try it and see how it works for yourself.

Winter fitness is always changing just like summer fitness. So is that why winter fitness is always done inside or is there another reason? For some it might be easier for winter fitness to be done inside, because it’s too cold. So that is why winter fitness isn’t done outside for the most part anyway. When you can take your fitness outside in the winter does it make it more interesting? Yes it does since you can do different things for example, go for a walk or clean up your yard for winter if you haven’t already. Getting outside in the winter is good for all of us, yes its cold but a little cold weather never hurt anyone did it? No if anything the cold weather, made people work harder for their workout, when they took them outside in the winter. Those are the type of workouts people want so that is what they go for.

Most winter fitness is done indoors but on occasion when we do bring our fitness outside in the winter what happens? Do you bundle up and hope you can still move through your workout or do you not care, that you might be cold at first and wear capri’s and a tank top? Well if you are willing to go outside, and do your workout in the winter you are probably willing too, wear capris and a tank top. Sure you will be cold at first but after ten minutes of moving you will be sweating which is what you want in your workout. This all depends on the type of workout you do outside though, in the winter it is usually lifting, cardio and abs. all things to keep you warm.

When you bring your workout outside even in the winter your perspective changes, the way this happens, is with the cold air biting at your skin it opens your eyes a little wider to your surroundings. When you breathe in the cold air during your workout outside it clears your lungs don’t you think? Have you ever, tried it if so how do you feel after? More awake sweaty, happy because of the burn you just experienced? These things are what I feel when I take my workout outside even in the winter. If you can take your workout outside in the winter it is a great change of scenery. We all enjoy that in the winter don’t we? Yes we do.

When you bring your winter fitness outside, you do it so that not only your mind gets a change of scenery and pace but your body does too. Winter workouts aren’t always meant to stay inside, they are meant to move just like all our other workouts throughout the year. Most people who are involved in fitness don’t mind outdoor workouts in the winter. They might even enjoy them more, the faster movements and the brisk air is sometimes more enjoyable for people’s fitness routine. So that is why they bring their workouts outside in the winter or they do them partly inside and partly outside just to change it up. That is what the fit flex life all about. If it isn’t icy your workout can be done anywhere.

Winter fitness seems as though, it should all be done inside, but it doesn’t have to be, Why? well, some winters are milder than others so if you really want to take your fitness outside in the winter then you can. Although indoor winter fitness, can change too just not as much as it can when you take it outside. So if you are the type of person, who likes a change in their workouts often why not try an indoor and outdoor fitness one, it will give your winter fitness a change and may open your eyes, to new ways of doing it. Winter fitness is meant o change so it should.

When people hear the term winter workout they don’t know how to respond most of the time. People workout during the winter, but not outside. Not unless they are immune to it or have been doing it for a while. when you get into routine of something, you want to keep going no matter the weather am I right? to most people yes and that is why most people who workout don’t mind doing it outside or even in the winter. They will get there workout in no matter what as long as they get it in.

How does a winter workout actually make you feel? Whether you do it inside or not how do you feel? You feel great because you keep up your movement even throughout the winter. Anytime you are outside walking or shovelling or even just hanging out in the snow or the cold weather if there isn’t any snow on the ground. You can consider that a workout if you are being active. Do the same thing when you are doing things inside you can consider that a winter workout ,so mix it up and get two things for the price of one. What does that mean? You ask, that means keep moving in the winter, don’t give up on your workout keep at it and see what happens.

All winter fitness is different, just like all fitness is different it is different because the people who do it are not all the same. Which means we are all like to focus on different things that means winter fitness is always going to be different depending on the person you are and what you want out of it. Some people do the same thing in the winter as they do in the summer in terms of their fitness others change it up. That is why some workout inside and out or just inside It completely depends on what the person wants.

What does bringing your fitness outside during the winter do to you? It opens your lungs to fresh air and a new way of getting active. Sure its cold but sometimes that is a good thing. It makes you work harder and working out outside in the winter gives you a new way of thinking and working out. that is a good thing isn’t it? Why not give it a shot and see what you think.

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2 thoughts on “Does all winter fitness have to be done inside what happens when its brought outside

  1. Dressing appropriately, including proper footwear, for whatever weather conditions or temperature may be waiting outside can really change a persons mind set on exercising outside when it is not the perfect sunny, blue skies, 65 degree temperature.

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    1. true although its been pretty warm recently until now. when there is snow on the ground thanks for the comment

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