Shovel Flex

Now that the snow has finally showed up, in Canada and the United States for example Detroit and Michigan, we can finally pull out the shovels. Winter is not the greatest time of year for most I know but isn’t it a great fit flex life workout or a great workout in general? It is a great workout it is a lot of walking, lifting and sometimes even squatting depending on how deep and heavy the snow is, when you go out and shovel it. What does shovelling do in terms of a workout? Well besides being a workout you don’t even consider being a workout that is, what is shovelling? It is a part of life when the snow finally does arrive, if you are in the parts of the world that gets snow. The amount of snow, the amount of walking and lifting you do with it to clear a path for yourself to walk or drive safely makes it a workout.

As I have said in previous posts, if what you are doing makes you sweat then it’s a workout. To some shovelling in the winter is fun, but most people don’t really enjoy it because it just takes to long. Now if you think of shovelling in the winter as a workout and you don’t really enjoy it you may change your mind and begin too. Would more people get outside in the winter to shovel their snow if they thought of it as a workout and called it that instead of having to go to the gym that day? Yes I said instead of going to the gym you are doing a form of cardio when you shovel and even some lifting so that is a workout isn’t it? It is and a different one at that. So shovel flex is a form of the fit flex life.

How much is shovelling a workout? Shovelling is a really good, hard type of workout. You are using muscles you don’t normally use which is how it can be considered a workout. When we shovel the back and forth motion of us walking and us lifting the snow to get it out-of-the-way, is where the work comes in and that is a workout in and of itself because the snow once we do finally shovel it is usually so heavy. It is a great change from lifting weights inside or at a gym, or even working out at home. When winter comes the workouts that we do are usually very similar, unless we do workout DVDs, but if we don’t and we come up with our own they are usually not that much different from one another. They don’t always have to be similar, but they usually are because in the winter it is sometimes hard for us to decide how to change them up, but they can be changed up. For example the shovel flex is unorthodox, in terms of a workout wouldn’t you say? I would say that it is, but that is also what makes it a great part of the fit flex life.

So think about all the workout you can do in the winter, and how you can make them different from one another. Sure they can be cardio all the time, for winter workouts but how much change from burpees and running in place do we actually do? Not much so if that is what you are looking for why not try shovelling when there is snow on the ground that can be shovelled. It is very therapeutic in a sense, any form of fitness is isn’t it? Why not try it and see what happens. Shovelling can be fun if you think of it that way, what does the term shovel flex actually mean? It means push the snow, lift it and move it break a sweat and make it work for you in terms of a workout.

The shovel flex is something that doesn’t happen all year, it can’t not in Canada at least, if it did in Canada we wouldn’t have all four seasons. Which means it wouldn’t be Canada or the U.S. at least parts of the U.S. anyway. So yes the shovel flex does exist for at least four months maybe more, of the year. I know that most of us experience snow even if shovelling is one of the things about it that we don’t enjoy. It will always be there and that means there is a workout to be had, during the time of the snow. This is a fit flex life post after all so if you have to shovel, it may take a while so fit it into your workout and think of it as that.

You are probably thinking, how is that shovelling and going outside in the freezing cold weather a good workout? Well according the fit flex life any change in your workout where you fit it in any way that you can into your day is a good workout. So shovel, shovel, shovel away and there you have it a new fit flex life workout that you probably would never even think of. Aren’t those types of workouts the best? They are so the next time it snows and you need to shovel it, think of it as the shovel flex workout and make it a part of your daily workout routine. That is a good change, in your workout and that makes it fun and lot more interesting.

The shovel flex workout is the type of workout that is meant to make the snow something to look forward too. Yes I said look forward to the snow, when you want to do a different workout outside in the winter and there is snow in the ground. It is something different which is good if people are looking to change-up their workout so that they are kept on their toes. You can’t get bored with this type of workout because it doesn’t last too long sure a couple of months might feel long but really the snow doesn’t last long at all. It can also change on a dime which is how it can’t get boring. One day you could be shovelling the snow and the next day the snow could be melting away. Although all workouts can change like that, this one just seems to change faster. If you want something different and it snows in the winter enough to shovel it, shovel it and call it a workout. It will make you think of shovelling a lot less like something you dread and instead you are thinking of it as something you enjoy.

The shovel flex is the type of workout that makes you look at the snow and winter differently. This is because instead of hating the cold and the work that comes along with it you embrace it. You look forward too because its work yes but it makes your muscles burn in a good way, and the feeling you get after is just like the one you would get from doing a workout inside or at the gym. It is the type of workout that changes the way you move outside in the winter.

How is shovelling the snow a flexing part of a workout? It is the motion you do with the shovel along with the rest of your body that makes shovelling a workout. The burn you feel after you shovel the driveway or wherever you are shovelling makes you work. The way that it makes you work is you have to push the snow, and lift it in order to move it so that walking is easier. That is what the shovel flex consists of every time that a person has to shovel snow.

Shovelling snow is hard work so why wouldn’t it be a workout? If you think about there is no reason why it can’t be. Shovelling can be a workout because you work up a sweat not because of the amount of clothing you wear or not just that. It is because of the energy you burn and that makes you work up a sweat. So try shovelling to change-up your workout if you are outside in the winter it will warm you up if you are cold. You will also get a great workout in that way. Why not try it and see for yourself. Shovelling is a different way of flexing just remember that.

Shovel the snow and make a flexing motion while you do it, make the winter something you look forward too when it comes to your fitness. If you do that you won’t think of winter as being so bad. So put shovelling into your workout routine in the winter when there is snow and see how much more of a workout you get out of it. Run with it and see how much you get out of it. Along with how much shovelling you get done in the winter. How do you feel after you shovel in the winter?

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