What is it that you can love a lot when it comes to your fitness?

Have you ever heard the expression “ I have a love-hate relationship with my fitness”? I am willing to bet if you are into fitness you have heard that expression or even said it yourself more then once. So if you have a love-hate relationship with your fitness, what is that you love about it? Is it the rush you get from lifting weights, or the cardio that you do? Or is it something else for example, the burn or your picked up heart rate you feel during or even after your workout? Or does that stuff make you hate your workouts? Although most people don’t hate that stuff they usually love it if they are into fitness, and that is why they continue with their fitness routine. When you love your fitness a lot that makes you want to push harder during your workout, that is the way I look at it. When I think of my fitness that it is great because I get a lot more done in terms of it and my workouts. Each person, loves something different when it comes to there fitness, which is why they do it.

Fitness is always changing so can you really truly love it when it does that? As you ponder this question, why not ask yourself why you love your fitness routine, in the first place. If you can answer that question then you are on the right track. All of the answers to this question are going to be different, depending on who you ask, since all of our fitness routines are tailored to us personally so yes they would all be different. The way I would answer these questions is I would say I love the routine that having fitness in my life gives me. I would also say the endorphins fitness routines can give you would also be something to love, which could make you love your fitness a lot. Doing the types of fitness routines that you enjoy can help too.

When you get into fitness why do you do it? Is it because, you love it? Is it because you know that you have to do it? Most of the time people start a fitness regime because they love it or they know that it will benefit them in some way. Most of the time that is exactly why people get into fitness, you get into fitness because you love the way you feel during and after your workout is done. Everyone loves something different when it comes to their fitness, why is that? Everyone who is into fitness loves something different about it because we all have different goals for it. We all want something different to come out of our fitness journey. So loving fitness can be different for everyone. When loving fitness, is different for everyone, is that what makes it great? That is what makes people love there fitness even more, then they already do. Since everyone’s fitness journey is different there are many different things that people can love about it.

Why do you love your fitness journey? Is it because, you are in control of it, is it because you are doing the type of workouts that you enjoy or want to do? Is it because you want certain results and that is what you are going after? Everyone loves there fitness journey for different reasons, I love mine because I am on a fit flex life journey as I like to call it. That sounds strange I know but it made you read that sentence again didn’t it? It probably did what do you think it means? I think that it means you have total control of your fitness journey that means you know what you want, in terms of your fitness and you know how to get it in the best way for yourself. That is what makes you love your fitness journey am I right? I probably am although not for everyone, what I love about my fitness anything I do movement wise, walking or running, I consider my fitness. That is the fit flex life and why I love it so much, so give a fit flex life workout a try and see if you love it too.

There are many different reasons why people enjoy fitness. When people enjoy fitness they are usually involved in it, am I right? yes usually, some people enjoy going to the gym to get there workouts in more often than not because of the atmosphere or even the classes, that the gym offers. Others may enjoy working out from home doing online workouts or workout DVDs, or workouts they make up themselves. Some people may even like fitting fitness into their lives, and considering everything that they do in life as part of their fitness journey. Why do people love their fitness journey if they are part of the fit flex life? they love it because any movement that you do you can consider part of your workout. Yes you can do a specific workout in your day as well, but doesn’t feel amazing when you think of all the movement in your day as part of your workout? Why not try it for yourself and see?

When it comes to fitness what do you what you love about it or the moves that you love about it can always change. You don’t always have to be doing a fit flex life workout for that to happen. It can just be the workouts you do every day or the different styles of them. These types of things can be what a person loves when it comes to fitness. Now I know I have talked a lot about what you can love when it comes to fitness, but are these the things that you can love a lot when it comes to your fitness? yes they can be because they also can always change when your workout changes, which can give you a totally different mindset. That can also make you work harder on your fitness journey and give you totally different results. It can also be a lot of fun which is what the fit flex life is supposed to be. So that is also what you can love a lot when it comes to fitness, the more you love your fitness the more you do your fitness am I right?

As you go on your fitness journey, you do it because you want something from it. Is that the same reason why you fall in love with it? It usually is and when you love something, its usually all you can think about. So if you love being in complete control of your fitness doing normal everyday things consider that part of your fitness journey. Is that the type of thing that makes you love your fitness? or is it something else, it could be many different things, the way you do your fitness, the routines you do, why you do it, or even the music you choose to do your workouts too. These are probably just some of the things, that you love about your fitness. What you love about it is what keeps you doing it. That is why fitting fitness into your life is so great, so why do it don’t just take my word for it.

The love of fitness is what we love when we fit it into our lives. The love of the different things, that it offers, can be something that makes us want to work out. If you aren’t into fitness but you do want to start working out start with a fit flex life workout, and see how much you love it. What is there to love about fitness when it comes to the fit flex life, or your fitness? the two big things to love, the way you do it and what you get out of it. So fit fitness into your life and see how your fitness changes and how much you fall in love with the change. You may love it just as much as I do and do it all the time.

When you love fitness a lot it keeps you on your toes doesn’t it? It does this because it changes so often and who doesn’t like change when it comes to there fitness? everyone likes change when it comes to their fitness because it keeps them going and they don’t get bored with there workouts. So if you fit it into your life you can challenge yourself on your own terms and that can make you love it because you are doing different things to get you to your fitness goals. If you are really into fitness these are just some of the things that you probably love about being on your fitness journey. At least these are some of the things that I love about my own fitness journey. When I do my fitness daily I think of all of these things and it pushes me to work harder, in my fitness. So figure out what you love about your fitness and think about it while you are working out, see how much further you get on your fitness journey by doing that.

When people start on there own fitness journey’s they love something about it, or else why would they start it? They wouldn’t just start it for something to do? If they start there fitness journey and think of it as the fit flex life, that may change things though the reason for this is you aren’t thinking of it as a workout you are just thinking of it as moving your body and you are doing just that. That is what the fit flex life is supposed to do, and when we think of it that way we fall in love with it. Thinking of it that way makes it easy so that is why we fall in love with it. That is why you should give it a try and get involved in a fit flex life workout for yourself. You will fall in love with it too I am sure of it.

When you love your fitness, and the journey you are on, what happens? You want to do it almost all the time. Well guess what with the fit flex life you can, along with all your other fitness as well. Try it out and see where it takes you. Do you love your fitness journey, if so what makes you love it? check out this great course and see if it helps you love your fitness even more.


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10 thoughts on “What is it that you can love a lot when it comes to your fitness?

  1. I have more of a love relationship than a hate relationship with my fitness. I love the adrenaline rush. The fact that it relieves stress. Makes me stronger on the inside and outside. I love the burn. If my muscles do not experience the 24-48 hour delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), then I just wasted my time exercising. I dislike burpees though, but I am always glad when I do them. 😉

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    1. Thanks for the comment I have more of a love relationship with my fitness too. If I don’t workout every day or at least six days a week I skip meals so I had to learn to love it

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  2. It’s a love/love relationship here! Working out gives me strength and confidence and I need all that I can get. Good post!


    1. Exactly I love my workouts they wake me up and keep me going throughout the day they also force me to eat which is what I was going for when I started my fitness journey


      1. You are amazing ❣️


      2. You’re welcome❣️


  3. Hey Girl! We have a lot of improvements at https://davidsway.blog , come visit soon!


  4. I need to get back to loving it. Have gone through cancer and multiple surgeries and I want to get back to my fighting shape. 🙂


    1. Thanks for the comment start off with the fitness you enjoy even if it’s just around your house cleaning or walking then work your way up you will love it again soon


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