Burr Its Cold Stay Mobile

What happens to our fitness when it’s cold outside? Do we try to stay indoors for our workouts? Or do we stop our workouts and movement  all together? Do we keep up with our workouts, anywhere even though it’s cold? Does the cold weather do something to our fitness? When it’s cold outside we usually bring our workouts inside if we are cold then we usually do Hitt or Cardio to get our blood pumping. When it’s cold you don’t really want to leave much but moving when its is the best medicine. Why is staying mobile when it’s cold the best medicine it is so you don’t get stiff, it’s great to keep your blood pumping, and to keep you warm. When you stay mobile in the cold what does that do to your mind-body and soul? It makes you want to keep moving it opens your mind and heart to new ways of fitness. That is why people continue with their fitness in the winter. People who move in the winter for there fitness have a move more mindset.

When you keep up with your fitness even when its cold in the winter you feel better you also get a lot more accomplished in your day. You are a lot more limber if you keep up with your fitness in the winter. How can you stay mobile when it’s cold? You can get cardio, abs, and weights. The best thing is to mix it up in the winter, because then you will want to do your workout. When you want to do your workout in the winter you stay a lot warmer when it’s cold outside. When it’s cold outside, you usually don’t want to move, you just want to stay wrapped up in blankets and warm clothes, usually in one place or turn up the heat. However when it’s cold or your cold, you should keep moving because you will feel better and be a lot warmer. So keep mobile in the cold weather.
When it’s cold outside and you’re outside your first instinct is to stay warm, the same goes for when your inside. How do you go about doing that? Do you bundle up in coats, hats, sweaters and gloves and just stand or sit there, or do you move around to keep your body warm? Sure you might be dressed, warmly but you have still have to keep moving to stay that way. so do a workout, abs, cardio, weights, shovel if there is snow on the ground, push-ups or step –ups or even go for a walk, if you’re brave enough. Doing all these things will keep you warm when you are outside in the cold weather. That means keep active, inside or out during the winter. You will be much happier if you do.   Moving more in the winter keeps you happier too.

When you’re trying to stay mobile when its cold in the winter what does your typical workout look like? Are you just jumping around, or are you mixing it up with weights and abs. To keep your muscles and body humming from your workout. This will keep you warmer in the winter when you do a workout like that. The more you move in the winter the warmer you are. So yes burr its cold in the winter stay mobile. You can do that in the winter when you fit fitness into your life, when you fit fitness into your life your try to stay mobile whether its winter or not. So why is it harder to stay mobile in the winter? Well the weather change, and the air change for that matter. So try your best to stay mobile in the winter don’t let the hard feeling stop you from reaching your goals. It might be cold but if you continue with your fitness you will definitely warm up how great is that? Pretty great so try it for yourself and see.

When it’s cold and you try to stay mobile what do you think of? Running at warp speed so you are warm the entire time? Or just staying inside what about layering for your workout. Those are all the things, that I think of when it’s cold and I have to get a workout in. I also think “ hey if I get my workout in I will be warmer”. That is part of the reason why I stay mobile during the winter. Also fitting fitness into my life and doing different types of workouts is fun to keep you mobile in the winter. So if you’re saying burr it’s cold, I don’t want to do my workout try changing it up and do something else for your workout when you don’t feel like doing it. If you change-up your workout in the winter you will be a lot warmer and get a lot more out of it. That is how the fit flex workouts work, great for the winter.

How do the winter months make you feel about your fitness? are you dreading it? If so why? Is it because you don’t like being cold, do you feel like we should be like animals and hibernate in the winter and stop our fitness? No we suck it up and say, burr its cold but we keep moving. The more we move the warmer we will be when we do fitness in the winter. We need to remember that if we remember that it will be great for the fit flex life in the winter and that is what keeps us mobile in our fitness in the winter.

During the cold months of winter all you want to do is stay warm because it’s cold correct yes or at least that is what I want to do. So I usually keep moving if I take my fitness outside, in the winter. The things I do when I am outside in the winter is a lot of walking, snow pushing, jumping, abs, push-ups fast feet, that type of thing. There are so many different ways to get in a good workout during the cold months, the workouts you do in the winter will help you stay warm during the cold months of doing your workouts even if you don’t want to do them. Burr its cold stay mobile is just another way of saying fit fitness into your life. The way you do that in the winter is work with the cold when you are working out and keep moving more so you don’t get cold.

When it’s cold and you want to stay active you don’t just stand around, you move any way you can get so that you stay warm. When you stay mobile in the winter you feel so much better you don’t feel so stiff when spring comes. The fit flex life can help you stay really mobile in the cold weather because it is always changing which means you are always moving. You don’t feel the cold weather when you stay active in it do you? Not usually but that first bite of coldness is what makes you stay active in it, at least that is what makes me stay active in the cold weather what about you? You stay active, when it’s cold and you’re told to stay active what do you do? Just that and make fitness work for you.

When you stay active, in the winter and its cold what is your goal with your fitness? is it to get in shape, get in a good workout to get your blood pumping? Is it to get warm so you don’t feel the cold? Is it so that you sweat? Is it so that you keep up with your fitness in the winter and don’t lose muscle mass? That is what I think that it is and why you should always stay mobile in the winter. It’s cold outside yes but that doesn’t mean stop your fitness, that means fit it into your life more and continue your fitness in the winter. If you do that, you will be able to stay mobile in the cold weather. How great is that? It is great and that is why you should stay mobile in the cold weather.

If you stay mobile in the cold weather, you don’t feel the cold so much. So what type of workouts do you do? You do workouts that keep you warm, in the cold weather you don’t stiffen up when you do that. Stiffening up in the cold weather is never good, so stay mobile even when you don’t feel like it in the cold. You may or may not like cold weather workouts but you never know until you try.

So why not try to  do a cold weather workout inside or out and see what happens. A fit flex life workout is a great type of workout to test that theory, so why not try it for yourself and see what you think. Staying mobile in the winter is a great way to keep your blood flowing you will be moving more. You will stay warmer  doing that don’t you think?

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