March Around March Around Fit Flex

Fitness is not only around all year it is around every day every single month. We all know that is fitness different in March though or can it be? Does the month of March offer something in terms of fitness or for fitness? That made you think didn’t it? It made me think, March for the most part means a new season, in life, fresh start, new beginning, which can mean a new form of fitness or a new fitness routine. Wait though you are probably thinking if March is a new season for fitness what does that mean for the fit flex life? March being a new season in terms of the fit flex life means, new workouts or a change-up in your regular workout routine.

March is the time of year that fitness is there but it may not be one of the top things on your list. Why is that? Is it because, life just gets in the way, or does it have something to do with the cold weather that we still experience in March? I think that it is a bit of both there is usually still snow, on the ground in March and we are usually sick of it by then. Although there is nothing we can do about it so instead we use the snow, as part of our workout. When we do that we feel better about having it in March don’t we? Yes and that is why we take advantage of it.

March workouts have what in them usually? I gave you a huge clue although it doesn’t really look that way it just feels that way, Marching is what I am talking about. You are probably thinking what feels or looks a little like marching in our workouts? Is it fast feet, step touch, or do we just add marching into our workouts to keep them going? We usually add marching into our workouts so that we are always moving when we are working out, instead of just standing around. Sometimes marching is the only thing people have time for, March is usually a very busy month for most people and a long month. How can March be a very busy month? Well with spring around the corner but snow still on the ground we have to start preparing our yards for spring and our houses as well. How do you get a March workout in? you take your workout outside if you can or you stay indoors, and just keep moving. Yes March might still be cold, and you may want to avoid your workout all together but always remember how you feel when you get a bit of a workout in and some marching at that.

Think about what you do in your workouts while you are working out, do you march or jump or do you just stand there? Well if you want to get a good workout in, why not start with Marching either as warm-up or part of your workout. Marching is great to either warm you up before your workout or as part of it, because it keeps your blood pumping it also makes your workout different which is great too isn’t it? It is if that is what you are looking for. Marching is great for the fit flex life because when you do it half the time you don’t even feel it. It is just a reflex to do as part of any of your workouts, and especially in March. When you do marching as part of one of your March workouts, it changes it up. What is the best March workout? The best march workout consists of Marching, shovelling, abs, cardio and weights. It’s always changing which is great for March because, March is the first sign that change is coming.

Why is March the first sign, that change is coming in terms of workouts after you have been doing fit flex workouts? It is Usually because March is the beginning of a new season. So why not change-up your workouts? The best way to change up your workouts in March is to March, March around. You can either do it slow or we could do it fast, and the faster we do it the more calories we burn. So why not march as part of your workouts in March. Yes that may sound weird but it is cool too isn’t it? It is if you make marching part of the fit flex life.

When the month of March comes what happens to our workouts if anything? Do our workouts change when March comes if they do why is that? Do our workouts change out of boredom or is it to make us want to push harder because spring and summer are coming? If you are a part of the fit flex life, does that make you push hard in your workouts in March why or why not? Does it make a difference? Our workouts change all the time, if we want them to not only in March, the thing that happens with them in March is they are just a bit fresher. What I mean by that, is by March you can get around outside a bit easier which is nice. That is also where the whole March around thing comes in.

When you march around with the fit flex life, what happens how much do you get done? Well Marching and moving is pretty much the same thing isn’t it? Yes it is because you are in motion. Sometimes you even March around and you don’t even notice it. I doubt that people actually notice it. Marching is a reflex most of the time when it comes to working out in the fit flex life in March. It happens every other month too, but we may notice it more in March because the weather changes more then. That means our workouts change more too, how cool is that? Pretty cool don’t you think?

What is marching in terms of fitness and the fit flex life? is it just something to change-up your workouts or has it always been a part of the fit flex life workouts? If you think about it and if you have tried a fit flex life workout before today, you are probably saying yes marching has been a part of the fit flex life from the beginning. Marching is a great, workout as we all know it makes our muscles burn which is a great workout. At least that is how I look at it what about you? It is something different which is great for March and the fit flex life.

Marching in the fit flex life makes it a lot more fun, doesn’t it? It makes the fit flex life workouts more doable for newcomers, and oldies to come back. Fit flex life workouts are easy you just have to be willing to do them and fit them into your life. Marching is a great workout especially when you lift your knees up really high. Marching around in March is fun because, people won’t even know that you are working out or not. These are the best workouts aren’t they. Yes they are so odd marching into your march workouts and see what happens with your workouts.

The fit flex life and marching are great together, because it is cardio but not your normal cardio. It is a high knee type of cardio. Which means it changes and everyone likes that, especially if they enjoy fit flex workouts. Marching is part of the fit flex life workouts all the time, almost which is what makes them great together. So if you are looking for something to spice up your March workouts, try marching. See how much that changes your workout and how much you get out of it. Marching should be done in March because, it says march in so it works right?

Have you ever tried marching in your workout what do you think of it? Why not try it or try a fit flex life workout and see how that changes your everyday workouts. It may surprise you. So give it a try and see for yourself.

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2 thoughts on “March Around March Around Fit Flex

  1. When I think of the month March I think about st Patrick Day the day I get wasted lol. Also gotta get ready for June vacations so that means I gotta start trying harder at the gym.


    1. Drinking one day isn’t so bad if you get back on track with your fitness


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