Mixture Fit What Is That?

Is fitness just one thing, not usually, when we hear the term fitness there is a mixture of things that come to mind. So what is that called? Is it called mixture fit or can it be? Yes it can mixture fit is another way of saying mix up your fitness. When is the best time to mix up your fitness? the best time to mix up your fitness is in March. March is a great time for mixture fit because, not only are the seasons starting to change, but we are all getting a form of cabin fever. When we start to get cabin fever, which happens in March, and throughout the winter that is when mixture fit happens, it is all about using all the fitness you know, putting your own spin on it and your own routines together.  What is that? Is that mixture fit? Yes it is or it is a form of it anyway.

When is the best time of year to really mix up your fitness? is it during the winter, spring, fall or summer? Is it the couple of months in between winter and spring? I would say that it is the couple of months  or few weeks in between winter and spring, because that is not only when cabin fever sets in full force but also boredom of doing the same type of workout does too. That is why you should always mix your fitness up. In between Winter and Spring is the best time to do this. The way you mix your fitness up is either go from inside to outside, if you prefer indoor workouts opposed to outdoor workouts or outdoor workouts opposed to indoor. Do something different in each type of workout, to change it up. The things that you can do to change-up your workout can include, shovelling the snow, cleaning up the yard, if it’s nice, moving bricks or doing bicep curls with bricks or even using real weights. Just use what you have outside as part of your workout. That is a mix up of fitness if I have ever saw one myself.

When you mix up your fitness in between winter and spring how do you feel about it? You usually feel, good about it because you are changing things change good in between winter and spring because spring brings about fresh starts after winter closes everything out which is great for fitness. So mix up your fitness in between winter and spring. You are getting a jump-start on spring freshness when you do  it this way which is essentially what mixture fit is. It is a mixture of all the fitness, you enjoy that could mean fitting fitness into your life, any way you want. That is why mixture fit and fit flex life work so well together. The fit flex life changes all the time, so it’s pretty much mixture fitness, already.

Mixture fitness is great for March because, it gives you a break from your normal fitness, in a way. the question is, is that what the fit flex life is or does it have those qualities in it? It does have mixture fit flex qualities in it because the fit flex life along with mixture fit change along with our day-to-day life. That also happens a lot in March so that is why mixture flex is a good fit for the month of March or any time of year really. Mixture flex means mix up your fitness so try that the next time you workout. See what happens to your fitness when you do that.

Mixture fit is all about doing different types of fitness in one, or even through the week, or day depending on how many times you workout. For example if it snows one day in March why not shovel it as part of your workout. It is cardio but a different type of cardio. Mixing up your workouts are good in March so that you keep up with them. The month of March for some people is when they slow down on their fitness, because life gets so busy but we really should never slow down on our fitness,  we should just change it up and keep going. March is meant for change, so that is what we should do. We can also carry that through April and May and see what happens, who is willing to try?

Mixture fit is something that can be really fun to do, you can do any type of fitness routine for your workout, or you can start something and then change it, up halfway through if you want. Doesn’t that make you want to do your fitness? for most people it does because it is probably something they have never done before. That is neat type of workout in terms of the fit flex life because, that means it is all or mostly new. That means the workout is different so you want to do it more. That is what mixture fit is so give it a try. The types of workouts you can expect is shoveling, abs, cardio, two different types of push-up variations or weights with or without actual weights. You can use what you have inside or out as workout materials. That makes it fun and a mixture doesn’t it?

If you do a fit flex life workout you are doing a mixture fit workout because you are always mixing your fitness up when you fit it into your life aren’t you? I know that I am which is why I love mixture fitness, so much. The best time to do it is on the cusp of a season change, so  March is the perfect month.  This type of fitness makes people want to work out doesn’t it? For the most part yes if you are trying to figure out what workout to do in March try a mixture flex workout, it will be a very interesting type of workout I am sure of it.

Fitness is meant to be mixed up, and change on a dime. That is what gives us the physiques that we have If you are in fitness. You have, to mix your workouts up in order to get results. If you do the same type of workout all the time you don’t get the results you want. So mix up your fitness and see what happens. Call it mixture fit you may get more out of it that way.  You are meant to get a lot out of your fitness journey so mix it up, and you will. If you keep going on your fitness journey all year round mixing it up will come easy, and it will make it more enjoyable for you. So test that theory out in  March and see what comes of it.

Mixture fit is all about, fitness that you can do anywhere, its fitness you come up with on your own usually. Sure there are usually workout routines, but you have the control of mixing them up if you want too. So do any type of fitness you want but always change it up so that you use all of your muscles.  When you use all of your muscles in a workout you are mixing up your fitness.  you are getting a lot more out of it when you do that. So mix up your workouts and see what you get out of it.

When you mix up your workouts you feel great about it you don’t get bored so easy when you mix it up. Why is it something people like? It is something people like because it is different and everyone wants that in their workout.

So if you want something different in your  March workout mix it up. A lot will come out it if that is what you want. What do you think of mixing up your fitness?

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