123 Fit Flex

When you work out all you do is count reps don’t you? Or do you? When you do a planned workout you  usually do it because the reps are listed for you. What if you are doing fit flex life workouts are the reps listed then? Not usually because you aren’t doing a specific workout. The fit flex workouts are the type of workouts that are always up in the air. They are always changing if your schedule in life changes. 123 fit flex means stay in control of your fitness and don’t just not do it because you are busy. Always try to get a bit of a workout in. So think of the fit flex life as always having a workout mindset. That will give you the 123 fit flex type workout for sure.

What if you are just starting out on your fitness journey or have been going to the gym for a while, do you still say 1,2,3 fit flex? Yes you do because  that gives you the courage to keep going on your fitness journey. When you’re on a fitness journey do you automatically try fitting fitness into your life? or do you try fitting your life around your workout? Which one of them works better? Or do they work or not work? for some people going to the gym and scheduling that works, for others working out from home and fitting it into their life works.  When you fit fitness into your life you come up with your own counting sequence. If you have been going to the gym or working out from home for a while you all know this.

What does 123 fit flex mean and do for people in fitness? it means get involved in a fitness journey by, trial and error and don’t give up if you can’t get to the gym, 123 fit flex is you fitting it into your life and living life while you are working out, not the other way around.  When you get involved in the fit flex life what happens? Does your fitness change in some way? yes your fitness changes in some way when you are involved in the fit flex life because, every movement you make can be considered part of a workout. Which can always change. That also means you are saying 123 fit flex at least that is what I do.

123 fit flex really means let fitness be a part of your life,   Letting fitness control you isn’t good your life flows better if you let fitness be a part of your life.   Be in control of your fitness doing the type of workouts you enjoy but always remember to change them up.  With fit flex workouts that shouldn’t be hard, just keep moving in your day and counting along the way.  You will get so much more out of your workout that way. When you get a lot out of your workout you feel great and just want to keep going. That is when you keep thinking 123 fit flex don’t you?

123 fit flex is all about beginning and keeping up with your fitness journey all year round even in the snow. Yes I said even in the snow, your fitness journey shouldn’t stop in the winter, so continue to fit fitness into your life in the winter. Does counting to three before fitting fitness into your life make it easier? Sometimes yes because your are  yourself up for your workout. Sometimes we need that even if we fit it into our lives. Try it and see if it works for you, I know it works for me so why not give it a try. You may be surprised at what it does for you, you never know until you try.

The fit flex life type workouts, can sometimes take a while to get used too, so some people may count it out saying “1,2,3 fit flex” that might make it easier for people to get used to a fit flex life workout.   Fit flex life workouts will work for anyone you just have to be willing to give it a try, the best way to do  this is by telling yourself the fit flex life is possible just count to three and go or count out your reps while you are working out. counting to three will start you off in any workout  fit flex life or not when I count to three before or even during my workouts it always helps me. That is why I thought this post would be great to write for the fit flex life.  So if you are new to the fit flex life or even if you have been around for a while, count to three before you start a fit flex life workout, see how much more of a workout you get when you do that. You may be surprised it may be fun.

All workouts have counting in them because we have to keep track of our reps for the workout moves we are doing somehow. What does counting in your workout do for you?  It gives you peace of mind it helps you stay focused, on  what you are doing and it gives you peace of mind.  When you fit fitness into your life you have to count it out or you will get confused. Counting was invented for workouts and the fit flex life especially so you can keep up with your fitness. So counting in workouts will always be there.

123 fit flex is meant to keep you on your toes. It is meant to keep you moving, if you count it out like that does it keep you moving?  The fit flex life is meant to be an interesting workout, counting just makes workouts more interesting doesn’t it? It makes you  really think about the type of workout you are doing. That is where the change in your workout comes in but that is the fun part about 123 fit flex. So try it and see for yourself.

The fit flex life has always been around which means so has 123 fit flex. If you keep count of your reps in the fit flex life more comes out of it. It may seem hard at first because it is always changing  but after a while it becomes easier.  So try it for your next workout and see how it works for you.

Hearing “ 123, fit flex” makes you want to work out doesn’t it? It does for the people who are involved in fit flex life workouts that is why it works so well, for the fit flex life. So fit fitness into your life say 123 and run with it. You will be amazed at the results you get.

123 fit flex makes you want to workout so say it and do a workout, you come up with yourself. Is it cool or what? Is it fun? Any fit flex workout can be or is fun so try it and see that it is meant to be counted 123 fit flex every time you do a fit flex life workout.

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