April Showers Bring May Flowers what does that do for the fit flex life?

We all know the saying April showers bring may flowers, the question is does that do something for the fit flex life? It can but how? The way that April showers can bring May flowers in terms of the fit flex life is it can open your eyes to new ways of fitness, April is the month of newness, or at least it is the middle of it. When it rains in April does that do something to the fit flex life too? The rain does do something to the fit flex life but it doesn’t stop you from getting a workout in. sure it may change your workout plans but you can still get a workout in. If you fit fitness into your life in April you will continue it through out every other month too.

Does fitness in April change much if it rains? Or you fit fitness into your life? It doesn’t really change because you can do the same things inside and out when it comes to your workouts just in a different way. It may not even rain the entire time in April so you can do your fitness inside and out depending on that too. The fit flex life can always change and it always does, April is the second month where you see big changes when it comes to fitness. April is the month when the fit flex life workouts are beginning to flourish again in a sense. What does April do to the fit flex life? It makes it bloom in a way that makes your fitness change.

The months of April and May change our fitness especially when it comes the fit flex life. What it does is it opens your fitness up to new possibilities. You can use brooms and shovels in your workouts if you want, you can garden in April and consider that your workout that could be where may flowers comes in. It makes your fitness change because you aren’t doing what you would normally do in a workout. It is the time of year where you start using the outside more often for your workouts or as part of your workouts and then you run with it. When April showers bring May flowers that makes the fit flex life move more. Everyone who does the fit flex life workouts enjoys this.

The fit flex life is meant for any season and any type of weather really. Just keep your body moving and that can be a part of your workout. Spring workouts are new and fresh and they are usually in full swing by April which is when everyone starts coming outside. Everyone has been outside in the winter for sure but they probably haven’t been out for long and now that April is here they spend a lot more time outside.  Since the cold weather makes people want to stay inside when April arrives people want to get outside and bring their workouts with them. They enjoy the nice weather, and like to take their fitness outside when they go at least I do, what about you?

When the month of April comes around that officially means spring is on its way, or it’s already here it all depends on Mother Nature though. The fit flex life does depend on Mother Nature too yes, but, seeing the new flowers and the things that come up in April makes your fitness so much better doesn’t it? It does in my opinion the rain in April can even make your workout more interesting because you have to change it up. Changing up your fitness is great for the fit flex life especially in April.  So why not give it a try for yourself and see what happens.

When you do workouts in April your mindset changes, your mindset opens up to new possibilities in the month of April because you get to go outside and experience the fresh air a lot more. April showers that bring the May flowers makes the fit flex life go further. You always get more out of outdoor workouts don’t you? Or at least I do. Outdoor workouts are the most fun at least they are for me because they are changing a lot more frequently than indoor ones. That is where the fit flex life comes in and that is what makes it great.

When April comes the fit flex life works much better why is that? That is because, your workouts change a lot more, now  I know I kept saying throughout the winter that you can take your workouts outside to change them up but this is a different type of change. How it is a different type of change, well your workouts may look the same as they did in the winter but they feel different now that it is spring.  You now feel as though you are a lot more free in terms of what you can do for your workout am I right? You also feel as though you can move better. At least I feel both of these things in April when I bring my workouts outside fully again, what about you? This the point of the fit flex life any time of year not just in April.

When you see the flowers start to bloom in April, how does that change your fitness? It gives it a new look and it makes you want to work out more. That is where the fit flex life comes in cleaning up your house or your yard, moving and lifting bricks to revamp your backyard or you’re landscaping. April is one of those months that the fit flex life type of workouts really can be enjoyed. When you hear the words April that means bring your fitness outside and see how much of a change you get from it and how much you enjoy it.

Even if it rains in April and it might deter you from doing a workout doesn’t it just make you want to work out more, to wake yourself up and give you a new outlook on the dreary day?  It does for me and that is why I like to change-up my workouts in April and have a lot more fun with it.

The fit flex life makes the month of April something to look forward too so do a fit flex life workout in April and see how that works with the rest of your spring and the workouts you decide to do, whether they are fit flex workouts or not.

April and the fit flex life make fitness more interesting and fun. You get more out of your fitness in April when you can do more with it and see spring in bloom don’t you think?

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2 thoughts on “April Showers Bring May Flowers what does that do for the fit flex life?

  1. It gets me outside on good long nature hikes!


    1. Yes it is meant for that thanks for the comment


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