The Weird Concept Called The Fit Flex Life

When we think of the fit flex life what happens, is it something that we understand right away or does it take time? Is the concept of the fit flex life weird or is it completely logical and easy to understand? When it comes to fitness there is a lot that isn’t understandable. What that means is, fitting fitness into your life is really hard to understand. The easiest way to think of it and understand it is consider your life a part of your fitness journey. What does that mean exactly? That means think of every movement you do in life including cleaning, walking, standing think of that as part of your workout. The fit flex life is a weird concept because nobody has ever thought of it that way.

When you are on your fitness journey the question is do you make time for it and fit it into your life or do you not think about it and do nothing? Usually when it comes to a fitness journey you are doing something, to get your body moving, some may even call it heart health.  You can call it whatever you want as long as you keep your body moving. So when you fit fitness into your life you aren’t necessarily going to the gym, or even just doing online workouts, or workout videos or dvd workout videos. So you are probably thinking so how am I getting my fitness in? The way you are getting your workouts in is you are moving your body. Sure you can lift weights, and do something specific but the basis of it is really just moving your body. Making every movement in your day a part of your daily workout.

So fitting fitness into your life is weird right, considering every movement in your day as part of your workout and calling it the fit flex life? It is but it does make you think doesn’t it? It does make you think which makes you   want to consider the concept of the fit flex life because it is something new. When something is new you want to do it more and more, but when something is weird don’t you want to do it that much more? Yes you usually do that is why more and more people try new and weird things, when it comes to their fitness. They do new and weird things on their fitness journey because they want to try something different and they want to be different when it comes to their fitness. A person’s fitness journey is never the same as someone else’s which can be weird to some people especially if they are fitting fitness into their lives and calling that there workout routine.

The weird concept of the fit flex life is the fitting of fitness into your life.  Going to the gym, is something almost anyone will do but fitting fitness into your life is not. Why is that? That is because nobody thinks of fitting fitness into their life and just moving their body as a workout.  When you have a fit flex life mindset that is all you are thinking of. Not a lot of people have these mindsets but they should really be adopted. If we were to all adopt the fit flex life mindset fitness would be so much easier. At least I think so what do you think?

The fit flex life is meant so your fitness is more of a lifestyle, not a burden. Not that being on a fitness journey is a burden but if you consider it part of your lifestyle it is one of those non-negotiable things, you do on a daily basis The weird thing about, doing the fit flex life this way is you don’t even feel your workout usually or if you do you then realize what you are doing. The fit flex life is something that just happens every time we move our bodies. It is weird concept to grasp because we don’t normally think of life as a workout.

The fit flex life is a weird workout concept because nobody looks at life that way. So when you talk about it you really have to explain it. The way it can be explained is, all fitness can be a part of life and fit into our lives we can move in our days and consider that a workout. It is weird because people don’t look at their everyday life as workout but we need to remember if we work up a sweat doing anything in our day that is a workout. How interesting is that? Quiet interesting and that is why more and more people try it and if you haven’t tried it you should.

The fit flex life is not a concept that has been around for a while. It is a concept that is quiet new. The reason why it is new is people don’t consider life and what movement they do in it as part of their workout even though it is. Most of us don’t think of it that way though. Going to the gym is a concept people understand, or even doing at home workouts from online, DVDs, or apps. The concept of thinking of everything as being part of a fitness routine is not common. This is because we are thinking of our fitness all the time not just once a day like most people. Inst it easier to think of your fitness all the time though? It is for me because I get a lot more done when it comes to it.

The concept of fitting fitness into your life is pushing yourself to work hard throughout your day to make you feel like you are working out. so that means you are working harder to execute all your fitness moves this is so that you can feel them  more, so that you get more out of it.  Fitting fitness into your life itself people don’t understand they don’t understand the effectiveness of it. It is very effective, if you think about it because, you get a workout in along with everything else in your life that needs doing. That is what fitting fitness into your life is and making it work for you.

When you fit fitness into your life you are making your life and fitness work together. That is a cool concept isn’t it? That is the concept of the fit flex life. So if you are looking for something new to try in your fitness try a fit flex life workout. You will be amazed at how much you get out of it.

Always move when you want to be involved in fitness just work up a bit of a sweat that is the concept of the fit flex life. It is an easy concept when it comes to your fitness so try it out and see for yourself.

The concept of the fit flex life is different for everyone for me it’s making my life and fitness one, what is it for you?

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