Sunshine Flex

When summer finally arrives, what does that do for our fitness and the fit flex life? It gives the fit flex life a new perspective. We want to take our fitness outside and stay there. Is there a newness to our fitness routine, when we want to take it outside though? Yes there is in terms of the fit flex life, type of workout, especially when we use the sunshine as part of our workout. How can we use the sunshine as part of our workout, well we can do things in it. For example, take your workout outside, even if you don’t feel like it and its sunny there are so many different things you can do in your workout when you do that. Have you ever tried to take your workout outside when it’s really sunny what happens when you do that?  Your workout changes but how does it change? You do more outdoor type workouts, you go outside more in general and just move your body. Which in turn makes you become more active.  The sunshine usually makes you want to flex in terms of your fitness.

When you flex in the sunshine in any way, does that change your workouts? Yes it does because there is always new things to use when you go outside which in turn means you do different and new things, and getting a little bit more vitamin D changes them too. The way you use the sun in terms of your workouts is you bring your workouts outside use, weights from your house, or whatever you find outside to lift that is heavy bricks for example, do different types of cardio, skipping, running in place, or you can use, benches for step-ups and higher inclined push-ups. Or logs for step –ups too. Just do things outside to get your heart rate up.  Being outside in the sun makes you want to do a workout doesn’t it? For most people yes it does because being outside makes them happy and gives there workouts a new perspective or meaning.  The sunshine feels good on your skin when you are working out so that in turn makes you feel good too and what better way to feel good in the sunshine then to flex?

Is there such a thing as a sunshine flex workout, if so how can that be, and what does that require to get there? It requires, going outside in the sun and fitting fitness into your life. Sun can help your fitness fit into your life, in such a way that it makes you feel better about doing your fitness routine.  When you flex in the sunshine, you can do it in such a different way that is why the sunshine flex is all about the fit flex life. The sunshine flex includes swinging, cleaning up the outside, even maybe playing tag with your kids if you want to do that too, lifting weights, using bricks or bags of mulch if you are doing landscaping or gardening, use what you have outside as part of your workout you will be surprised at how much you get out of it when you do it like that.

When does the sunshine flex happen the most? It happens the most in June or at least that is when it starts. You take your fitness outside and travel with it, because the best sunshine flex workout is the type of workout that keeps you busy. Which is exactly what the fit flex life is isn’t it? It is and when the sun is shining the fit flex life moves a lot more all the time. You are always outside more soaking up the sun so why not be active in terms of your fitness when you are doing that. So in the summer you are outside more soaking up the sun, and staying active. Almost everything you do outside can be a workout and most of the time all you do is flex. This happens a lot in the summer that is why and how summer flex exists.

The summer flex and the fit flex life, are two great things when you combine them.  It makes the fit flex life something you look forward to doing in the fit flex life. Everyone likes to have muscles, in the summer, and sculpted shoulders well they like to have them all year round but they love them more so in the summer. That is where the summer flex comes in. Everyone wants to look good in tank tops in the summer and the best way to do that is to lift weights any way you can and do push-ups any way you can. Most of the time when we do summer workouts we flex. That is mostly what the fit flex life is, and why the summer flex is so great in the summer. So try a fit flex life workout in the summer and call it summer flex and see what happens in your workouts and how they change.

Summer is a great time to keep up with your fitness journey if you are already on or even just to start one, it also means use the sun to your advantage. You are probably thinking how can we do that? Well it can be done, and the way that it can be done is, let the sunshine be your motivator to work your muscles, when the weather is nice and you can take your workout you want to do it more that is why sunshine flex is such a great workout. You have so many, opportunities in the form of exercise moves when it comes to sunshine flex. Clean up your yard, use things you have outside, as part of your workout go for a walk, bike ride, rollerblade, go running just stay active in the summer and call it sunshine flex.

When you think of summer you think of looking good in your summer clothes, what is the best way you can do that? Do you work your shoulders, your abs and your arm and leg muscles in order to look good in your summer clothes because these are the things that you want to show off? Yes that is part of the reason why and what better way to show those things off then to sunshine flex.  When you use the outdoors and the sunshine as part of your workout you are fitting fitness into your life.  When you take it out in the sun all you want to do is flex especially in the brightness of it.  So take your workout outside in the sunshine fit it into your life and flex.

Summer and fitness go great together why is that? Is it because it can go outside with you when you want to get fresh air? Yes that is usually how it goes and the best way to get fresh air is to stay active in it. The fit flex life is a type of fitness routine that is full of constant activity. Sunshine flex is taking your fitness outside and using your everyday life as your summer workout. Being outside in the summer you flex all the time, without even noticing it. Do the things you would normally do outside in the summer and flex along the way. That makes the fit flex life more fun and more summer oriented at least it does for me.

The sunshine makes people happy, the same goes for our workouts so when we combine them, what happens? You flex and make the sunshine a part of your workout, Lifting, cleaning up doing different types of push-ups that type of thing. Sunshine flex happens all summer long because you are always moving. When you take your workouts outside in the summer a lot of clean up happens, and you can use different things for your workouts.  That is the sunshine flex. You can make up any outdoor workout you want in the summer as long as you flex in it when you do that call it sunshine flex. That is what the fit flex life is all about so give it a try.

Any time of the year when it’s sunny we usually want to go outside and enjoy it. The best way to do that is to go outside and move around. Consider all the movement you do a part of your workout that is the sunshine flex. Try a sunshine flex workout and see what it does for you and your fitness. Test it out and see what happens.

Sunshine flex is using your fitness in the summer and having fun with it. Sure you might have to work on your garden but have fun with that too and flex in the sun. I flex in the sunshine all the time what about you? What do you think the sunshine flex actually is?

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